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Chapter 68 [3rd World 25] The End

Ruan Jiaojiao really did not want to use such an extreme measure unless it was the right moment.

She was afraid of pain, very afraid of it…

However, if a weak girl like her was trapped by Ye Hanzhou in such a remote place, and was shackled, the moment she went out, she would only freeze to death so she could only throw a tantrum just like other girls and leave Ye Hanzhou no other choice but to take her away.

Ruan Jiaojiao felt that hanging herself wouldn’t look too pretty so she protested through the means of holding a hunger strike.

Ye Hanzhou suddenly felt as if Ruan Jiaojiao had turned into a different person, the liveliness she once had instantly disappearing. She was like a walking corpse, not speaking, not eating and not even giving him a single glance.

“What do you want?”

Ye Hanzhou looked at her haggard yet beautiful face. Her eyes had lost its previous splendor, like a flower that was on the verge of wilting.

At this moment, even though he was tightly holding onto her, he could feel himself almost losing her.

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Ruan Jiaojiao who was being protected in Ye Hanzhou’s arms, also fainted together with him.

By the time she awoke, she found herself lying on an incomparably familiar bed as if she had just dreamt a dream.

As expected, it was the people of the demonic sect.

Ye Hanzhou must’ve thought he had fallen into the pit she had dug.

Ruan Jiaojiao wearily sat up, feeling a dull ache in her head. Her brows scrunched up in worry and her body felt uncomfortable.

A porcelain bottle was placed under her nose at this moment and Ruan Jiaojiao took a sniff of it, immediately feeling invigorated.

She raised her head and looked at the person, unable to contain her surprise.

Luo Yunlou?

“Where’s Qi Shen?” She asked.

Upon hearing her ask for Qi Shen the moment she woke up, Luo Yunlou’s eyes turned cold, the small gentle smile on his face revealing a trace of unhappiness.

Then, Ruan Jiaojiao grew aware that something was not right. Luo Yunlou did not bring up Qi Shen and only summoned some people to prepare her meals. Though the people who came in to attend to her adopted reverential attitudes, their gazes were also brimming with fear.

“System, what happened?” Ruan Jiaojiao asked.

“Do you want to open God’s view?” The system asked quietly.


Ruan Jiaojiao had longed to return to the demonic sect but hadn’t seen Qi Shen. Moreover, the atmosphere was too odd, making it hard for her to adjust to.

“Deducting 500 points and opening up God’s view.”

Pfff! Ruan Jiaojiao spat out a mouth of blood. This shitty system wasn’t like this before. It had been corrupted!

Don’t just start extorting her just because she started earning some money!

“Nonono! I don’t want to open it anymore!!” Ruan Jiaojiao quickly waved her hands trying to stop it.

However, the wretched system only responded.

“The command has already gone through host’s confirmation so there’s no way of retracing it. During the time you weren’t here, Bai Jinyan and Luo Yunlou succeeded in seizing the throne and the two rule over the demonic sect together while Qi Shen has been reduced to a prisoner who is currently locked within the same cell as the male and female lead.

Ruan Jiaojiao: “…..”

After a while, she cursed.

“You crappy system!! Why didn’t you say this early on!!”

It wasn’t easy for Ruan Jiaojiao to have returned and she didn’t think that the waves in the demonic sect would turn into another direction. She had merely switched from being in Ye Hanzhou’s hand to being in Bai Jingyan and Luo Yunlou’s hands, even walking right into the trap herself.

She had tried slipping into the prisons thrice but was always captured and brought back by Bai Jingyan, thoroughly disciplined inside and out.

Once known as the enchantress who wreaked havoc, she was reduced to becoming the exclusive property of Bai Jingyan and Luo Yunlou.

Ruan Jiaojiao screamed internally, she had never felt so unhappy before!

In the end, she drew a conclusion. It was all this martial arts world’s fault, and her fault for being too weak.

Ruan Jiaojiao had suffered many pent up grievances so she grit her teeth and hardened her resolve, taking all the points she earned and even loaning 500 from the system and exchanged it for a book called the “Sunflower Treasury”.

The previously adorable girl that the demonic sect knew suddenly changed, learning an exceptionally strong form of martial arts and even defeating Bai Jingyan and Luo Yunlou.

Upon possessing such amazing powers to protect herself, Ruan Jiaojiao finally felt proud and elated, rising to the position of the sect leader in one fell swoop.

In this big turnaround of events, the sect people were also taken aback and could only worship her.

However, having their sect leader change thrice in just a few short months, everyone felt very calm.

Ruan Jiaojiao ordered the people to let Qi Shen out and wash him before leaving him on her bed. She felt delighted but upon seeing Qi Shen, her happiness turned into distress.

Qi Shen was afflicted with a very toxic poison. Having been tortured to such an inhumane form and after being confined in such a dark prison for so long, his originally handsome and remarkable face had turned grey, his figure scrawny and his expression in a trance. However, as soon as he saw her, his expressionless eyes lit up, he seemed to have wanted to say something but in the end, not a single word came out of his mouth.

Ruan Jiaojiao understood that because of Qi Shen’s pride, even if he had been reduced to such an appearance, he wasn’t willing to let himself be pitied by her.

She stormed into the prisons angrily, preparing to settle accounts with Bai Jingyan and Luo Yunlou but after walking halfway, she suddenly came to a stop.

This was true martial arts. The strong dominated the weak. She couldn’t view this world with the same logic she used in the previous worlds.

Moreover, based on Bai Jingyan’s words, Ruan Jiaojiao had learnt that it was Qi Shen who had made the first move of trying to kill them, unable to tolerate anyone who had touched her.

Ruan Jiaojiao sighed. This world was simply too cruel.

She ordered the people to let all the prisoners out and left behind a note, saying that she wasn’t going to assume the position of sect leader anymore and whoever wanted to do it could take it instead. Then, she took Qi Shen together with her and left.

Ruan Jiaojiao took Qi Shen on a scenic tour and the two people were like an immortal couple, enjoying life to their heart’s content, living free without worries.

When the two people got bored, they would walk around the Jianghu and occasionally hear rumors of the demonic sect and Ye Hanzhou.

Ye Hanzhou had become the martial arts alliance’s head whereas Bai Jingyan and Luo Yunlou both ruled the demonic sect. Both sides fought like fire and water, at times having conflicts but were evenly matched, neither side gaining complete victory, and the enchantress known as Ruan Jiaojiao had become an immortal legend.

Regardless of whether it was her bewitching beauty or her sudden gain of strength, there were even people who believed she was the strongest under the heavens but evidently, her ambitions laid elsewhere.

Apart from this, the onlookers enjoyed gossiping, saying that the head of the martial arts alliance and the demonic sect leaders were all slaves to her beauty, which was why all three men remained single but there were also rumors that the two leaders of the demonic sect were actually gay.

However, Ruan Jiaojiao never heard the female lead’s name being mentioned.

Even if she wanted to ask the system, upon recalling the last time she had to open god’s view and was even swindled out of a lot of money, she restrained her urge to do so.

She originally thought Lu Xueyan would follow Ye Hanzhou for many years until she came across a group of people on the road and among them was the already married Lu Xueyan who was even accompanied by her two children.

In all honesty, the reason why Lu Xueyan put away her ambition and settled for peace and mediocrity was not unrelated to her.

Luo Xueyan had previously coveted everything, regardless of whether it was peerless martial arts or men’s admiration or even the public’s admiration which were all what the enchantress or Ruan Jiaojiao had disdained but easily obtained. Moreover, she was even thrown away like a pair of worn out shoes and this fact had completely wrecked her fighting spirit.

That was why Lu Xueyan married a head of a small sect she had previously befriended in the Free Manor and even though he didn’t measure up to par to Ye Hanzhou in every aspect, as long as the man treated her well, it was enough for her.

From her mother’s experience, Lu Xueyan had finally understood that if she were to marry, it was best to marry a man who truly loved her.

In this life, Ruan Jiaojiao spent dozens of years together with Qi Shen and Qi Shen also didn’t seem to feel attached to everything about the demonic sect. The two people later on lived like an ordinary couple living in seclusion in verdant hills and limpid water.

Ruan Jiaojiao accompanied Qi Shen until he took his last breath and properly buried him before leaving this world.

The system curiously asked her why she had remained in this world for so long.

Ruan Jiaojiao rolled her eyes and said. The points that this granny had worked so painstakingly for had all been spent and now she also owed the system 500 points as well. How could she be willing to part with this world who had treated her as the top martial artist under the heavens and enjoy the taste of looking down on others?

And for a moment, the system was actually at a loss for words.

[End of 3rd Arc]

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