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Chapter 69 [4th World 1] The Celestial Who Fell Down to Earth


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Arc 4: The Celestial Who Fell Down to Earth
Translator : System Yaoi

Chapter 1 : The Celestial Who Fell Down to Earth

When Ruan Jiaojiao opened her eyes, she felt pain all over her body. This kind of pain, which almost knocked her soul out of her body, was so unbearable that she cried out.

“Didn’t you say it’s nothing just now? A cold and gloomy male voice playfully sounded in her ears.

In a trance because of the pain, Ruan Jiaojiao focused her blurred vision and saw a handsome and evil looking man.

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She hurriedly called the system.

“If you torment me like this, this old lady will quit!”

The next moment, Ruan Jiaojiao suddenly felt a warm current pouring into her limbs, her mind wandering away from the unspeakable comfort. 

She successfully broke free of the forces that restricted her, like a flexible fish freed from the man’s control, she felt that her body was as light as a plume of smoke, allowing her to fly straight into the sky and swim freely.

Ruan Jiaojiao didn’t have time to marvel at this mysterious experience as the black mist swept over her. In an instant, she was shrouded in the suffocating sense of pressure that controlled her earlier, feeling like a bird being locked in a cage.

The man’s body emerged in the black mist, and her body was frozen and unable to move as if she had fallen in an ice cellar.

“Fairy, stop struggling, and join the demons…”

The man’s tone was like a cat catching a mouse, full of contempt and teasing.

When his voice fell, Ruan Jiaojiao’s delicate skirt was instantly torn into pieces, and fell down like snowflakes falling. Her body was naked, her jade like cold skin exuded a bright white halo, oozing bursts of charming fragrance. Pure and flawless, yet extremely seductive.

The man’s eyes which were as dark as night, flashed scarlet, and his desire to conquer surged, his body exuded a kind of evil aura that was meant to destroy the world.

Ruan Jiaojiao’s legs were bound by an invisible rope, making her akin to a poor little worm falling into a spider web.

He pinched her chin and continued the interrupted assault with a more brutal posture. His cock quickly thrust into her flower hole, and Ruan Jiaojiao’s eyes burst into tears with pain.

This is not the joy of fish and water at all, this is clearly a brutal killing!!!

At this moment, Ruan Jiaojiao’s soul seemed to have left her body, she didn’t feel the pain anymore, she looked at the scene in front of her like a bystander watching a show.

“Host…” Presumably afraid of her cursing, the system called out weakly.

Ruan Jiaojiao did not care about it, she was really curious about this fantasy world.

When she finished reading the received plot, her face turned cold.

This was a world of Immortals and demons, the original owner of the body was an otherworldly and lofty person, but was unfortunately ridden with bad luck. How noble and glamorous she used to be, but her end was bleak and sad.

Just because she loved the male lead, a God.

This was the case in a Mary Sue world. Almost all the female characters had to admire the male protagonist and make trouble for the female lead.

Therefore, her existence was to develop the plot. When the relationship between the male and female protagonist was almost ready, she can also receive lunch*. [TN: She can also receive lunch (领便当) – Is a slang for when actors are finished with their small job, they can take their boxed lunch and leave.]

As for the current plot progress, she had obviously arrived late.

The cold and ascetic male lead had treated the female lead differently, and she was punished by the second male lead, because she was set up by the female protagonist. The other party easily sealed her power and knocked her down like dust to the mortal world.

The fairy fell into the hands of the leader of the demonic sect, and the demonic head’s hatred of the immortal realm was all placed on the original owner of the body. After he tortured her in all manners, he brought her back to the Demonic Realm and threw her to a group of men to continue to ravage and ruin her.

The devilish energy invaded her body, and the fairy completely fell into the devil’s path and became blackened.

She deliberately wanted to avenge the female lead, but during the battle between the demon and celestial beings, she was thrown out to block the knife by the demonic head and she realized that she who originated from the immortal world, had never been accepted by the Demonic World.

She was traumatized physically and mentally, pushed to her last breath. The original owner harboured so much jealousy and hatred towards the cold-blooded demon lord and the female protagonist who was protected by the male lead and second male lead, and in the end, like a flower that wilted, she passed away, her soul scattering.

Ruan Jiaojiao was brought back to the Demon Realm by the demonic lord Dong Fangshi. Just as he was about to order his subordinates to take her away, Ruan Jiaojiao knew she was doomed.

So, she said to him.

“If you let your men continue to insult me, you won’t gain any greater pleasure, in fact, you have a better choice.”


Dong Fangshi’s cold and evil eyes were cast toward her limp figure on the ground, showing some interest in her words.

“My identity is of greater value. If I return to the immortal world, I can become your insider.” Ruan Jiaojiao calmly negotiated with him.

Dongfang Ji did not respond, as if he was weighing her words.

Ruan Jiaojiao said again.

“I know you don’t believe me; it doesn’t matter. Anyway, you have many methods for controlling people in the Demon Realm, and you can use them over me.”

Her words seemed to warn Dongfang Ji. His eyes darkened, and the next moment, an irresistible force yanked her up and brought near him.

Once again, he pinched her chin with his cold, slender fingers.

“You want to betray the Immortal world? Why?” He was puzzled by this point.

After all, people in the Celestial World were all proud, and boasted themselves of being lofty and incompatible with their Demon Realm. Why would this woman take the initiative to get along with him? Wasn’t she afraid of being punished by the Immortals?

Ruan Jiaojiao sneered, her beautiful eyes were filled with hatred immediately.

“Because I hate them more than you do. If it weren’t for powers being sealed, how could I fall into your hands. It’s because the other side was unkind first, so you can’t blame me for not being righteous.”

Dongfang Ji suddenly seemed to have taken interest in her, so Ruan Jiaojiao told him all about what happened to her.

So that’s what happened.

Dongfang Ji patiently listened to her story.

As expected of women, being jealous and fighting for the sake of a man and ignoring the overall situation was her weakness that he can benefit from.

“Do you like the God Qingshu?”

Ruan Jiaojiao flashed a sarcastic smile.

“No, he would rather like the little fairy maidservant who is useless than me. How can I be so stupid and like such a blind man.”

“It’s really stupid.”

Dongfang Ji seemed to agree with her.

Ruan Jiaojiao knew Dongfang Ji had suffered a great loss in the hands of God Qingshu, so he also said a few words about Qingshu, and she played along with him.

“I thought the demonic people would have unsightly appearances but when I see your lordship, I was captivated by your otherworldly bearing, particularly also because…I have never experienced such a feeling of being sent to seventh heaven…

At this point, Ruan Jiaojiao’s fingers streaked across Dongfang Ji’s chest, pressed her tender and soft body against him.

“I am willing to do my best for my lord, and when I get my revenge, I am willing to pledge allegiance and serve you, be it a slave or a concubine, I will not have any complaints.

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