Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 49.3 Finally got it (3)

Ning Meng knew he was talking to her, “What about you? The stone tablet cracked, shouldn’t we leave quickly?”

They also didn’t know where those villagers left, all had disappeared without a trace.

A soul-like thing peeked out of every stone tablet, albeit in a very slow motion, however, one could see that it wouldn’t take too long for them to fully escape.

However, Liu Xuan wasn’t able to see this. She could only sense that something was wrong, “Senior sister, what did you see? Are there ghosts coming out of it?”

She could only sense the last point.

The air grew more and more cold and Ning Meng felt a cold breeze drilling into her own body, seeping into her bones.

Shi Qi turned his head and seriously instructed, “Get inside.”

He walked towards the center of the stone tablets and very quickly drew on the ground. Ning Meng had sharp eyes and was able to see powder falling from his fingertips.

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The temple was already half-destroyed, the only part left perfectly intact was the main hell where the people had danced. There were still blood stains left on the ground, appearing jarring to the eye.

Liu Xuan was right by Ning Meng’s side, working hard in the search. After all, this involved her own life.

The temple wasn’t big overall so they were able to finish searching the main hall in just a few minutes. Ning Meng turned her gaze to the collapsed area of the temple.

However, Liu Xuan was timid and hesitant. She reminded her in a soft voice, “Senior sister, we don’t…even know what’s on the other side.”

What if something popped out from there…

Ning Meng didn’t know where her burst of courage came from. While Shi Qi was still outside, she told her in a deep voice, “If you’re not willing to, forget it.”

Liu Xuan quickly changed her mind, “I do. I’m willing to.”

She hadn’t even found her mask yet so she naturally needed to go look.

The two people started to clear the rubble and delve deeper into the temple. At this point, a big chunk of time had also passed by.

Liu Xuan had wanted to give up on the inside.

But at the thought of the mask on her face as well as the villagers ripping off their masks and imagining herself doing the same, she didn’t dare halt her search.

Their hard work eventually paid off as after lifting a stone up, two things quickly came into view.

Ning Meng had finally found the dagger.

It turns out, it was hiding beneath all the rubble, it was no wonder it couldn’t be found.

And a mask laid inside the hidden place, the patterns on it numbering only a few. It looked just like the one Liu Xuan had worn in the beginning, but the more time passed, the more the patterns grew.

Liu Xuan also finally saw it and her breath nearly stopped, “It looks just like what I see everyday! It changes a lot like this and then the entire mask would be filled with patterns.“

And in between the brows of the mask, a dagger was embedded.

The dagger looked like it had been snapped in half and was about to fall down on the mask, but it didn’t, it stood stably atop the mask.

Her eyes were fixed on top. She was certain that the novel said someone had taken this dagger away.

To be able to handle both the mask and the knife together must certainly mean that person was strong.

Did the expert only seal a ghost in the mask in the beginning?

The system detected her suspicions and cleared it with an explanation, “This is not how he suppressed it, incidentally, this mask was only a medium. The stone tablets outside are the real suppressions.

Ning Meng’s eyes brightened. “Then if I take it out, would I be fine?”

The system responded, ”Yes. You can even take it out and attack them with it.”

These words made Ning Meng very happy. She was finally able to be of some use at the scene.

She first tried taking the dagger out but despite it looking like it could fall at any moment, she couldn’t even budge it. Shi Qi was currently outside, fixing the array so she couldn’t just go and disturb him.

After thinking for a while, she looked at Liu Xuan, “Come, let’s pull this thing out together.”

Liu Xuan was a bit hesitant, “Senior sister, would something happen if it were to be removed?”

Ning Meng shook her head, “Nothing would happen for the time being. We’ve interrupted their ritual of resuscitation and Shi Qi is fixing the seal. He won’t come out.”

The system’s words were always correct.

Moreover, in the novel, someone else would have taken the dagger away. That person had also left unscathed so it was certain that nothing big was going to happen.

Seeing her being hesitant, she said, “We’re going to use your mask.”

Liu Xuan was finally persuaded and she grabbed onto the mask, feeling the iciness in her hand.

The two looked like they were playing a game of tug-of-war.

Ning Meng used all of her strength and only managed to budge the dagger a little. She nearly stomped her foot in anger.

After tiring themselves for a long time, the two hadn’t managed to successfully pull the dagger away from the mask and they’ve also used up a lot of strength. As such, they could only lean at the side and take a rest.

After a while, Ning Meng recalled, “Look at your face, can you still see the mask on?“

Liu Xuan took out her mirror and the flashlight reflected a clear view of the black mask, looking exactly like the one on the ground. She smiled bitterly and said, “It is.”

If it weren’t for the fact she had just looked at her own photo a few days ago, she would’ve quickly forgotten what her face had looked like.

Ning Meng sighed and comforted her, saying, “You’ll probably have to wait for a while.”

Liu Xuan lowered her head and hummed in agreement.

The two continued to work on separating the dagger and the mask and as time passed, the cracked part of the dagger had finally appeared, indicating that there was only a tiny piece of it left.

Ning Meng immediately put in more effort, recovering all her strength from a while ago.

In the end, when only a bit was left, the two people didn’t need to use that much strength and the separated mask fell on the ground. The patterns on top of it had already disappeared, appearing completely pitch black.

On the sockets were two black holes, which looked a little eerie.

Ning Meng gulped and reached over to take the dagger. She was finally able to succeed but had carelessly cut herself on the blade.

“Hiss….” She sucked in a breath.

Liu Xuan heard her but was unable to see what had happened because of the darkness. She quickly asked, “Senior sister, are you alright? Did you get hurt?”

Nothing happened right? Because if something did, they’d be doomed.

Ning Meng passed the dagger onto her left hand and saw a wound on her right finger as expected. Fortunately, there wasn’t a lot of blood.

The mask on the ground, sported a slit in the middle.

Liu Xuan came over to her side and asked, “Senior sister, what happened?”

Ning Meng rubbed the blood stains away on her clothes. The wound on her finger wasn’t big but it did indeed hurt, it even felt a little cold too but she kept the pain to herself.

She responded to her as if nothing had happened, “It’s nothing. Bring the mask with you, we might have a use for it.”

But they still didn’t know how to take the mask off of Liu Xuan’s face.

Liu Xuan no longer asked and lifted the black mask up. She also secretly took out the mirror to check on her own appearance and was promptly stunned in place.

She could see her own face!


Melon seeds huh.

I’ll buy a lot more in the future.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

The author has something to say:

I’ll be explaining something here to clearly everybody’s doubts:

  1. She didn’t go out of curiosity this time. I mentioned this in the last chapter. She knew the plot and knowing that the temple had something so she went to go get it
  2. Right now, Shi Qi hasn’t fallen in love, he hasn’t fallen in love, he hasn’t fallen in love!
    This period is only the transition…he’s just taking care of her. Right now, 17 wants to know her identity, he wants to know what she’s been hiding. He feels that he has already grown up and can take charge in matters as well as repay the gratitude of being brought up from back then.
    Moreover, ever since he opened his yin yang eyes, he knew that his grandma was possessed, so he didn’t treat her as an elderly but rather more like a sister.
    The romance happens in the next transmigration where Ning Meng crosses into the body of his rival-in-love, because Ning Meng will be chasing somebody else hehe
  3. For the rival-in-love period of transmigration, I remember mentioning that there will be a pure white lotus lead, have you guys all forgotten about it

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