Dying In The Male Lead’s Arms Every Time I Transmigrate

Chapter 19.1 His eyes can finally see (1)

Before the sun even rose the next day, Shi Qi was called over to the main residence. Ning Meng worried too much and could only be detained by Li Xia and was currently laying in bed, resting.

She was in the same room on the ground floor.

Shi Qi had already familiarized himself with the road and pushed the door open, stepping inside. He saw his uncle fiddling with something so he didn’t dare disturb him and just quietly sat on the chair.

There was no difference to the room compared to when he saw it the first time.

Shi Shanjin was writing something on the table. From Shi Qi’s point of view, he could only see a book with the edges curled from age.

After a long time, Shi Shanjin lifted his head and said, “Later on, you might feel uncomfortable after opening your eyes, but you must endure it and wait until I instruct you to open your eyes.”

Shi Qi nodded obediently.

Thinking that he was going to open his yin yang eyes and have his blurred vision resolved to see all kinds of ghosts, it was hard to describe what he was feeling.

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After a long time had passed, Shi Shanjin looked at his watch and saw that it was already 6am. At the same time, the servants’ calls of  “The sun has risen” had rang out.

He undid the blindfold on Shi Qi’s eyes and the kid shut his eyes, observing his instructions.

“Open your eyes.”

Shi Qi’s lids quivered for a moment before he lifted them up.

What entered his view was the sight of everything recovering their appearance just as before. It was no longer blurry and he could even see several different colors on the things atop the desk. There were some that looked hot and some that looked cold, giving completely different feelings.

Before he had consumed that thing, he was unable to see anything. After swallowing it, his sight had completely changed, it was truly mystical.

Shi Shanjin pointed to the direction behind him, “What can you see there?”

Shi Qi slowly turned his head and nearly fell out of his chair but was fortunately supported by Shi Shanjin.

Behind him near the walls was a twisted figure. He could see its face a little more clearly and it revealed a horrifying expression, it was hard to tell whether his body was real or a sham because it was continuously transforming but its arms and legs could be seen clearly.

Seeing Shi Qi look at him, the figure revealed a frightened yet yearning expression.

Shi Qi described what he was seeing and Shi Shanjin nodded to each description. The effects of the object were just as he heard, it appeared to be a success.

He told the figure, “You can go out.”

The figure hurriedly floated to the door but right before leaving, he took one last look at the child, an unknown liquid dripping down the corner of his mouth.

Shi Shanjin instructed him in a low voice, “Now that your eyes are opened, you’re going to see a lot more things than a normal human could. You will need to learn how to keep a poker face, otherwise, you’ll only arouse suspicions.”

“Understood, uncle.” Shi Qi replied.

He now needed to endure. He couldn’t be caught red-handed because he still had to grow up and earn money to raise his grandmother.

Seeing him act sensibly, Shi Shanjin also felt gratified.

The fact that such a talented person came from the Shi Family must be a sign of the ancestor’s virtuous actions. Second brother’s two children had already been completely spoiled, never putting in any attention into their studies.

How could they compare to Shi Qi who would take initiative to go to school and learn? He was able to produce twice the results with just half the amount of effort and perhaps not too far in the future, he’ll be able to assume sole responsibility.

Shi Qi asked again, “Uncle, can I leave now?”

He couldn’t wait to go and see grandmother and tell her that he had finally seen the ghost. But after recalling that grandmother was afraid of them and would even quiver at the sound of one, he couldn’t help but smile faintly.

However, Shi Shanjin said, “Let’s first go to another place.”

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

By the time Shi Qi returned to his senses, they had already left the Shi Family residence and were taking a car to head to someplace they had never been before.

He leaned close towards the window and eagerly stared at the scenery outside.

The tall buildings and fresh objects outside made him unable to take his eyes away. His previous life basically never allowed him to come close to any of these and he could only occasionally catch a glance of them whenever he went outside with someone.

Shi Shanjin spoke out, “There’s nothing to see outside during the day, only the special ones are able to see so don’t get too excited.”

Shi Qi did not become disappointed at this and firmly responded back with an “En”.

There will come a day that he’ll be able to see and do anything, just like uncle….No, he’ll become even greater than his uncle. That day will definitely come.

Very quickly, the car came to a stop outside a little neighborhood.

The neighborhood looked pretty on the outside, however, Shi Qi felt that it couldn’t be compared to the Shi Residence, not to mention, grandma’s cottage.

Shi Shanjin got out of the car and turned towards him, “Stay beside me.”

The two people walked inside together. Shi Qi didn’t know what their purpose in coming here today was and felt curious, however, he didn’t not ask anything.

While they were standing outside, he couldn’t help but cast a glance inside. 

The neighborhood ought to have been newly built since it looked new. However, he could also see that some rooms in some floors had odd colors, appearing out of place, it made one feel uncomfortable.

Just as they were about to step into the neighborhood, the sounds of a quarrel floated over.

“This is the house that we bought. We’re just doing our own stuff and not eating your family’s rice. What’s it got to do with you? Are you rich?”

“Why don’t you try having ashes of the dead sprinkled around every corner of your house. Do you even have a speck of kindness in you? If you’re so rich, why don’t you just buy a grave instead of buying a house to gross people out?”

“You can’t even see it anyway. I’ll do whatever I want with the house I bought, stay out of my business. If you can, why don’t you ask the neighborhood to sell the house away.”

The fight didn’t look as though it was going to reach a compromise soon, rather, it became more and more intense, their voices gradually getting louder and louder.

Shi Qi secretly glanced over and saw two adults that looked like they were about to start hurling punches.

A person walked by and asked what happened.

The person with the property continuously sighed and finally spoke, “This is because of the structure of the house which led to the house prices becoming cheaper. Who knew that someone would complain about us saying that we bought the house just to place the ashes of the dead in? Naturally, no one would feel happy knowing that they were sharing the same floor with a dead person.”

To be honest, he was also unwilling to have a neighbor who kept a pile of ashes. It was not only scary, it was also considered unlucky. No one would dare raise the elderly here.

However, they still couldn’t adjust to their needs, they bought the property so they should be able to do what they want with it, however, their way was truly inhumane and revolting.

“….Didn’t you drive a hearse over last time? Have you ever thought about what the kids would think? Would you be able to compensate if you traumatized them? You really are lacking so much moral sense to be able to do this kind of thing!”

At this, Shi Qi’s eyes had also grown wide. 

He knew what a hearse was. Everytime he passed by one on the street, he would feel his body turn cold. Even when he passed by one, he would always feel that there was someone staring at him. 

Now that he had opened his yin yang eyes and could see ghosts, it couldn’t be that there was a ghost residing there right….

Shi Shanjin also knit his brows.

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