After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 93

Wen Yu walked over and stepped on Zhao Chen, sneering, “Do you know why today is happening?”

Zhao Chen lay on the ground, his voice quivering as he replied, “I-I know.”

“That’s all I need to hear,” Wen Yu said, leaving his words there. “In the future, when you see her, stay away. Dare to get within ten meters of her, and I’ll make it so even your own mother won’t recognize you!”

Zhao Chen, with tears, indicated his understanding.

What a coward, making even Li He feel unfulfilled, even when he was looking for some excitement.


“Boring,” he said. “Now, we can’t even find anyone willing to challenge us. It’s just not interesting.”

The people who once argued with him, vied for his attention, and fought for his affection were now as mature and composed as he was. They couldn’t engage in such matters anymore.

Feng Jin Hai also sighed, “Looking at Xiao Yu, I realize how much of a delinquent I was back in the day.”

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They were afraid of getting flipped over by him.


In the end, Wen Yu was determined to leave, saying, “I came out to beat someone; if I go home late, she’ll be worried sick.”

This display of affection almost made Li He and the others feel like vomiting.

“You quit smoking, and you’re not drinking either?” Qian Hao Ran said, “I brought my new girlfriend over to assist in your fight, and you’re leaving.”

Wen Yu paused and asked, “New girlfriend?”

Qian Hao Ran said, “Yes, she’s still pretty fresh!”

Wen Yu inquired, “What about Sun Yaxian?”

When he mentioned her, Qian Hao Ran waved his hand, saying, “She’s too high-maintenance. These kinds of girls get more demanding as they go; it’s better to end things sooner for everyone to look better.”

Wen Yu merely asked out of curiosity; he wasn’t genuinely interested in Qian Hao Ran’s love life. He nodded and bid farewell to them.

The group of friends, still somewhat resentful, went out to have drinks together.

Wen Yu remembered on the way, Feng Jinhai also recently changed girlfriend. As for Li He,…… Not to mention Li He, he likes to play with starlets. He simply does not even have a serious girlfriend.

They have been surrounded by girls since they were young. The older they get, the less influence their height and looks have, and the heavier the weight of their assets, the more beautiful girls chase after them.

This is the norm in Wen Yu’s circle.


But this time, Wen Yu felt that he was surrounded by unsentimental guys, each is a playboy.

No wonder Ji Anning didn’t consider a long-lasting relationship back then, but thought about breaking up first.

Tsk, it’s all because of these few troublemakers!

Back at home, Ji Anning was indeed waiting for him, as he had guessed.

“Are you okay?” Ji Anning stood up and asked as he finally returned.

“What could happen? He’s just a coward, crying for help after a few hits,” Wen Yu scoffed.

The way Wen Yu saw Zhao Chen, it was indeed like that. Ji Anning pondered.

Wen Yu pinched her chin and jiggled it, asking, “What’s wrong?”

Ji Anning looked into his eyes and asked very seriously, “Is Zhao Chen actually not scary at all?”

Wen Yu also gazed into her eyes and replied with a question, “What do you think?”

Li He, Feng Jin Hai, and the others chuckled at Wen Yu’s apparent teenage rebellion. They were adults now, and here they were fighting over jealousy.

Wen Yu wouldn’t tell them that his anger was because Ji Anning had always had an inexplicable fear of Zhao Chen. So, in his absence, when Zhao Chen had harassed her, it must have caused her some degree of harm.


Wen Yu was furious because of that.

Ji Anning said, “I think he’s not scary.”

She wore a relaxed smile and told him, “Today, I gave him a good kick, KO’d him.”

Wen Yu chuckled.

“Good. You’re in charge of KO’ing anyone who dares to confess to you in the future,” he shifted gears, saying, “I’ll leave it to you. I won’t do these things anymore, too childish. I haven’t done this kind of stuff since high school.

Ji Anning raised her eyebrows slightly, “Did you do it for your girlfriends?.”

Wen Yu said, “Yeah.”

After high school? Ji Anning recalled from her past life that Wen Yu had more than once resorted to violence against her admirers.

She couldn’t help but smile.

“What are you thinking, looking so happy?” Wen Yu asked curiously.

“Has anyone told you,” Ji Anning hugged his waist and said, “that you look handsome when you’re fighting?”

“Really?” Wen Yu exclaimed. “Gosh, mature a bit.”


Even though he said that, the corners of his mouth honestly curled upwards.

Ji Anning suppressed her laughter and leaned up to peck his lips.

A light peck, a gentle kiss.

Wen Yu was always like a gasoline barrel, easy to ignite.

The bedroom was too far away; the couch would suffice.

Ji Anning couldn’t match Wen Yu’s endurance, and she was usually the one who ended up falling asleep first.

Wen Yu still had plenty of energy, and the afterglow hadn’t faded yet. He was in the golden moment, allowing his mind to wander and savor this unique tranquility.

Somehow, he recalled the scene that Ji Anning had described when Zhao Chen had cornered her today. At the time, he had been too angry to pay much attention, but now, in this moment of tranquility, the descriptions she had provided formed vivid mental images, appearing eerily familiar.

Wen Yu was momentarily stunned.

He remembered, this situation resembled a dream he had had before. The dream had Huada University as its backdrop, and in it, Zhao Chen had persistently harassed and troubled Ji Anning. Wen Yu recalled that, right from the beginning of the dream, Zhao Chen had done things nearly identical to what happened today.

The tranquil moment ended, and the whimsical thought swiftly came and went in his mind, which he dismissed. A dream was just a dream; it couldn’t be mixed with reality.

If he continued like this, he’d end up becoming neurotic.

He massaged his temples and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep.

The scene was chaotic, and the perspective was strange. Wen Yu felt like he had possessed someone or something.

It began with in a staircase, clearly showing someone running upstairs, as if escaping from something in great panic.

Next was a rooftop of a building, scattered and chaotic.

Back pressed against a cooling unit, hidden in the shadows, holding a steel bar tightly in hand.

There seemed to be some people talking, but it was unclear. All he could hear in his ears was his own breathing and the increasingly rapid heartbeat.

Someone was getting closer, step by step.

Wen Yu first saw the tip of their shoes, and then the person’s face appeared, turning to look at him with a smile.

It was none other than Zhao Chen, who had been beaten by him earlier today. However, in this scene, Zhao Chen’s face appeared sinister and terrifying, and that smile, when he turned to look at him, seemed like he was about to open his mouth to devour someone.

Immediately following, that steel bar struck his disgusting face, teeth flying out, and blood splattering from his nose.

Wen Yu woke up feeling disgusted all of a sudden.

What the heck, what kind of dream was that? Wen Yu was utterly confused.

His habit of daydreaming and having peculiar dreams at night seemed to be getting quite serious.
Bai Lu liked gossip and brought a new piece of information to Ji Anning: “Hey, did you know that Sun Yaxian broke up with her boyfriend?”

She came to gossip all excited, but neither Meng Xinyu nor Ji Anning seemed very interested.

Meng Xinyu said, “Why do we care so much about other people’s business? Whether they break up or not is their freedom.”

“Real buzzkill, you two,” Bai Lu complained, pouting.

But she still had to say it, or else she would feel so stifled.

“She’s looking for a house now. Wasn’t she living together before? They broke up, and she moved out. You won’t believe how I found out. She moved a bunch of her stuff back to her original dorm, and now she’s staying in a hotel. She said she’ll move out once she finds a place. Her dormmates complained to me, saying her things filled up the whole dorm.”

She chatted away but suddenly noticed that Meng Xinyu and Ji Anning’s expressions didn’t seem quite right. Meng Xinyu signaled her with her eyes.

Bai Lu turned her head quickly, and Sun Yaxian was standing right behind her, looking at her with a cold smile.

A major embarrassment.

Meng Xinyu sighed.

“You really don’t need to worry about me,” Sun Yaxian said in her usual assertive tone, coldly smiling. “I’ve already found a place, and I’m moving soon. You can relax and don’t stress yourself out.”

Bai Lu mumbled incoherently, unable to defend herself, feeling embarrassed and wanting to escape.

However, Sun Yaxian blocked the aisle and reached out to touch Bai Lu’s bag, taunting her, “Not bad, a luxury item. Your boyfriend must be eating rubbish again to foot the bill.”

Bai Lu’s face turned crimson, and she retorted, “I bought it myself!”

Sun Yaxian chuckled, then turned and walked away.

Bai Lu muttered angrily, “What’s the big deal? So many things are bought by her boyfriend. It’s not much different from being a kept woman.”

Her words were harsh, and even Ji Anning raised an eyebrow, not really blaming Bai Lu for anything, but her piercing gaze made Bai Lu realize she had misspoken.

Bai Lu felt embarrassed once again.

Meng Xinyu’s attention was drawn to Bai Lu’s new bag. She asked, “Is that bag expensive?”

Bai Lu had been carrying it for several days, but she hadn’t paid much attention to it. It was only after Sun Yaxian’s comment that she realized it might be a branded item.

“It’s alright,” Bai Lu modestly replied. “It cost 2,300 yuan.”

“Wow! 2,300 yuan for this?” Meng Xinyu was shocked. She had thought it might be only a couple hundred yuan.

Bai Lu patted the logo on her bag and said with a hint of dissatisfaction, “At least it’s a branded one!”

Meng Xinyu felt sorry for her. She heard that even one of Sun Yaxian’s bags could cost several tens of thousands. While her bags were from top-tier luxury brands, Meng Xinyu could somewhat understand the premium attached to those brands.

However, Bai Lu’s bag was full of rivets, and to be honest, Meng Xinyu didn’t find it very appealing. She genuinely felt sorry for the 2,300 yuan.

Her initial thought was the same as Sun Yaxian’s: “Did Chen Hao pay for this too?”

“He doesn’t have any money. He’s penny-pinching1Ungrateful beesh!,” Bai Lu sighed. “I bought it myself.”

Meng Xinyu asked, “Did you ask your family for money again?”

Bai Lu was frustrated, “Even if I ask, they won’t give it to me.”

In the end, she told Meng Xinyu and Ji Anning, “I bought it on a small campus loan. It’s very convenient.”

Meng Xinyu inquired about how much she had borrowed, how much she had paid back, and after some calculations, she felt a bit uneasy, “The interest rate on this loan is quite high!”

“But the loan amount is small, so the monthly payments aren’t that much, and I can afford it,” Bai Lu explained. “It’s called advance consumption. Instead of saving money slowly, I’d rather repay slowly. I’ll use the stuff first and enjoy it in advance.”

Seeing Meng Xinyu about to say something, fearing she might give her a lecture, Bai Lu quickly added, “Look at your fellow villager, she’s quite savvy. She bought a lot of things on loans, slowly paying them off.”

“Yu Xia?” Meng Xinyu was surprised.

Ji Anning was also taken aback and squinted as she asked, “Yu Xia?”

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“Congratulations on your successful lottery! We have matched you with the most genetically compatible parenting partner!”

“Congratulations! Your parenting partner has agreed to artificial insemination!”

“Congratulations! Your parenting partner has agreed to carry the fetus and give birth!”

“Congratulations! Your parenting partner has agreed to give the child to you!”

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