Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 67 Empress

The candle flame flickered and crackled, and the black-clad youth opened his eyes. 

The young girl’s bright eyes were closed, her long eyelashes casting a faint shadow in the warm light. It was clearly not flowering season yet, but the air seemed to be filled with the fragrance of acacia flowers.

Tantai Jin suddenly looked as if he’d touched Zhen poison1鸩毒 (zhèndú) – One of the Ten Great Tortures of the Manchurian Qing Dynasty, and was often used to commit suicide by imperial order (as a mark of imperial favour, so as to be spared the indignity of execution); This kind of punishment was often used on people with high status or officials and it’s also one of the more humane Ten Great Tortures; 鸩 (zhèn) is a legendary bird with poisonous feathers. It is said that its feathers or its dung is highly poisonous when placed in wine; Generally refers to those poisoned by drinking poisoned wine. and awoken from a dream.

He quickly pushed Su Su away from him. She rubbed her shoulder and raised her eyes to look over.

Tantai Jin’s expression was changing erratically. He realized what he’d done, and now, there was no chance to gloss over2to whitewash/to cover up it, nor could he argue.


Su Su didn’t speak and quietly looked at him.

At this moment, she was quite looking forward to how Tantai Jin would attempt to justify himself. He was born without feelings, so perhaps, he himself didn’t even know what his moment of passion just now meant.

Sure enough, Su Su soon saw a layer of ice spreading across his eyes.

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Su Su lay down on her small couch and closed her eyes.


Not long after, she heard a rustling sound from the bed.

“Tantai Jin is coming over,” Curved Jade said.

Her small couch wasn’t far from the emperor’s bed to begin with. She didn’t know what was wrong with Tantai Jin, as he still hadn’t arranged a place for her to live. Others naturally didn’t dare to meddle in his affairs, so Su Su could only continue living in his palace up till now.

Curved Jade continued to tattletale, “He’s looking at you.”

Of course Su Su knew, he was so close, his gaze was like sticky spider silk, making one uncomfortable, and it wasn’t like she could really fall asleep, so naturally, she could feel it.

He leaned over, but didn’t speak.

The atmosphere fell silent for a moment.

For Su Su, this kind of suffocating gaze was really unbearable. She pretended to sleep, while her hair stood on end, so she finally opened her eyes, “What the hell do you want?”

The black-clad youth sat leaning next to her couch. Her open eyes made him slightly uncomfortable, and his gaze instantly faltered.

The youth’s handsome profile was particularly delicate under the glazed lamp.

His skin was very pale, and his thin lips were eerily red.

It wasn’t easy for a man to be this pretty.


“I admit, they weren’t totally useless, I don’t hate you that much,” he reluctantly said.

Su Su rested her head on her soft arms and yawned while looking at him.

Her eyes shone with a thin layer of water. He glanced at her from the corner of his eye and hesitantly asked, “Tell me, what do you really want?”

Tantai Jin looked at Su Su warily and eagerly, like a miserly merchant.

It was as if she had something in her hands that he particularly coveted, but it could easily consign him to eternal damnation. While he was afraid of the terrible consequences that Su Su could bring, he couldn’t help but move closer to her.

He looked tense while waiting for an answer.

Su Su thought to herself, I want your life.

However, it was impossible for her say it as the man in front of her was already a selfish stingy bird that could be startled by the mere twang of a bow3惊弓之鸟 (jīnggōngzhīniǎo) – an idiom; fig. sb who frightens easily, due to past experiences; very apprehensive. Even when she was harmless, he could already visualize4脑补 (nǎobǔ) – lit. brain supplement (internet slang) to imagine a hundred and one of her malicious purposes.

Not to mention if he knew that she was here to take his d*mn life!

Don’t just look at this man eagerly staring at her now. With the bad nature of his evil bone, he could strangle her the instant he learned the truth.

So, Su Su blinked and said, “I want to be the empress.”

Don’t all the women in the world yearn for this, including Ye Bing Shang? Tantai Jin will definitely believe this reason.


Sure enough, upon hearing this response, Tantai Jin’s expression instantly turned sarcastic, “You want to be the empress?”

He looked at her with exaggerated ridicule, like he’d seen a cat jump into the fire to catch a fish.

Whether it was the wet nurse who’d brought him up, or Jing Lan An, they’d warned him about the importance of that position.

For the ruler of a country, the empress could even decide the stability of a dynasty.

The empress played a particularly important role in consolidating political power, stabilizing the people’s support, and even the diplomatic relations between two countries.

Tantai Jin was cold by nature, and didn’t need to rely on an empress and imperial concubines to suppress his courtiers.

But if he wanted to rule5问鼎 (wèndǐng) – inquire about the tripods—aspire to the throne; have royal ambitions; seek supreme power (a reference to the Nine Tripods (九鼎), bronze tripods used only by the ruler in grand ceremonies of state, and regarded as emblems of royal authority) the world6九州 (Jiǔzhōu) – nine divisions of China in remote antiquity/during earliest dynasties; fig. ancient China; poetic name for China; Kyūshū, southernmost of Japan’s four major islands, his empress mustn’t be from Xia Empire, which was already collapsing. Also, going further north was the country of Shi7什 (shí/shén) – ten (used in fractions, writing checks etc); assorted; miscellaneous//file of ten soldiers; mixedcha8嗏 (chā) – (Cantonese) imperative final particle, which had lush pastures and was skilled in witchcraft.

He could even wait a few more years for the Immortal Gate to open, then find an empress with a spiritual root and use her to go through it.

After all, he’d seen a much wider world.

For others, the Fleeting Life Wisdom was just an unforgettable feeling, but for Tantai Jin, he’d seen the formidable power of the immortal flood dragon, Ming Ye.

One sword could split mountains, and one hand could pick the moon.

Water Immobilizing Seal, the Buddha relics…… there were uncountable treasures in this world, overflowing with power, and he had the opportunity to gain them all.


Ming Ye was stupid, but he wasn’t. If he was given such power, he wouldn’t give a d*mn about Sang Jiu or Tianhuan.

What bullsh*t love, how was it comparable to great power?

And at this moment, the impatient young girl who was sleeping on the couch actually wanted the position of his empress?

He’d be crazy to promise her that.

He’d been sleeping on brushwood and tasted gall9卧薪尝胆 (wòxīn-chángdǎn) – like King Gou Jian of Yue Gōu Jiàn [勾践]), in order to recall one’s humiliations; an idiom; fig. to maintain one’s resolve for revenge for fourteen years to get everything he had now. Was he really stupid enough to directly share it with this woman who’d humiliated him in the past?

If he did, from then on, he couldn’t easily seize the northern territory, couldn’t get the legendary immortal witchcraft, and couldn’t enter the Immortal Gate.

Instead, he’d be an ordinary couple…… with the young girl in front of him.

Grow old, and die normally?

And this young girl, whom he couldn’t see through and grasp, could even stab him at any moment.

Su Su didn’t know what he was thinking, as his face was sinister one moment and puzzled the next, as if she didn’t want the position of empress, but his life.

After a long while, he pursed his lips and said, “No, you can’t be the empress, I can give you other titles.”

Su Su angrily raised her leg and kicked his shoulder, “Get lost, who the h*ll wants to be your little concubine!”

Tantai Jin didn’t guard against her and was hit. He turned back angrily and shouted, “Ye Xi Wu!”

Su Su said, “What is there to shout about, I hear you. If you’d like to find a concubine, post an imperial notice10皇榜 (huángbǎng) – announcement in the form of a notice posted with the authority of the emperor tomorrow, and it’s no problem to gather three palaces and six chambers11三宫六院 (sāngōng-liùyuàn) – an idiom; imperial harem. Oh, I almost forgot, you’ve already given out a Madame title.”

The young girl looked at him like she was looking at something dirty, “I guess that’s what you like, giving everyone the position of Madame. If we can’t agree, then get lost and leave me alone.”

His face was livid, and he gritted his teeth and said, “You’re just the daughter of a fallen courtier.”

Since he still refused to get lost, Su Su raised her leg again, this time, she was even more blunt as she stepped on his face, telling him word by word, “I’m still nobler than you.”

Tantai Jin gripped the young girl’s delicate foot, “Ye Xi Wu, you better not mistake good for bad.”

She raised her hands to sign gestures, and a yellow talisman that she’d drawn over the past few days to deal with the tiger demon flew out of her sleeve.

Tongues of fire appeared in the air and instantly burned Tantai Jin’s collar.

The young girl had already turned around, ignoring him.


After the beginning of spring, the palace gradually became more and more lively.

When Tantai Jin returned from the morning court, he saw countless maidservants picking apricot flowers12Image: .

They were dressed in red and carrying red baskets, so it was obvious at a glance that someone had ordered this.

Wei Xi stepped forward and explained, “Your Majesty, it’s the beginning of spring, and soon, it’ll be our Great Zhou’s prayer day. Praying to the gods to bless our dynasty with good weather13风调雨顺 (fēngtiáo-yǔshùn) – lit. the wind is perfect and the rain is smooth; favorable weather (idiom); good weather for crops, and peace and prosperity in our country14国泰民安 (guótài-mín’ān) – the country prospers, the people at peace (idiom);. Madame Zhaohua has been preparing for it these past few days, picking the best and cleanest apricot flowers and sending them to the astrological platform.”

An apricot blossom fell into Tantai Jin’s hand and he lightly snorted, “Praying to the gods?”

Wei Xi didn’t hear the mocking meaning in his words. Behind the white apricot blossoms, a slender and beautiful figure emerged.

Seeing Tantai Jin, her eyes revealed a gentle smile.

“Your Majesty is back?”

It was Ye Bing Shang.

Tantai Jin nodded as he retracted the mockery in his eyes and gently asked, “How’s Bing Shang’s body?”

Ye Bing Shang bowed and softly said, “This concubine’s body has already recovered. Please forgive this concubine for preparing for the praying ceremony without permission. This concubine knows that Your Majesty isn’t concerned about such trivial matters, but Your Majesty has only just become the monarch of the Great Zhou, and the people’s support is indispensable.”

It had been a very long time since Tantai Jin had felt such a feeling.

After all, no one but Jing Lan An would support his interests enough to help him arrange all this. Tantai Jin said, “How could I blame you?”

Ye Bing Shang revealed a timid smile.

She was already born pretty, but standing among the blooming apricot blossoms made her smile look even more exquisitely beautiful.

Even Eunuch Wei Xi, who was sterile, showed a faint admiration on his face.

Ye Bing Shang raised her eyes, expecting to see a stunned and infatuated look in the eyes of the black-clad emperor, but contrary to her expectations, his expression remained gentle and smiling.

Not overly distant and cold, but not fanatical either.

Her face didn’t show it, but a faint doubt arose in her heart. 


Why doesn’t it work against Tantai Jin?

No, it wasn’t useless either. At least, the little tyrant treated her better than anyone else. But back when she lived in the other courtyard15别苑 (bié yuàn) – It’s actually a place or garden specially for imperial members during hunting expedition., even the sharp-tongued and arrogant Pang Yizhi had become infatuated16神魂颠倒 (shénhúndiāndǎo) – lit. spirit and soul upside down (idiom); infatuated and head over heels in love; fascinated; captivated and blushing.

Tantai Jin’s reaction was too dull.

Ye Bing Shang quietly thought, from what other people had said, she understood that His Majesty was much more indifferent than others, so perhaps he was extremely restrained when showing emotions?

Weren’t Xiao Lin’s feelings as gentle as water too?

Thinking of this, she stopped being impatient and left with a group of red-clad palace maids.

As soon as she left, the smile in Tantai Jin’s eyes also disappeared.

He crumpled the apricot blossom in his hand and stepped on it.

Wei Xi trotted after him, flatteringly asking Tantai Jin where he was going to have his dinner today.

This was a somewhat interesting question. After all, Madame Zhaohua’s sincerity was rare, no matter what, the little tyrant should still comfort her heart.

Before Tantai Jin spoke, his eyes instantly turned icy cold.

Wei Xi looked up and saw a pink-clad young girl squatting on the ground with a jade bowl and spoon in her hands, feeding a yellow-clad man water.

As Su Su fed, the man opened his mouth.

He had a dashing face, slightly squared, and appeared very manly, with a hint of simple honesty.

Tantai Jin watched coldly, and Su Su, sensing his arrival, looked up to glance at him.

The yellow-clad man was looking at Su Su eagerly as she scooped another spoonful and fed it into his mouth.

He was beaming with joy17眉开眼笑 (méikāi-yǎnxiào) – brows raised in delight, eyes laughing (idiom); all smiles.

Su Su was about to continue feeding him when someone abruptly grabbed her wrist.

She looked up and saw a frighteningly cold face. The little tyrant in front of her cocked his head and softly asked, “What are you doing?”

It’d be fine if he was angry, but he looked like he was having a relapse18craziness/madness relapsed.

Su Su looked at him oddly.

Tantai Jin laughed. Right now, he was jealous and upset, “Nian Baiyu.”

Nian Baiyu appeared behind him and Tantai Jin softly said, “The praying ceremony requires several sky lanterns, and I heard that the ones made of human skin are the toughest and most beautiful. I think his skin is not bad.”

He coldly looked at the yellow-clad man who was squatting on the ground.

Wei Xi could hear that the little tyrant wasn’t joking, and his legs started trembling.

Nian Baiyu looked calm, “Yes.”

Su Su blocked herself in front of the yellow-clad man, “Wait! What do you want to do?”

Tantai Jin looked at her expressionlessly.

Both of them were at a stalemate for a while. Su Su looked at Tantai Jin, and then at the yellow-clad man on the ground, who looked confused and scared.

“You really want to kill him?” She asked.

He didn’t speak, but his pitch-black pupils were filled with killing intent, though she didn’t know who it was towards.

Su Su said strangely, “Then just kill him, since he’s your tiger demon.”

At her words, the cold anger in Tantai Jin’s eyes froze, and he looked down at the yellow-clad man on the ground.

The yellow-clad man smiled timidly and flatteringly.

If he had a tail, he probably would’ve wagged it in fear.

——I just asked for a bowl of turbid Qi clearing talisman water to drink, why is it so scary?

It was finally able to transform into human form in the Flame Furnace, and it wanted to cultivate properly.

Why did the little tyrant want to kill him again, and skin him?

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