After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 91

Perhaps it was the alcohol, or maybe it was the gentle touch of Wen Yu’s fingers on her abdomen, but Ji Anning’s eyes became misty, and a faint blush appeared on her snow-white cheeks.

Wen Yu liked her in this state. He had been under a lot of pressure recently and didn’t have much time or energy to be with her. Every day, she came home and quietly studied, read books, and surf the internet.

She was too quiet, and it made him feel sorry for her.

Occasionally, in the midst of handling business matters, Wen Yu would glance at her, and she would always be deeply engrossed, with her eyelashes lowered. Wen Yu thought that once everything was over, he would definitely fill Ji Anning’s life with vitality and laughter, just like before. He was determined to make her brim with energy again.

Finally, all the work was done, and he left the remaining matters to his father.


Finally, he could devote all his time to her.

Ji Anning had drunk a little too much.

Wen Yu was being mischievous, always pouring her drinks. His smile at the corner of his mouth had a mischievous quality, and Ji Anning couldn’t help but wonder what mischievous thing he was planning to do to her later.

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Even though she felt a bit unsteady on her feet and dizzy, Wen Yu seemed perfectly fine. His eyes shone like two flames.


Wen Yu’s laughter vibrated in his chest. He leaned down and whispered softly in her ear, “If I were drunk, tonight wouldn’t be any fun.”

He gently nibbled on Ji Anning’s earlobe, a sensitive spot for her.

She had many sensitive spots, and he hadn’t had a chance to explore them thoroughly yet. Tonight was the perfect opportunity.

His nimble tongue teased the inside of her ear, and Ji Anning went weak in the knees.

The elevator “dinged” with a sound.

Wen Yu bent down, scooped Ji Anning into his arms, and stood up together.

Ji Anning let out a soft sigh and quickly held onto Wen Yu’s head and shoulders to steady herself.

Wen Yu playfully lifted her for a moment, making her sit on his arm, a pose resembling carrying a child. Ji Anning leaned over, embracing his shoulders, and chuckled.

The room was spacious and open, with an extra-large bed in the bedroom, and a circular massage bathtub in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Wen Yu tossed Ji Anning onto the bed, and she immediately sank into it.

She dizzily looked around, initially thinking it was a unique bedding, but then she realized that the bed was covered with a thick layer of rose petals.

Wen Yu didn’t use red roses; they felt too old-fashioned for both him and Ji Anning, like something middle-aged people would use for a proposal. He chose roses that were milky white with a hint of pink, just like Ji Anning’s delicate cheeks and many parts of her body.


As their clothing came off, Wen Yu’s idea was confirmed.

That time between her and him should not have been so somber, dark, and oppressive. Wen Yu was determined to compensate her properly.

He was as intense as fire, melting Ji Anning into a liquid.

Gurgling, murmuring, surging, decisive.

Ji Anning’s eyes were teary.

Wen Yu said something with a smile.

Ji Anning raised her hand to cover her eyes, biting her lip.

The rose petals on the bed fell, flowing like a tide.

Ji Anning reached the peak for the first time in her life.

She felt like she had transformed from a puddle of water into a mist, diffusing and rising, rising, finally reaching the clouds.

At this moment, every cell in her body was alive, jubilant, and exuberant. Ji Anning felt more alive than at any other time.

She held onto Wen Yu tightly.


Wen Yu was scorching hot, and he shared his vitality with Ji Anning.

But Wen Yu was not satisfied.

He took a short break and then carried Ji Anning into the large bathtub in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.

Ji Anning’s stamina was already depleted, and she had been drinking alcohol. Soaking in hot water made the effects of the alcohol hit her all at once. If it weren’t for Wen Yu holding her, she might have drowned.

The bedroom lights were turned off, and from the bathtub, they could see the colorful lights of this bustling city.

Ji Anning nestled against Wen Yu, resting on his shoulder, and noticed the neon lights outside casting colors onto her arm as it pierced through the glass.

She looked up and saw many rooftops near and far. Her gaze was hazy, and she squinted to get a better look.

Suddenly, Wen Yu said, “This bathtub was designed by a renowned Italian artist, and every aspect of it conforms to ergonomics.”

“Hmm?” Ji Anning was bewildered. She was feeling lightheaded and didn’t understand why Wen Yu had suddenly brought up this topic.

“Do you know,” Wen Yu lifted her and nibbled on her ear, “every line in this bathtub has a purpose.”

Ji Anning became even more bewildered, her lips slightly parted, and her eyes had a misty layer, appearing confused and innocent.

Wen Yu remembered her earlier cries beneath him, the warmth that hadn’t yet dissipated, and his body gathered its potential again, entering a state of readiness.


“Come on, give this a try.” He coaxed her, urging her to release her hands clutching his shoulders and lean against the bathtub wall.

There were curved contours and recesses there, and Ji Anning leaned over, finding that the sloping shape perfectly supported her body.

It was very comfortable.

“See, I told you, every line has a purpose,” Wen Yu pressed against her back and said in her ear.

His voice was hoarse, and the warm breath blew into Ji Anning’s ear, which was a bit too much for her. She couldn’t help but squirm.

Suddenly, the moon was firmly grasped, and then Wen Yu rushed in.

Ji Anning gasped for air and extended her arm forward, instinctively clutching onto the raised contours for support.

Indeed, every single line had its purpose.

Ji Anning felt lightheaded, and when the collision was intense, she opened her eyes. She was facing the floor-to-ceiling glass, and the whole city was swaying, making her feel even dizzier.

Ji Anning closed her eyes and then opened them again.

The buildings in the distance seemed familiar.

She held on tight with her hands, struggling to stabilize her body. It was always difficult with Wen Yu around.

But Ji Anning finally managed to see the distant building.

She recognized it. In her past life, Ji Anning had fallen from that building, leading to her demise.

Ji Anning sobbed, “Wen Yu! Wen Yu!”

Wen Yu was in the heat of the moment, surging forward with the waves, and he responded with a breathless, “Darling?”

Ji Anning whimpered, “I’m dying…”

Wen Yu was at the brink of life and death, and when Ji Anning’s excitement reached its peak, he let out a muffled groan and experienced ecstasy, passing away with her.

The next day, when she woke up, Ji Anning had a splitting headache, the consequence of a hangover.

What was even worse was the soreness in her body. When she tried to move her legs, her muscles were still twitching.

Ji Anning was in a daze for a while before she pieced together the memories from the night before.

Wen Yu had gone through who knows how many rounds in a single night, releasing all the pent-up desires from the past two months.

Ji Anning couldn’t remember the exact number of times, but she remembered herself crying and begging while this rascal kept on laughing, getting more and more audacious with each laugh.

Ji Anning groaned, rolled over, and ended up lying on top of Wen Yu. She weakly said, “Hey…”

Wen Yu had tossed and turned all night, and he opened his eyes groggily, glanced at her, and then lifted his arm to embrace her.

“Last night,” Ji Anning asked in a hesitant voice, “Did you use protection every time?”

Wen Yu, with his eyes closed, raised his hand and made an OK sign.

Not entirely reassured, Ji Anning asked again, “What about in the water?”

Wen Yu made the OK sign again.

Ji Anning breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed, lying still.

“Don’t worry,” Wen Yu’s voice, still filled with satisfaction, sounded a bit hoarse and lazy. “I wouldn’t be so careless. I wouldn’t let you go through that kind of suffering.”

Ji Anning hadn’t cut her hair in the past two months, and it had grown longer than before, silky and cool, spilling onto Wen Yu’s chest as he held her.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

Sun Yaxian had taken several days of sick leave. Ji Anning knew why.

Not only did she know, but others did too. There were some rumors quietly circulating in the class.

She had vomited several times before, and some people had seen it. When she suddenly took sick leave, some with vivid imaginations could guess the truth.

Even though Sun Yaxian had rested for several days, her complexion didn’t improve when she returned.

She also seemed lacking in energy. Despite acting like nothing had happened, there was an air of melancholy about her.

This was a real-life cautionary tale, and Ji Anning couldn’t help but feel a sense of alarm. She silently reminded herself to be careful.

But, as she had learned, once a person was inebriated, they often lacked the ability to deal with situations as they would sober. She regretted it when she woke up this morning.

Luckily, Wen Yu had been cautious.

But he was actually the one to blame.

Ji Anning pinched him in annoyance. “You’re not allowed to get me drunk in the future!”

Wen Yu let her pinch him until he was fully awake and chuckled, “Well, weren’t you quite clear-headed when you were drunk?”

Later on, they both fell asleep from exhaustion.

Ji Anning didn’t have much experience, and alcohol helped her to let loose. When she was drunk, her hazy gaze and flushed cheeks were quite enticing.

Wen Yu had a transcendent experience that night.

“Let’s sleep a little more,” he said, holding her.

Ji Anning was also tired, her body felt weak, and she closed her eyes drowsily in his embrace.

Fortunately, it was the weekend, and fortunately, there was no work this weekend.

Huh? That’s not right.

No wonder there’s no work this weekend!1Because the boss has other work going on. Lol

Zhao Chen had been restraining himself for over a month and felt he couldn’t hold back any longer.

He had inquired and heard rumors that the Wen family was in trouble, their financial chain had broken, and the patriarch of the Wen family had been arrested for some unknown reason. Wen Yu was unable to sustain it on his own and was already preparing to sell off assets.

Zhao Chen’s circle was not that influential, and the information he had gathered had passed through several hands. The news was outdated and seriously delayed.

Based on incorrect information, he made wrong judgments and, naturally, wrong decisions.

Zhao Chen believed that Wen Yu was facing bankruptcy and wouldn’t have the capacity to care for his girlfriend at the school. A beautiful girl like Ji Anning should be selective in her choice.

So, Zhao Chen, full of confidence, approached Ji Anning with a bouquet of roses.

From a distance, Bai Lu exclaimed, “Wow, is that guy up ahead going to confess or something?”

However, when she turned her head, she noticed Ji Anning had stopped in her tracks, her lips tightly pressed together, and her face turning pale.

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