Brothel Open For Business (H)

Chapter 83: The Pregnant Husband Was Cruelly Doubl*-Penetrat*d Until He Squirted Milk During Climax

In the bedroom where only one lamp was turned on, Xiao Yu was ravished by his adoptive father, Wang Xiong, and his younger brother, Wang Yang. He was lying on the bed with his large belly like a pregnant b!tch. Both father and son weren’t just ordinary people. Xiao Yu didn’t know how long they had fvcked him. His d!ck could no longer shoot anything. His adoptive father stood by the bed, pounding his a$sh*le from behind, smacking his large t!ts, and even fondling his d!ck. The heavy sacs of Wang Xiong became heavier and thicker, and Xiao Yu was intimidated by the balls hitting his bvtt which became fuller and denser. He knew that the dark sacs of his adoptive father were full of cvm and was about to shoot his scorching s*men into the depths of his a$s.

In front of Xiao Yu, Wang Yang knelt on the bed and raised his chin. His large phallvs fvcked his petite mouth, making his lips as crimson as a rose. Wang Yang lifted his jaw and gazed at the tears he shed. It seemed that the more tears Xiao Yu brought out, the rougher Wang Yang fvcked his mouth.

He didn’t know how long he was fvcked; Xiao Yu was befuddled. In the dark, he was handled together by two robust men. All he knew was that the massive c0cks hammering his small mouth and bvtth*le were thicker and more brutally than before. The green veins surrounding the two c0cks were also almost pulsating at the same time. Then, with the men’s heavy breathing, Xiao Yu was gradually filled with s*men shot after shot. His a$s was filled with hot cvm; the little slvt trembled with the white-hot cvm inside his belly, and his puny mouth was also filled with s*men. There was no time to swallow the copious amount of cvm flowing out of the corners of his mouth.

Xiao Yu, who was sprawled on the bed, panted violently. The corners of his mouth, his plump melons, and the roots of his thighs were splattered with potent, hot cvm.

These two men also lay down on his sides. Both of them gently caressed his bulging stomach and kissed every inch of his skin.


Xiao Yu lay on his back as Wang Xiong and Wang Yang touched his six or seven-month-old stomach. Sometimes, the child inside would kick a few times. Wang Xiong and Wang Yang kissed his two, large, round mounds from his left and right. They couldn’t fully cup them with their large hands. In his lecherous h*les  just shot by the enormous manhood, the warm liquid slowly drizzled out, and Xiao Yu could feel the flowing cvm in his intestinal wall.

After he became pregnant, Xiao Yu’s large chest was fuller than before, like two soccer balls hanging on his chest. With that deep cleavage, Wang Xiong, who fondled it every day, had no intention to manage his martial arts school. He just wanted to play with his big bosom every day, ravish his sordid h*les, and hit his shapely rotund hips, which were thicker and plumper than before. Every time when Xiao Yu knelt on the ground, the sunken dimples on his back, coupled with his round bvttocks, stimulated Wang Xiong to want to insert his large rod in between his curvy bvtt, watching his slender waist swing and his large mounds jiggle.

Wang Yang rose and came to Xiao Yu’s thighs. Wang Yang just came once and wasn’t satisfied. His large member was still ferociously erect. He set up Xiao Yu’s slender, white legs and gazed darkly at his channel where s*men was still flowing. The tight, fleshy h*le was penetrated into blood-red by his father’s huge phallvs. Inside the small, flushed, and succulent h*le, the milky, thick cvm gradually dripped down and seeped onto the sheet.

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“Gb… Ty… Gb Zydt…”

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“Ha… Ah, hah… Ah… Ah Yang… Faster… It’s so good…”


Wang Yang used his tipto thump and scratch the core pearl that protruded above his older brother’s cvnt. The size of the core was just enough to prod into the crest of Wang Yang’s member. Xiao Yu was thrashing from his rubbing as he also ground his sensitive flesh against the tip of his younger brother’s member with his c!it. Wang Yang gasped and continued to grasp his large pillar, stroking his brother’s s*x nub. More honey flowed out of his brother’s tight, fleshy cave, and he was certain that he made his older brother fussier.

The titillated tip of his rod was also scratched by his brother’s protruded erect core, making the crest of his shaft gush out with clear liquid, which flowed along the cracks of his older brother’s flesh. The clear liquid from his massive pillar blended with the honey from his older brother’s cvnt. Wang Yang stroked the sensitive, flushed c!itoris in between Xiao Yu’s lips with his large head. The taut flesh beneath was slightly opening and closing, spurting out slick cvm, which seemed to be tempting Wang Yang to enter.

The bestial hunger in his body stimulated him to desperately want to thrust into his older brother’s pvssy and pound his big globular head into his brother’s w0mb.

Wang Yang closed his eyes, took a few deep breaths, placed his rigid arms around his brother’s legs, pulled up his cr0tch, and had his older brother’s bvtt hang in the air and fall on his own thighs as he knelt. Xiao Yu thought that Wang Yang was going to fvck his craving pvssy, and began to moan and entice Wang Yang to fvck him hard. Wang Yang endured the urge and held his large manhood against the opening of his older brother’s a$sh*le where his seed was still pouring out. With the lubrication from the s*men, his firm waist swung, and he fully sheathed himself.


The little slvt’s h*le was instantly filled with an enormous rod, and Xiao Yu hoisted his a$s to cater to the penetration.

“Gege’s lecherous cave is so satisfying… It’s so tight and slippery inside… Everywhere is a throbbing flesh…”

It was entirely lathered in slick cvm. Naturally, the lascivious channel was much smoother than usual. This was why Wang Yang’s thrusting and pushing were more unimpeded. Holding his older brother’s legs, Wang Yang grasped his brother’s bouncy bvttocks with his large hand and began to press them against his cr0tch. At the same time, Xiao Yu swung back his hips; their coordination was flawless.

“Ngh!… Ha… Ah!… It’s too deep… Ah Yang…  Unm, ha!… Do it harder… Push it harder… Quickly use that massive shaft of yours to shatter your gege’s naughty h*le…”

Translator’s Note

I’m torn between envying all the pleasure Xiao Yu was receiving or pitying him. Anyway, thank God I don’t have a pecker, or else it would already be rubbed raw everytime I work on this novel.

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