After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 92

In retrospect, Ji Anning realized that when it came to using money as a weapon, Wen Yu’s methods were far more attractive.

He typically didn’t show up in person. The flower delivery boy would quietly wait outside the classroom, and as soon as the teacher finished the lesson, he would burst in, politely inquiring, “May I know who Miss Ji Anning is?”

All eyes would turn toward her.

Back then, although the girls pretended to be sour, they were secretly envious.

Later on, Zhao Chen took the initiative to confront her, his speech was flirtatious, and he was a bit pushy. During that time, Ji Anning did have thoughts like “it’s not as good as Wen Yu.”


Now, when Ji Anning saw Zhao Chen holding an ostentatious bouquet of flowers, blocking her path after class, she knew that Zhao Chen was trying to approach her.

Wen Yu hadn’t appeared at school for over two months, and indeed, Zhao Chen was stirring restlessly, just like in their previous life.

But Ji Anning was no longer the same Ji Anning from before.

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Sure enough, when Zhao Chen saw her, his eyes lit up. After a weekend without seeing her, this girl seemed… even more beautiful!


Ji Anning’s skin was smooth, her eyes were glossy, and she appeared to be in an exceptionally well-nourished state1another translation used the word “well-moisturised” state, which also means that she did the deed already, but I think it’s alluding to the fact that she’s healthier because she was really thin before Wen Yu, making her even more captivating than usual.

Zhao Chen couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Seeing Ji Anning approaching and about past him, Zhao Chen hurriedly called her: “Ji Anning!”

Ji Anning stopped.

Zhao Chen held the flowers and blocked people in a high-profile manner, which had already attracted the attention of his classmates. As soon as the heroine appeared on the stage, everyone stopped to watch the excitement.

Ji Anning looked at Zhao Chen and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I’ve been waiting for you,”Zhao Chen said, presenting the flowers in front of Ji Anning with the demeanor of a romantic prince, “I like you, be my girlfriend.”

The crowd began to cheer, “Promise him, Promise him.”

Bai Lu and Meng Xinyu felt a bad omen. The two of them stood behind Ji Anning, one on the left and the other on the right, glaring at Zhao Chen.

Indifferent to the onlookers, who began to stir and encouraged Ji Anning to accept him, Ji Anning responded, “I have a boyfriend.”

“I know, it’s Wen Yu,” Zhao Chen grinned, “Isn’t there something wrong with his family? I heard he’s about to go bankrupt. He doesn’t even come to school anymore? The two of you have basically broken up automatically, haven’t you? Consider me.”

He handed over a large bouquet of flowers forcefully.


The typical reaction for most people would be an instinctual reach to accept the flowers. Zhao Chen was deliberately trying to be obnoxious.

However, when he let go, the bouquet dropped with a thud to the ground – Ji Anning’s hands were still in her pockets.

The bouquet rolled on the ground, collecting dust, and instantly lost its charm.

Zhao Chen lost face, and his expression darkened.
Ji Anning glanced at the bouquet on the ground, didn’t even offer an apology, and simply stepped over it.

Bai Lu and Meng Xinyu exchanged glances. They knew Ji Anning had a somewhat aloof demeanor, but they didn’t expect her to be this unfeeling when rejecting a boy.

This… was really too harsh.

Meanwhile, among the onlookers, some had started to cheer and jeer, without fear of being too conspicuous.

Zhao Chen didn’t expect to lose face so dramatically in front of everyone. His face turned pale, and he couldn’t hide his frustration as he heard the surrounding crowd jeering.

Zhao Chen was someone who liked to bully the weak and feared the strong. If Wen Yu was still around, he would be cautious, but with Wen Yu gone and Ji Anning being a poor student, Zhao Chen had no reservations.

He yelled, “Ji Anning! How dare you embarass me.” and caught up to her, grabbing her shoulder, but before he could finish his sentence, Ji Anning suddenly turned around, raised her knee, and with a swift move struck him in the groin!

The people around them gasped in unison as they watched him arch backward in pain. Zhao Chen’s mouth hung open, his face twisted in agony. He clutched his groin, wincing in pain.

“When a girl says ‘no,’ she means ‘no,'” Ji Anning looked down at him and said, “Just because you want something doesn’t mean you can have it.”


She turned around, called out to Meng Xinyu and Bai Lu, and started walking away, leaving Zhao Chen writhing on the ground behind her.

Bai Lu caught up with her, exclaiming along the way, “Oh my goodness! You’re so ruthless, Anning!”

Her words held a subtle reproach. In her eyes, while that guy named Zhao Chen had a questionable past and might make people uncomfortable, his confession today didn’t warrant such a harsh response from Ji Anning

Ji Anning first rejected him outright and then delivered a brutal knee strike. Bai Lu couldn’t help but think that Ji Anning was being a bit excessive, possibly taking advantage of being a beauty.

Since she couldn’t share the past life’s details with anyone, Ji Anning just smiled and didn’t respond to Bai Lu’s comment.

Bai Lu subtly adjusted her perception of Ji Anning, adding a hint of “cold and aloof” to her image.

Meng Xinyu, on the other hand, knew Ji Anning wasn’t like this. During their break, she privately asked Ji Anning, “What’s going on? Why were you so angry with that guy Zhao Chen?”

Ji Anning thought for a moment and shared the story of He Man with Meng Xinyu.

A classmate in school carrying a secret of taking someone’s life, even murder! Meng Xinyu shuddered at the thought.

Ji Anning said, “I really wish I had some special abilities. It would be great to be a hero from ancient times, wielding a sword and fighting for justice.”

Meng Xinyu replied, “Well, it’s a rule of law society now, and heroes can’t take the law into their own hands.”

Ji Anning continued, “But what about when the rule of law can’t stop someone like him? What do you do when bad people seem to get away with it?”


Meng Xinyu was left speechless and in deep thought.

As Ji Anning gazed out at the school campus, she couldn’t help but wonder if someone as wicked as Zhao Chen could only be dealt with by someone as ruthless as Wen Yu.

When Wen Yu returned home in the evening, he saw Ji Anning sitting on the couch, lost in thought.

“What’s on your mind? Why the serious look?” He walked over and gave her a kiss.

Ji Anning glanced at him and said, “I need to tell you something.”

She had thought about it for a long time and had finally decided to share today’s events with him.

In their past life, Wen Yu had been sentenced to prison and had his young life cut short due to killing Zhao Chen. Ji Anning was very cautious about this matter. Since her rebirth, she had avoided mentioning Zhao Chen in front of Wen Yu and had tried to keep these two individuals from having any contact.

But now, she had changed her mind.

This life was different from their past life. Many things had changed.

Most importantly, she was alive and well. Even if Wen Yu found out that Zhao Chen had been bothering her today, he wouldn’t kill him.

After listening to Ji Anning, Wen Yu’s face darkened noticeably.

He stood up and said to Ji Anning, “I need to go out for a while. You should go to sleep. Don’t wait up for me.”

However, Ji Anning grabbed his wrist and asked, “Are you going to see Zhao Chen?”

Wen Yu replied with a hint of anger, “Then what else? Would you like him to keep bothering my girlfriend? Should he step all over me like this?”

Ji Anning didn’t let go of his hand.

Wen Yu softened his voice and reassured her, “I’ll just give him a little lesson, and I’ll try to be back early.”

Ji Anning cautioned, “Don’t take a life.”

Wen Yu chuckled, “I’m not part of the mafia.”

He kissed her and then left.

Wen Yu called Li He, who in turn called his cousin and then told Wen Yu, “Wan Rong Club.”

Wen Yu replied, “Thanks,” and was about to hang up.

But Li He stopped him and said, “Wait, don’t do anything just yet. I’m coming. I’ll be out in a moment.”

Wen Yu was puzzled and asked, “Why are you coming?”

Li He sighed, “I’ve been feeling like I’m aging rapidly lately. I need to find a sense of youth from a young guy like you.”

Wen Yu: “…” He gestured a middle finger at the phone screen.

Zhao Chen was in a terrible mood today.

That little wench Ji Anning, she had the nerve to reject him! She was just a poor girl; her association with Wen Yu was obviously for the money!

Why was she acting so aloof!

Feeling unhappy, he downed a few more drinks and asked his friends, “When did the Wen family collapse?”

His buddies were baffled, and one of them replied, “What on earth are you talking about?”

Another friend was puzzled and said, “Collapse? What’s collapsing? Didn’t Wen Yu’s dad already come out of it? I heard everything has settled down.”

Zhao Chen sprayed the drink he was sipping out of his mouth.

“When, when did this happen? Weren’t they about to go bankrupt?” he asked with a stammer.

“Hahaha! You believed those rumors?” His friend laughed uproariously.

Zhao Chen was an inept guy. Despite being the eldest son, his father considered him a lost cause. In his father’s eyes, Zhao Chen was a complete failure. In fact, his father had started over by having another son.

His father never discussed family business with him. He was willing to support this useless son as long as he didn’t mess things up for himself.2BAD PARENTING!

So, Zhao Chen was far from being a brilliant individual. He was more of a clueless playboy. His friends thought that he was entirely capable of believing such outdated rumors. They were not surprised that he would fall for something like this.

Zhao Chen was dumbfounded.

Internally, he was absolutely horrified. He thought Wen Yu had fallen before he made a move on his girlfriend. But as it turned out, Wen Yu hadn’t fallen?

Cold sweat began to pour from Zhao Chen.

Would Ji Anning tell Wen Yu about what happened today?

As it turned out, one should never dwell on someone in their thoughts. Otherwise, that person might just show up.

The door of the private room was suddenly kicked open with a loud bang!

The person closest to the door was so startled that they jumped into the arms of another person!

Everyone in the room turned their heads to see what was happening.

Young Master Wen Yu, who was just mentioned awhile ago, along with several buddies who came to enjoy the spectacle… No! Several loyal brothers3These Uncles/brothers are debauched, but also supportive who came to lend a hand were entering with great momentum!

Li He wasn’t alone in seeking some excitement; he also called Feng Jinhai, Qian Haoran, and a few others! They had too much free time!

As Wen Yu entered, he made a beeline for Zhao Chen.

Zhao Chen could tell right away that something big was amiss! He quickly stood up, greeted with a forced smile, “Brother Wen, long time no…”

Wen Yu didn’t waste any time on words. He delivered a swift kick to Zhao Chen’s chest, sending him flying.

Wen Yu chased after him, grabbing him by the collar, and another punch sent Zhao Chen flying again.

After these two blows, Zhao Chen couldn’t get back up.

Zhao Chen’s friends were dumbfounded, unsure whether they should intervene.

Zhao Chen was obviously clueless about how he had offended Wen Yu.

If they didn’t intervene, it would seem like they lacked loyalty. If they did, not only was Wen Yu known for his fighting skills, but there were also Li He and a few others on this side, giving vibes that they’ve eaten a lot and were eager to get some exercise.

With these people together, they formed the leading team of second-generation elites in the provincial capital!

Sansukini: I do wonder what happened to Wen Yu’s friends in the previous life, why weren’t they able to help him get a lighter sentence.

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    First off this Bai Lu chick need a rude awakening! Not everyone is what they seem on the outside. She’s way too materialistic. And Zhao Chen is clueless on how he offended Wen Yu??? Dude!!!!! You went and stir up trouble with his gf and he expect him to stay quiet and not do anything???? And you’re clueless on why you’re getting beat up??? Wow…..