After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 94

Ji Anning recalled something. Yu Xia had once asked her for money, but she had refused.

Earning money was tough, and Ji Anning was very careful with every penny. When Yu Xia asked to borrow money, she needed to know precisely what it was for. However, when Yu Xia mentioned that she needed the money to buy a bag and had borrowed it from someone else, now needing to repay it, Ji Anning immediately recognized it as a pitfall. If Yu Xia borrowed money from her to repay someone else, where would she find the money to repay Ji Anning?

Ji Anning had always been independent and self-reliant, and she and Yu Xia didn’t have the kind of closeness that allowed them to lend each other money. Plus, the money Ji Anning worked so hard to earn was used for living expenses and to cover her grandmother’s medical bills and medication. She couldn’t accept the idea of Yu Xia borrowing money to buy a bag.

She had rejected Yu Xia then.

When Ji Anning refused, she was mentally prepared for their relationship to be severed. But Yu Xia was skilled at maintaining interpersonal relationships and had a very flexible attitude. She was indeed disappointed, and they didn’t speak much that evening. However, the next day when they met again, Yu Xia smiled as if nothing had happened.


Now, in hindsight, it seemed very likely that Yu Xia’s mention of borrowing money from someone else was probably about taking out a loan.

Thinking about this, something crossed Ji Anning’s mind but quickly dissipated.

She shook her head, feeling that the thought wasn’t quite logical.

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Although Wen Yu had been leading a fulfilling life every day, there were moments of exhaustion, and he also missed the campus. After all, he was only twenty years old and had yet to celebrate his twenty-first birthday. Regardless of how mature and composed he appeared in the office, deep down, he still possessed the youthful vibrancy unique to young people.


When Wen Guoan gave the order for him to return to school, Wen Yu readily accepted.

Two days later, he surprised Ji Anning.

In the morning, he bid farewell to Ji Anning with a touch of pretentiousness and took the elevator down to the underground parking garage. Ji Anning waited by the side of the driveway for Assistant Gao to pick her up, as usual. However, when the car arrived, it was not Assistant Gao but Wen Yu in the black Hummer he used to go to school.

Wen Yu lowered the car window, wearing a mischievous grin, and in a teasing tone, he said, “Miss Ji, Assistant Gao has something else to do today. I’ve been personally assigned by Xiao Wen to provide you with a dedicated chauffeur service, 24/7.”

Ji Anning playfully rolled her eyes at him, got into the car, and asked, “Why aren’t you going to the company today?”

Only then did Wen Yu reveal, “My dad has taken care of everything, allowing me to return to school.”

He was in a great mood because of this and said, “From now on, we can go to school together in the morning and return home together in the evening.”

This was the kind of situation he had always wanted, and when talking about it, he couldn’t help but get excited. Compared to the matters in the office, life at school was so much more relaxed for Wen Yu. The faces of his classmates still carried their innocence, with fewer power struggles, intrigues, and certainly no life-and-death situations.

However, despite the more relaxed school environment, Wen Yu’s sleep didn’t improve. He kept having that recurring dream, and it often gave him headaches.

This led to a moment at school when he bumped into Zhao Chen, and his expression was so dark that it scared Zhao Chen away before he could come any closer.

By May, Wen Yu felt that this couldn’t go on, he might actually be sick.

Since he seemed to be ill, he decided to see a doctor. Wen Yu didn’t tell anyone and quietly scheduled an appointment with the most renowned psychologist in the provincial capital.


On the appointed day, during their meeting, the psychologist asked Wen Yu about his troubles. Wen Yu explained, “I keep having a recurring dream, and it’s affecting my sleep.”

The psychologist asked for details about the dream’s scenes and characters, as well as an overview of his recent interactions and relationship with Zhao Chen. After careful consideration, the psychologist concluded that this was a reflection of Wen Yu’s real-life interactions with Zhao Chen projected into his subconscious, forming the basis of the recurring dream.

As for why he couldn’t shake this repetitive dream, the psychologist suggested, “It could be that there are unresolved issues between you and him, issues that your conscious mind hasn’t acknowledged, but your subconscious has been persistently reminding you about.”

However, Wen Yu contemplated and felt that, despite Zhao Chen being a repulsive individual, he hadn’t actually done anything significant to Ji Anning. Beating him up once was probably enough to vent his anger.

As for Zhao Chen’s past wrongdoings… Wen Yu wasn’t a police officer or a vigilante, so he couldn’t really do much about them.

This left him puzzled about what his subconscious was trying to remind him of.

The first therapy session was just a preliminary one, mainly aimed at establishing trust between him and the doctor, which was relatively successful.

Wen Yu and the doctor set regular appointments, meeting once a week.

With business matters entrusted to Wen Guoan, Wen Yu felt considerably lighter. He had freed up his time to address the issues that had been postponed and interrupted due to the death of Cheng Lian.
Ji Anning suddenly received a call from Shu Chen.

Shu Chen said, “I’m wondering if you and Wen Yu have some time. I’d like to invite both of you for a meal.”

It had been a while since they last communicated, and his voice carried a tone of excitement. Ji Anning was a bit puzzled and had to inquire further to find out that a new large commercial complex, primarily targeting young people, had recently been established in the city. As far as she understood, it was an investment by a company under Wen Yu’s family.

Wen Yu helped Shu Chen secure a 300-square-meter storefront at a low price of 3500 yuan. Not only that, the agreement they signed exempted Shu Chen from any commission for the first three years. After three years, if Shu Chen chose to renew the contract, then a 5% commission would be applicable.


For Shu Chen, this was like a heaven-sent opportunity, and he must express his gratitude to Wen Yu properly.

And if it weren’t for Ji Anning, Wen Yu wouldn’t have been thinking about helping Shu Chen, so Ji Anning also deserved some gratitude.

Ji Anning asked Wen Yu about it, and Wen Yu, upon hearing that Shu Chen had called her, was delighted: “He must be over the moon. Let me tell you, the minimum rent for the storefronts is 7000 yuan to the outside world, and some are going for 9000 yuan. I offered him 3500 yuan; that’s all thanks to you.”

He was trying to be cute and seek some recognition.

Ji Anning smiled and said, “Alright, alright, thank you so much.”

Wen Yu playfully held her chin and said, “Just saying thanks with words won’t cut it; I should reward my dear with a mandarin duck bath!”

That evening, they enjoyed themselves without restraint. When they went to bed, Wen Yu held Ji Anning’s soft body, and he slept well without any strange dreams.

As he was getting ready to see the doctor, he suddenly realized that it seemed like he always slept particularly soundly after being affectionate with Ji Anning and holding her in his arms.

It might sound a bit mystical, and he couldn’t bring it up with the doctor. During the second doctor’s appointment, Wen Yu decided not to mention this unverified suspicion.

The doctor had an in-depth conversation with Wen Yu and found that, compared to the average person, while his values weren’t entirely conventional, he didn’t have any significant psychological issues. He was, for the most part, someone without significant childhood trauma.

In simple terms, he was a person with a well-developed self and a strong inner strength.

As the appointment was nearing its end, the doctor gave him some advice and suggested that in the next session, he should try hypnotherapy.


“First, we’ll use hypnotherapy to assist you in entering a state of sleep, progressing gradually. The ultimate goal is to guide your conscious mind into the dream, allowing you to rationally analyze and discover the information suggested by the dream’s scenes.”

Wen Yu found this quite intriguing and readily agreed.

Compared to many patients who hesitated and were indecisive due to childhood traumas and inner pain, it was clear that this young man possessed an inner brightness and fearlessness.

The doctor found this case very interesting and looked forward to gaining more information from his dreams in the next session to conduct a more in-depth analysis.
Ji Anning had this meal with Wen Yu and Shu Chen.

Not having seen Shu Chen for half a year, when they met, he felt that Shu Chen had not changed at all. However, Shu Chen said that Ji Anning had “changed a lot.”

Before, Ji Anning was beautiful, but now she was exceptionally elegant and extraordinarily beautiful.

At least from her appearance, Shu Chen could tell that Ji Anning was doing very well now. The slight sorrow from previous days due to labor and the worry caused by financial constraints had disappeared.

The meal was very enjoyable, and their parting was also pleasant. They didn’t expect to meet frequently in the future, but in the age of the internet, they could still maintain their friendship by interacting on social media even if they didn’t meet in person.

Ji Anning no longer felt the sadness she had when she resigned from Shu Chen’s company. Her mindset had completely changed.

She had fully accepted all the changes in her current life, whether they were good or bad.

On their way home, Ji Anning curiously asked Wen Yu, “Have I changed a lot?”

She looked at herself in the mirror every day and didn’t feel much difference.

Wen Yu sighed, “I diligently nourish you with the essence of life every day, can there be no significant change?”

If he weren’t driving, Ji Anning might have wanted to hit him.

Wen Yu underwent his third therapy session.

He lay on the psychologist’s bed, which was ergonomically designed, and underwent hypnotherapy.

However, this time he didn’t dream and slept soundly.

When the doctor woke him up by ringing a bell, he didn’t want to get up.

“What is this? A chaise longue? Or a bed?” he patted the bed and said, “This is pretty good, I slept soundly. I should buy one for my home.”

The doctor’s mouth twitched, and he informed him, “It’s a Freudian couch.”

“Next time, try to relax even more,” the doctor didn’t give up.

Trust was built little by little, and Wen Yu’s subconscious trust in the doctor hadn’t reached the point where he was willing to reveal the things troubling him.

Take it slowly, and it will work out eventually.

The doctor was quite interested in this young man’s dreams.

“Great,” Wen Yu had a comfortable sleep and was in a good mood, so he readily agreed. Even if it didn’t cure him, it didn’t matter; he considered it as spending money to get a good night’s sleep.

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