Brothel Open For Business (H)

Chapter 85: The Pregnant Husband Was Cruelly Doubl*-Penetrat*d Until He Squirted Milk During Climax

“Wu, wuwu!…”

As he cried for mercy, Xiao Yu was heavily kissed by his adoptive father, and his lower body was held by Wang Yang. The father and son duo were so experienced at fvcking his h*les that Xiao Yu — who had been suffering unfathomable itchiness during his pregnancy — was well-sated this evening.

Wang Yang’s strong s*xual flexibility naturally manifested and was maximized, especially today — in which he was still wearing the sh3ep eye ring. Xiao Yu’s eyes were glistening, and his whole body was flushed. His body violently thrashed as he whimpered and shed tears, signifying his comfort and the contrasting unbearable feeling he could not escape from. Wang Yang fvcked him for two hours before he expelled his load in his slvtty cave. A thick amount of cvm was produced from his heavy sacs.

After Wang Yang finished his deed, Xiao Yu’s adoptive father, Wang Xiong, knelt between his legs again. In the same stance, he inserted his large shaft, equipped with even two sh3ep’s eye rings.

Having been satiated, Xiao Yu was immobilized on the bed with tears hanging from the corners of his eyes. Meanwhile, Wang Xiong encircled Xiao Yu’s legs around his own waist and held the dark, virile manhood. When he straightened his waist, he completely penetrated until the hilt!


“Ah!… Ha… Yifu…”

The little slvt moaned and whimpered. Wang Yang arrived his lips with his massive manhood — still hard like a soldering iron despite having just came. Xiao Yu cleverly opened his petite mouth and let Wang Yang insert his d!ck. Xiao Yu licked the huge shaft that had just recently sent him to heaven. Wang Yang grazed at the tears on the corner of his older brother’s eyes and pulled the rod out of his brother’s puny mouth.

“Ah… Ah, ah!… Yi… Yifu… Ngh… Ha!… No… Don’t fvck this little slvt so hard… It’s too rough…”

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“Ltb… Gb… Ty… Rv qllzp tsse… Whnj vbkp zkvvzl c!vnb byaela…”

Xiao Yu — who was covered with traces of promiscuity — shook along his large chest  that jiggle along with his adoptive father’s thrustings. His bvtt was flushed scarlet due to the constant friction. Wang Xiong thumped into Xiao Yu’s lascivious channel to his heart’s content. After his adoptive father finished cvmming in his perverted h*le, Wang Yang promptly stepped in. Wang Xiong walked in front of Xiao Yu and placed his large rod in his small mouth.  


Throughout the night, Xiao Yu was ravished by the two men with aggressive s*xual resilience in turn. The father and son even penetrated his chrysanthemum at the same time. Xiao Yu discharged until he was nearly dehydrated, and his stomach was brimming with cvm. There was a stream of white cvm trickling out of his thighs and legs. His puny mouth was swollen, but despite that, the massive member kept bursting into his small mouth. Xiao Yu then was forced to swallow its cvm; what he couldn’t swallow could only gush out along the corners of his mouth.

His tiny mouth was brimming with s*men, and the men also released in between his deep cleavage. With the lubrication of the s*men, they held his large t!ts to sip his milk. His puny mouth was slightly puffy, and his large b0obs were almost sucked dry. Finally, the men were forced to hold his small hands to firmly restrain him. All night long, both father and son ravished him.

In this way, the father and son would penetrate Xiao Yu who had a large belly every day. Xiao Yu’s massive chest became bigger and heavier. By the time his belly was in its ninth month, his t!ts were even more humongous than H-cups. Xiao Yu, who grew bountiful melons, had difficulty in standing. However, his adoptive father and younger brother loved his enormous b0obs and wanted to frequently fondle them.

His mounds were kneaded while he was eating, fondled when bathing, and even rubbed during his sleep. If they had some spare time, Xiao Yu would give them t!tty s*x and hold their c0cks at the same time. The father and son completely regarded Xiao Yu as an object to vent their desires.

One day, both his adoptive father and brother were caressing and sucking Xiao Yu’s enormous chest. In the midst of two monstrous c0cks buried in Xiao Yu’s insatiable h*le, Xiao Yu felt a burst of pain in his stomach. 

Wang Xiong and Wang Yang rushed Xiao Yu to the hospital. When they arrived, Xiao Yu’s lusty bvtth*le was still dripping with cvm. The doctor glared at the two men and scolded them, “Beasts.”

Afterwards, Xiao Yu gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The little boy, who looked extremely similar to Wang Xiong and Wang Yang, cried loudly.

Three months had passed since Xiao Yu gave birth. Today, Xiao Yu was kneeling naked on the bed. The little guy was waving his small hands and sucking milk from his large n!pple.

Having endured for almost a year and hadn’t entered his w0mb, Wang Yang cruelly thrust his massive manhood into Xiao Yu’s uterus, and his large rotund tip repeatedly penetrated his w0mb. Xiao Yu’s eyes were glazed with intoxication and wanted to cater to Wang Yang’s thrusts to hit his pleasure spots, but he must also nurse his child.

“Hmm… Ah… Ha… Ah Yang… Lighter…”

Wang Yang banged a little harder. Xiao Yu’s large n!pple was about to come out of the child’s mouth, and the child was close to crying.

“I can’t help it… Gege’s w0mb is so comfortable… This cvnt is sucking me so tight… Gege, don’t bre*stfeed the baby yet… Let me suck it good first…”


His older brother’s tender and tight cavern were congested with sensitive flesh. His dense, sensitive flesh was drenched with slick and filthy cvm. Xiao Yu swallowed Wang Yang’s large shaft that was about to explode. As he crammed his d!ck in, Wang Yang’s sanity gradually disappeared and only primitive desire occupied his mind. He only had one goal: thrust deeper, fvck further, conquer till its depths!

“Ah!… Ha… No… No… I’ll give it to you in the evening… When the baby goes to bed, you can do whatever you want…”

The baby who was sucking Xiao Yu’s n!pple giggled. It seemed that he was mocking Wang Yang, Daddy still chose me.

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Happy Lunar New Year! Here’s our New Year’s gift, a cute, black-bellied little bun!

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