Daydreaming About Me

Chapter 44.2: Sexy as hell.

The results of the midterm exam had come out this week, so classes were mainly focused on reviewing the tests. The questions on the midterm in each subject were much harder than those on the monthly exams, and Lin Yujing had gotten the last big physics question wrong after all. Halfway through Dinosaur Wang’s explanation, Lin Yujing figured it out and wrote down the correct answer.

When she’d finished writing she turned her head and glanced at Shen Juan’s answer sheet. All the important questions were correct except one.

Oh f*ck you.

Lin Yujing felt like since she’d gotten to know Shen Juan the frequency of the silent cursing in her heart had increased so rapidly it could be seen with the naked eye.

Shen Juan noticed her resentful gaze and silently hesitated for a moment.


What he actually wanted to say was that there was another way to solve the last question. Dinosaur Wang probably wanted to take the average level of the class into account, and solving the problem this way seemed like it would surely be a little easier to understand, but the procedure had too many steps and it was a hassle. 

He felt like if he said that, however, Lin Yujing would ignore him for another week.

Shen Juan glanced at her again and saw the girl holding the pen, checking the complicated formula step-by-step.

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Lin Yujing passed her rice ball to the side with a look of horror on her face, and Shen Juan naturally took it. Lin Yujing mumbled a “thank you” with the milk pouch in her mouth, freeing up her hands to unfold her uniform and shake it open.


It was a very serious uniform set, with a bright red basketball jersey featuring black letters and numbers. There was also a black short skirt and no risk of wardrobe malfunction.

Lin Yujing breathed a sigh of relief. The cheerleading uniform was different from what she had imagined; at least still within the normal scope, the kind that female basketball fans might wear to a game.

But boys and girls never seem to think the same way.

At the start when Song Zhiming and others said “it’s a cheerleading uniform” they were simply joining the fun and wanted her to open it quickly out of curiosity. When they saw it was a basketball jersey, they suddenly seemed to be on drugs.

The boys in the class were all suddenly excited. Wang Yiyang sat in the front and banged wildly on the desk, shouting “Basketball babes! Basketball babes!”

Song Zhiming pulled one of the sets from Wen Zihui’s hands and waved it by the corner. “Coach! These pants are too long, Coach! Can they be shortened—”

Yu Pengfei slapped him on the head. “Song Zhiming, can you pay attention to your f*cking manners?” He snatched the clothes from Song Zhiming’s hand, continuing his unfinished business of standing on a chair to give a speech. “Coach, no need to alter them, I’ll accept this length. Thanks to CCTV. Let’s just start the f*cking basketball game already. Isn’t it just a certificate? I don’t want it anymore, I’ll just give it to Class Seven directly.”

Li Lin sobbed as he clung to Yu Pengfei’s thigh. “Sports committee! I’m willing to play in the starting lineup! I’ll be great for the starting lineup!!’

Lin Yujing: “…”

Lin Yujing didn’t know why all these boys were suddenly crazy about basketball. 

Still holding the milk pouch in her mouth, she watched them speechlessly and with a hint of amusement. Then she turned around, folded the clothes back into the bag, and placed the bag under the desk.

Behind her, Li Lin and the others were still making a fuss. Wen Zihui was obviously speechless; with a lot of effort she finally managed to snatch the uniform back from Yu Pengfei and distributed it. She couldn’t help but scold them, “You guys are crazy! When you saw the cheerleading and flower teams at the sports meet, you didn’t act like this. Why are you going crazy now?”


“You’re a girl, you wouldn’t understand. This is something only us male comrades can understand,” Song Zhiming said. “In simple terms, it’s almost like a maid outfit or something.”

Lin Yujing turned around, looking for the rice ball she’d just handed over to Shen Juan for safekeeping. 

She stretched her hand toward him for a long time. “Thanks.”

Shen Juan looked at her for quite a while before slowly handing it to her. “Are you a cheerleader?”

“Yes,” Lin Yujing took a bite of the rice ball, her cheeks puffed up as she chewed, then swallowed and said, “For the honor of the class, Lin Yujing is all in.”

Shen Juan’s lips curved downward slightly, looking silently displeased. “You have to join the cheerleading team for the class’s honor?”

Lin Yujing glanced at him. “Boss Shen, I am a person with a strong sense of collective honor. Since Wen Zihui came to see me, I certainly agreed.”

Shen Juan clicked his tongue. “Does this mean I have no sense of collective honor?”

“Do you really want me to answer such an obvious question?” Lin Yujing replied.

Shen Juan paused and said slowly, “They’re short a point guard, and I’ve never played that position.”

Lin Yujing was taken aback. “What position do you usually play?”

“Shooting guard,” Shen Juan said. “I’m responsible for scoring.”


Lin Yujing remembered his awesome shooting of small balloons and how he casually hit the bullseye with his arrows at the archery range. 

She whistled and raised an eyebrow. “No.8 High School’s Ray Allen [1]?”

Shen Juan also raised an eyebrow. “You know quite a lot.”

Lin Yujing thought for a moment. “Who’s the shooting guard in our class? It seems to be Song Zhiming, why don’t you ask him if he can switch positions?”

As soon as she finished speaking, she came to her senses.

Would Shen Juan ask?

He wouldn’t.

This boy was so proud he could die of it, he didn’t want to admit that he hadn’t played that position so he wouldn’t play it. 

How could he still show off after saying this? Wouldn’t it seriously hinder this Jianghu [2] youth when mingling in society? 

Lin Yujing nodded. “Then, if you really want to demonstrate your sense of collective honor, you can always join the cheerleading team with me.”

[1] Ray Allen is a former basketball player in the NBA, widely considered to be one of the greatest three-point shooters of all time.


[2] Jianghu refers to the world outside of mainstream society, often associated with adventurers, outlaws, and people living by their own rules. In Chinese literature and culture, it can also refer to the martial arts world.

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