Daydreaming About Me

Chapter 44.3 Sexy as hell.

“… I, f*ck,” Shen Juan was immediately taken aback by her words. “You’ve really got guts now. You’re sure I can’t do anything to you, huh?”

“Then why did you look so uncomfortable just now? What’s wrong with my team uniform? You’re staring straight at it, I thought you liked it.”

“I like it a lot,” Shen Juan squinted his eyes. “I like lots of things, will you wear them all for me?”

“I’ll show you sh*t,” Lin Yujing leaned back. “Shen Juan, do you even know what you’re thinking? If your girlfriend wears a miniskirt when she goes out today, all the other guys will see it and you will be so bothered. Those kinds of statements get posted on Weibo and discussion forums and roasted by people on the internet over hundreds of threads.”

When she finished saying these words, Shen Juan stood in amazement. 


Lin Yujing, still steeped in her displeasure, took a few seconds to react before she, too, stood in amazement.

Shen Juan didn’t speak; he silently stared at her, the look in his eyes deep and lingering.

Lin Yujing panicked for a moment, then opened her mouth. “No, I’m not saying I’m your girlfriend, I was just using an analogy, just—” The more she talked, the more confused she became. After a pause she sighed, lowered her head, and said helplessly, “I didn’t mean it that way…”

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As soon as the first afternoon class ended, Lin Yujing was pulled out by Wen Zihui and a few other girls. There were seven girls in total, all crowded into the restroom to change their clothes.


Lin Yujing discovered that it wasn’t just her class’s cheerleading team that followed such strict standards. Girls from other classes were changing too, and going by the colors, including her own team there were three groups.

The number “04” was written on the back of her uniform. Lin Yujing was the representative of Class 10’s appearance, according to Wen Zihui, who had completely accepted this fact and was willing to hand over her title of class flower.

Girls were truly magical creatures, they seemed to be able to establish mysterious secret friendships just by changing clothes together or going to the restroom together.

Lin Yujing had never really befriended girls her age before, and she hadn’t known the other girls in Class 10 for long, so today it seemed like the distance between her and them was rapidly closing. When the English class representative, Ma Tongtong, helped her straighten her clothes as they walked, she touched Lin Yujing’s waist with a smile and said, “Lin Yujing, you have such a slim waist.”

Wen Zihui, in the process of tying her hair back, heard this and looked over at them. “Your legs are slim, too. How are your legs so long? Long and slender… I used to think my legs were pretty nice, but now… sigh.”

Lin Yujing rubbed her nose with a sense of unease, a bit unaccustomed to this. 

How does a normal girl respond to this kind of talk? 

If it were Lu Jiaheng or Cheng Yi she might retort, “A little guy like you still wants to compete with me?”


She certainly couldn’t say that.

After thinking it through carefully, she said, “I think your figure is really well-proportioned.”

After Lin Yujing said so, Wen Zihui unexpectedly returned the feeling of embarrassment and said blushing, “Damn, it’s almost time, yeah? We should hurry out…”


Lin Yujing found these little thoughts from the girl really quite cute.

Class 10 and Class 7 were on the second-floor basketball court. Students from the two classes sat on opposite sides of the bleachers, along with all the people in their grade who’d all heard about the bet between the two classes. The other match-up for the day would be between two rookie teams pecking at each other and nothing to see, so most students were gathered in their gym.

When Lin Yujing and the other girls came out, the crowd erupted into fanatical cheers with boys whistling in turn.

The starting players from Class 10, all wearing the same red jerseys, were seated on two benches under the bleachers to the left. As she walked over Lin Yujing scanned the section for Class 10, but she didn’t see Shen Juan.

Finally, she looked back and saw him sitting on the lower bench, swimming in a sea of fiery red jerseys.

Lin Yujing walked over. “Why did you come down here?”

Shen Juan raised his eyelids slightly, casting a glance at her. 

Before he could speak, Li Lin rushed over like an excited monkey, holding a red jersey and exclaiming, “Hey, let me introduce you to one of our starting lineup players, Shen Juan, Boss Shen! Shen Juan came out to play in the game! I can boast for a year!”

Lin Yujing was stunned for a moment, and then turned her head to go.

Shen Juan stood up, slowly unzipped his school uniform jacket, and threw it down casually on the bench next to him. 

Under his uniform jacket was a white sweatshirt. He stood at the edge of the basketball court, casually grabbed the bottom of the shirt, and slowly lifted his arms to pull it over his head.

As he did so, he exposed a small section of solid abdominal muscles at his waist.


Lin Yujing heard the screams of countless girls from all over the stands.


She’d never seen such a person.. 

Sexy as hell.

Her lips couldn’t help but twitch slightly, watching him take off his sweatshirt to reveal the thin white T-shirt underneath. 

Shen Juan handed it to her and Lin Yujing paused for a moment, then took it and held it in her arms.

Shen Juan took the red jersey handed to him by Li Lin and put it on right away, then suddenly took a couple steps closer. He leaned forward with his hands on his knees and looked at her. “Why don’t you ask me why I came to play again?”

Lin Yujing’s mind was still wandering, the scene of him taking off his shirt just now still playing back in her head, and she complied. “Why?”

Shen Juan licked his lips, staring straight at her. “I want to see if my girlfriend is down there cheering for me.”

The author has something to say: 

Master Shen… just sexy, just sexy.

Shen Juan: When I play, I’ve also gotta show off the woman I’ll marry.


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