Brothel Open For Business (H)

Chapter 84: The Pregnant Husband Was Cruelly Doubl*-Penetrat*d Until He Squirted Milk During Climax

Xiao Yu was pushed up by Wang Yang, straining the little slvt’s body to cater to Wang Yang’s pounding.

“Little B!tch…”

Wang Xiong, who was still consuming his milk, saw that his adopted son was still feisty even with a large stomach. He turned around and took an ejacvlating device from the head of the bed and inserted it into the tip of his manhood. “Little Alut… Ah Yang has returned today… We’ll surely satisfy you tonight…”

“Ah… Ha… Yifu… Ah!… Ah Yang… Come and fvck this little slvt… This little slvt needs a large rod… My hungry h*le needs s*men…”

Xiao Yu closed his eyes and held his massive chest. Wang Yang grabbed his lower body and left the bed.


“Wu… Wuwu… Wu.. Ngh…”

His wailing, petite mouth was entered by a herculean shaft. His adoptive father only inserted half of it. Later, Wang Xiong couldn’t help but feel comfortable inside Xiao Yu’s small mouth. He held his adopted son’s head and brutally fvcked it with his entirety. This time, his enormous manhood prodded into his narrow and delicate throat and released his load. Wang Xiong watched him swallow all his seed and licked the excess, ensuring that everything was eaten clean.

Wang Xiong, who recently just came, rode back on the little slvt’s face. The horny vixen opened his tiny mouth and wrapped it around the hefty, dark sacs. His sacs were suckled by the little b!tch’spuny mouth, and he stuck his tongue out to lick its every inch and every fold. His balls were sucked enthusiastically by the lusty Xiao Yu. Wang Xiong, who was unruffled, had his sacs kept swelling and growing the size of a tennis ball.

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“Gb… Ty… Qsv kd… Gb Zydt… Psd’v rwzz kv swv… Twaau wr yde qhnj Qltl… Qltl’p bsadu b*zlp yal kvnbu…”

“Gege… Is this what you want?”


After Wang Yang thrust his massive phallvs with a sheep’s eye ring in, he pulled it out again!

“Ah, ah—!!”

The fluff on the sheep’s eye ring carefully scratched across every inch of Xiao Yu’s sensitive tender flesh. The tingling feeling, numbness, itchiness, and swelling were still lingering when Wang Yang pushed inside again! His large bulbous head poked into the little slvt’s core at once, and the little vixen’s h*les spasmed in response. The fine fuzz on it was pricking his nerves, scratching Xiao Yu into madness. He wanted Wang Yang’s hefty pillar to rub and pound inside him to relieve his extreme restlessness. However, the large rod with a sheep’s eye ring brought more unbearable itchiness with each delivery. This vicious cycle almost caused Xiao Yu to go insane.

“Ah, Ah, ah!!!… No… Don’t… Ah… Ah Yang… It’s itchy… It’s scratching me to death… Uh, huh… Ah!!… Don’t… Don’t use that thing to stab your gege’s slvtty h*le…”

The little b!tch started to cry when Wang Yang played cruelly with him, but Xiao Yu couldn’t help sending himself to the huge phallvs.

“Dishonest Little Slvt… I can’t stand it anymore… There are even better things to enjoy later… Weren’t you yelling for me to ravish you every day?…  Today, you will taste the feeling of being plundered…”

Wang Xiong, who had a leering smile, turned on the switch of the electric airplane cvp and the d!ldo directly to the maximum level.

“Wu—!!!…. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!!!…. Wu, ah!!…. Ah, ah, ah—!!!”

The electric airplane cvp vigorously strained and sucked Xiao Yu’s little d!ck, but there was also an ejacvlation device controlling his little d!ck. The contradictory feeling brought by these devices was driving Xiao Yu mad. The electric d!ldo in his cvnt was also vibrating viciously, and the throbbing inside stirred up the secretion of juices. Meanwhile, the large manhood with a sheep’s eye ring in Xiao Yu’s lecherous chrysanthemum inserted further into his depths. Each time the enormous member was pulled out, it would also drive the electric d!ldo inside the carnal pvssy, and the d!ldo spurred the steel balls tied to laced straps to stroke his c!itoris made of a bundle of nerves.

The speed at which the large manhood penetrated also directly affected the other raunchy devices that were strapped to Xiao Yu, and the four stimulants were in symphony. His adoptive father began to fondle his large chest, groping them and sucking them hard.

“Ah!… Ha!… Ah, ah… Ah, ah, ah!!!… Take… Take it out… It’s too strong… Yifu… Ah—”

The little slvt was directly played to 0rgasm; his body shuddered. On the contrary, his d!ck could no longer spurt out anything. His urethra was pierced by the silicone stick, and there was also an electric airplane cvp encasing his d!ck. During his climax, Xiao Yu was unable to vent his pent-up pleasure. The tortured horny vixen’s body arched up, but he was firmly trapped by his adoptive father, who was sucking his massive t!ts. Now, his plump melons had swelled into H-cups. Although it hadn’t produced any milk yet, Xiao Yu always felt that it was full of milk. Thus, every night, he would cry out and let his adoptive father suck his t!ts.


“Mnh… It sucks so tight… Gege… Do you find it satisfying to be fvck by my large shaft… I really want to screw Gege… Gege’s slvtty h*le can suck so well… The plump flesh inside is tightly wrapped around Ah Yang’s big rod…”

“Ah… Ah, ha…. Ah… Ah Yang… Ah, ah, ah… No… Don’t… Too much… It’s too stimulating… Gege can’t handle it…”

His luscious moundswere kneaded and bitten by his adoptive father, his d!ck was vibrating and massaged by the airplane cvp, his c!it was ground by the steel balls, his pvssy was stirred by the di!do, his a$sho*e was viciously pounded by a huge member, and the big shaft also had a sheep eye ring to fvck him — all of these external stimulations assaulted his highly perceptive senses.

“Ungh!… No… Don’t… Ah Yang… Take it down… Ha!… Ah!… If it goes like this… Gege will be devoured by Ah Yang…”

“Isn’t Gege hungry and thirsty… Gege’s horny h*le constricts very much… Look… A lot of cvm is pouring out of Gege’s cvnt h*le…”

Xiao Yu was ravished by his adoptive father and younger brother, Wang Xiong and Wang Yang. The filthy cvm gushed out of his cvnt h*le and flowed onto the large phallvs that Wang Yang was using to pummel his chrysanthemum, and there was also the large egg v!brator that his adoptive father had put into his bvtth*le.

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