After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 75

Wen Yu was neither a police officer nor a mystery enthusiast, but he understood where all this information was pointing. He couldn’t accept it.

His physique and muscles looked strong and ready for action. Captain Luo could tell he was a seasoned fighter.

Captain Luo and his team immediately tensed up. They had seen cases where people went from laughter to attacking the police in an instant.

“Xiao Yu!” Suddenly, Wen Guoan’s voice grew serious. “Stay calm.”

Deputy Director Chief Qian was also present and said, “Xiao Yu, don’t act impulsively. We don’t have all the facts yet. Further investigation is to clarify the situation and clear any suspicions.”


Wen Yu turned to look at Wen Guoan, who gave him a meaningful look. Wen Yu held his breath and took a step back.

Wen Guoan, Wen Yu, the family’s chef, cleaning staff, and even the driver were all brought in for questioning at the police station.

Wen Yu was released fairly quickly because he didn’t live at home and hadn’t been back in recent days.

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Wen Yu remained silent for a moment and said, “Are you suggesting that my father and my mother had an argument, and in a fit of anger, he stabbed my mother?”


Vice Chief Qian said, “It’s just speculation. Your mother’s whereabouts are currently unknown, and we can’t conclude that she was killed by your father.”

He said “killed” quite explicitly.

Wen Yu’s heart clenched.

Any normal young person, even if they weren’t particularly close to their mother, couldn’t accept the idea that their own father had killed their mother.

“So when can my father leave?” he asked.

Deputy Director Qian was about to speak when the phone suddenly rang.

“Director Chen?” Deputy Director Qian answered the phone, his expression changing slightly. “Why are you bothered?”

After hanging up the phone, Deputy Director Qian’s expression turned less favorable.

“Someone has escalated this matter to Director Chen,” he said. “The evidence is too incriminating for him to leave now.”

Wen Yu’s expression hardened.

When he left Deputy Director Qian’s office, he couldn’t find Secretary Sun.

He asked a police officer, “Where is the person who was just here?”


The officer replied, “Captain Luo took him in for questioning.”

What was Secretary Sun involved in? Why was he being interrogated?

The chef and cleaning staff were both released. They approached Wen Yu to ask if they should continue working or what they should do.

“Forget about work for now, and wait for further instructions,” he said. Seeing their hesitant expressions, he added, “Paid leave.”

They left with a sense of relief.

Lawyer Zheng arrived and negotiated inside. When he came out, he asked Wen Yu, “The chairman wants to see you.”

Wen Yu immediately got up and went inside.

Wen Guoan remained calm. When he saw Wen Yu enter, he merely raised an eyebrow.

Wen Yu sat across from him and, after a moment of composure, asked, “Dad, what’s really going on?”

Wen Guoan calmly replied with a question, “What do you think is going on?”

Wen Yu took a deep breath and replied firmly, “I don’t believe it.”

Wen Guoan asked, “Why not?”


“No matter what my mom did, even if she had betrayed you,” Wen Yu said, “I can’t believe you would lose control and stab someone in a fit of rage. If you wanted to harm my mom, there are other ways, you wouldn’t do it this way…”

It was too straightforward, almost naive.

Wen Guoan finally showed a hint of relief on his calm face and nodded. “You’re right.”

He tapped his fingers lightly on the table, a sign that Wen Yu recognized as his father deep in thought. Wen Yu watched him quietly, waiting for him to come to a conclusion.

Then, his fingers suddenly stopped, and Wen Guoan seemed to have made a decision.

He decided that it was time to tell Wen Yu some things.

“Do you know what your mother has been doing?” Wen Guoan asked.

It was a rhetorical question; Wen Yu didn’t need to answer. He waited for Wen Guoan to continue.

“She’s been embezzling company funds for years,” Wen Guoan said. “She’s been doing it for a long time. I’ve given her enough money and a luxurious life, but she’s still not satisfied. She’s been stealing my money.”

Wen Yu was stunned.

“For years? And you… you knew?” He couldn’t believe that his mother had been embezzling funds for so long, and Wen Guoan had been completely unaware.

“Of course, I knew,” Wen Guoan said. “I just tolerated her. She caused minor trouble, but as long as it didn’t harm me too much, I could endure it.”


Wen Yu moved his lips but held back his words.

He didn’t understand why Wen Guoan had tolerated his mother like this. If it were him, even if it were his wife, he couldn’t tolerate such actions.

And Wen Guoan’s money was the family’s money, which would eventually become Wen Yu’s money. So, in a way, his mother was stealing from Wen Yu.

Even as a son, Wen Yu couldn’t tolerate it.

Wen Guoan knew his son well, and he could see what was going through his mind. He didn’t want to explain himself.

He wasn’t tolerating his wife; he was tolerating Wen Yu’s mother, the birth mother of his son.

After a brief silence, Wen Yu asked, “So…?”

He thought of the tense atmosphere between his parents in recent months and realized that their conflicts must have escalated.

Wen Guoan remained emotionless and said, “I tolerated her because of that. She kept causing minor issues that didn’t harm me physically, so I endured it.”

Wen Yu’s heart sank for a moment. He said, “So what do you mean by…?”

He realized that after embezzling company funds, the group had continued to operate smoothly. He needed to digest what Wen Guoan had just said, but his father’s implied message was more pressing.

Wen Guoan too saw that Wen Yu was not focused on the fact that his mother had almost drained the internal funds of the group after embezzling them. He pondered the implications of his words.

“Well, last year, she nearly depleted the internal funds of the group,” Wen Guoan explained. “When I noticed, I revoked her permissions, and for the past few months, she hasn’t been able to do anything. But she refused to disclose where the money went. She acted so honestly, complained normally, and quarreled normally. Her reactions all seemed normal, and I let my guard down.”

Compared to the hidden meaning in his father’s words, Wen Yu couldn’t focus on how the group had continued to operate as usual despite his mother nearly draining its internal funds. He was chewing on the implications of Wen Guoan’s words, and his pupils shrank.

“So, you’re saying…” Wen Yu started, but Wen Guoan nodded.

“That day, nothing happened. We had a normal argument, and I went to sleep directly. Nothing happened.”

There was no fit of rage, no murder, and no cover-up.

Someone had set a trap, deliberately framing Wen Guoan.

However, the idea that his mother wanted to harm his father was just as hard for Wen Yu to accept as the thought that his father had killed his mother.

Wen Guoan knew that this was a difficult moment for Wen Yu. He remained silent, giving his son time to process and adjust.

Wen Yu’s breathing was heavier than usual, and his chest rose and fell noticeably. But he quickly overcame these emotions, regaining his composure, and said, “So, my mom isn’t dead. She ran away, but before leaving, she played a trick on you?”

“As far as I can tell, that’s the case,” Wen Guoan nodded.

Wen Yu gritted his teeth. “What should we do now? What can I do?”

“The immediate priority is to find her. However, I suspect it won’t be easy,” Wen Guoan said. “She might have some backup plans. For now, cooperate with the police investigation and see if any clues can be found.”

When Wen Yu left the police station, it was already dark outside.

He sat in his Hummer, feeling like the whole world had gone to hell.

He belonged to a certain social stratum, and he had heard about some of the secrets of wealthy families, such as sibling rivalry and marital conflicts. Even murder and inheritance disputes were not unheard of.

But Wen Yu had always thought that these things were distant from his own family.

Because his family was too simple. His grandparents had passed away before he was born. His maternal and paternal grandparents were not close, and they had been sent abroad by his mother to retire. They only contacted each other on major holidays.

His parents were an example of an older husband and a younger wife, and the biggest instability in such a relationship was the wife’s inability to handle loneliness and her tendency to cheat on her husband.

But Wen Yu believed that his own mother was not capable of much more than that. Such things happened, and as long as they didn’t harm him too much, he could overlook them.

He had never imagined that he had underestimated his mother so much.

The audacity of Cheng Lian was enough to break through the heavens.

Wen Yu sat in the car, his mind filled with thoughts. He didn’t even start the car; he just held the steering wheel and contemplated.

In the darkness, his phone suddenly rang, and unsurprisingly, the first friend to receive the news was Qian Haoran.

“Are you okay?” Qian Haoran asked. “What’s really going on?”

“It’s still being investigated,” Wen Yu replied. “My father can’t get out at the moment.”

“Um, do you think uncle…” Qian Haoran trailed off. This situation was just too absurd.

“He definitely didn’t,” Wen Yu said firmly. “Just wait, we’ll definitely uncover the truth.”

Qian Haoran offered some words of comfort and ended the call.

Wen Yu sat in the dark, and just as he was about to start the car, he received a call from Ji Anning.

“Are you done with work?” she asked.

Her voice was soft and sweet, like a clear spring brushing through his heart, soothing his restlessness.

Wen Yu’s heart suddenly calmed down.

In front of his father, he was a son, a child. He had a deep sense of reliance on Wen Guoan, so when he was with Wen Guoan, he allowed himself to show emotions.

But in front of Ji Anning, he needed to be a stronger, more reliable man than she was. It was natural for him to stand a little taller, to provide her with more security.

“I just finished,” he said. “It’s been a really tiring day.”

The events of the day, the information he had received, had indeed left him mentally exhausted. His voice carried the weariness.

Ji Anning noticed it, and she said, “You should rest soon. Have you had dinner?”

“Not yet,” he replied, realizing that his stomach was empty and growling uncomfortably.

“In that case, you should eat. You shouldn’t skip meals, especially when you’re hungry.”

This phone call was filled with ordinary, mundane conversation, even a bit chatty, but it helped ease Wen Yu’s restlessness.

He agreed to eat and, before hanging up, suddenly stopped Ji Anning and said, “I might be busy with something in the next few days, and I may not be able to call you. Please don’t worry.”

Wen Yu was a clingy guy; his calls were as regular as his meals, and he would call multiple times even if she didn’t answer.

Ji Anning smiled, a rare hint of teasing in her tone. “Why would I worry? You should be the one who shouldn’t worry.”

Wen Yu also smiled and said softly, “Then, rest early.”

Ji Anning replied, “Okay.”

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