After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 74

Wen Yu had a strange dream again.

He thought he was dreaming about He Man, but when the girl turned her head, it was Ji Anning. In his dream, Zhao Chen haunted and harassed Ji Anning.

As if He Man had become Ji Anning in his dream, the backgrounds of his dream had all become places familiar to Wen Yu. Huada University, the NL Bar, and even Shu Chen’s coffee shop.

Wen Yu saw how the good, soft-hearted Shu Chen stood up for Ji Anning and blocked Zhao Chen in the coffee shop.

So that’s why Ji Anning liked him so much, and why she was so sad when she resigned from the coffee shop. Was that why?


Wen Yu woke up from this strange dream in the morning. He opened his eyes but didn’t get up. When he turned his head, he saw the kraft paper bag on the nightstand.

This dreaming problem of his was really getting more and more serious. This time, Shu Chen was given an extra role.

He rubbed his face and sat up. He had an appointment with Ji Anning today.

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Once when she was shooting on location, she saw a mother with her twins on the street, wearing two anti-loss bands on one wrist.


Surprised, she immediately ran over to ask the mom where she could buy them, and learned that they were baby products, available at baby stores or online. She immediately bought one.

This is a great way to make sure Grandma was safe when she goes out with her.

Wen Yu also thought it was a good idea.

“When we go out in the future, let’s put one of these on.” He continued, “So people will know you’re taken.”

“Poor! Ji Anning spat at her.

The way she smiled and laughed overlapped with He Man’s in Wen Yu’s eyes.

They don’t really look alike, each has their own beauty.

But when it comes to bad guys like Zhao Chen, they are the same.

They’re weak and needs to be protected.

Wen Yu didn’t know how He Man’s family and friends endured the pain of losing He Man.

He can’t even bear the thought of seeing Ji Anning is He Man’s place! It’s making him so angry!

I don’t know where that hostility came from, but it seems to be like a ferocious beast in the deepest part of my heart.


The pillars of the market are covered with glass mirrors, Wen Yu followed behind Ji Anning and Grandma, and when he turned his head, he saw a pair of eyes.

The eyes were bloodshot, red, and streaming with tears.

Wen Yu was shocked, and when he looked again, it turned out to be his just his imagination.

Wen Yu took a deep breath, reached out and pressed his hand against his heart, feeling very uncomfortable there.

Grandma had forgotten a lot of things in front of her, but she still recognized a lot of flowers.

Ji Anning let her choose for herself, and she chatted with the stall owner with great interest. The stall owner even praised her, saying, “Auntie knows how to keep flowers.

When they finished shopping, the owner even gave a seedling to her grandmother.

With a good harvest today, Wen Yu naturally had to be the laborer. He carried all the flowers and pots upstairs, while Ji Anning and Grandma picked them up on the balcony.

After observing for a while, Ji Anning realized that Grandma didn’t even know how to flush the toilet anymore, but she was still very handy and knew how to turn over the soil and change the pots.

She then left all these things to her grandmother. Doing more was better for her brain than watching TV.

When she returned to the living room, she found Wen Yu sitting on the sofa, looking puzzled. A kraft paper bag appeared on the coffee table at an unknown time.

“What’s this?” she asked. She went over to him and asked.


Wen Yu lifted up his eyelids and looked at her, his gaze furtive.

Ji Anning felt slightly strange, sat down and asked: “What’s wrong?

Wen Yu decided to let Ji Anning know. It wouldn’t do any harm to know more and be a little more wary of this bad guy.
“There’s something I want you to know about Zhao Chen,” he said.

He pulled out the information and handed it to Ji Anning. Ji Anning took it and looked at it.

Wen Yu watched with open eyes as Ji Anning’s face lost all color.

Ji Anning raised her head to look at Wen Yu in disbelief, then lowered her head to continue browsing.

The information is very informative, recording in detail how the teachers and classmates of Zhao Chen’s school came forward to prove that Zhao Chen was a “good student with excellent character and integrity” after the crime. Some even testified that they were with Zhao Chen and Li Yuanyang at the time, and then they and Zhao Chen left first before the murder occurred.

That’s how Zhao Chen escaped the blame.

Ji Anning found the modus operandi and the whole process very familiar. Zhao Chen turned out to be a habitual criminal.

She bit her lips so tightly that they were bleeding. The photo of He Man looked as if it was her own last photo.

The feeling of her heart contracting with fear came back.

“Are you okay?” Wen Yu reached out to hold her hand and realized it was cold.


“Were you scared?” He comforted her, “Don’t be afraid. I’m showing it to you so that you know what kind of person he is, so stay away from him in the future.”

Ji Anning nodded.

Wen Yu took back the information in her hand and flipped through it, saying, “His father originally planned to send him abroad. But later, this incident happened, so he took him back to the provincial capital. He did not dare to let him go abroad so he went to our school. If something happened at home, he can make use of his influence, but if something happened abroad, it would be difficult to resolve it… even money is no good. This kid has a hard time changing his nature, and he did it again in his sophomore year. He’s a dog who can’t change his ways.”

“But don’t be afraid, he won’t dare to do anything to you.” Wen Yu squeezed her hand and said, “I’m here.”

Ji Anning gave him a furtive look.

So in her previous life, Zhao Chen had long been eyeing her, but he was afraid of Wen Yu, and never dared to make a move. So when Wen Yu was still there, she never knew that Zhao Chen existed.

Wen Yu left, and Zhao Chen became unscrupulous.

But in this life, will Wen Yu still leave?

In fact, since the seventh day of the month, Wen Yu had been going to the company to work for Wen Guoan. Don’t look at him acting like a hooligan in front of Ji Anning, but he can actually take up the responsibility of an heir.

Soon the fifteenth day of the lunar year passed, it is already the middle to late February. This day he just finished a meeting when received a phone call from Wen Guoan: “Have you seen your mom these days?

“No,” Wen Yu said, “I haven’t seen her since the New Year’s Eve meeting.

“Have you talked to her on the phone?” he asked. Mr. Wen asked again.

“No.” Wen Yu and Cheng Lian were not close, so it was normal for them not to talk on the phone for half a month.

Wen Guoan pondered for a while and said, “Come upstairs.”

Wen Guoan’s office is on the top floor, Wen Yu took the special elevator to the upper floor and entered his father’s office. He found that in addition to Wen Guoan, Secretary Sun and Cheng Lian’s female secretary are also there.

Cheng Lian’s female secretary looked very uneasy.

Wen saw that something was wrong. He frowned and asked, “What’s going on?”

Wen Guoan said, “Your mother can’t be contacted anymore.

Wen Yu was stunned and said, “What do you mean that we can’t contact her?”

Wen Guoan looked at the female secretary, “Xiao Yang, repeat to him what you said.”

Secretary Yang nodded and recalled: “The last time I contacted Mrs. Cheng was the evening of the day before yesterday. There was a meeting in the afternoon she was supposed to participate but was later delayed. I gave her a briefing over the phone. But yesterday, Mrs. Cheng’s cell phone has been turned off. I called a few times and asked some people, but they all said they hadn’t seen Mr. Cheng, including Mr. Cheng’s driver. Then in the afternoon I called Secretary Sun.”

Secretary Sun then said, “I received a call from Secretary Yang and called the chairman.”

After that, both secretaries looked at Wen Guoan, and Wen Yu also looked at Wen Guoan.

Wen Guoan frowned and said, “She had not been in a good mood lately, and she was always arguing with me at home. I thought she was playing with her temper, so I said not to worry about it, and to wait for her to come back on her own.”

Wen Yu immediately took out his cell phone and dialed Cheng Lian’s number, but her phone was off.

He hung up his cell phone, frowned, and said, “That means my mom has been missing for more than forty hours?

The office fell into a moment of silence.

Secretary Yang said, “This has never been so long before ……”.

No one answered, and the office was silent again.

Wen Yu’s eyes turned to Wen Guoan and shouted, “Dad!

There was no other choice but to call the police, and Wen Yu didn’t know why Wen Guoan was silent.

In the end, Wen Guoan said, “Call the police.”

Ji Anning also had a job today.

Although it was winter, she wore a chiffon dress. It’s not unusual for a print model to be photographed in cotton clothing in the summer and skirts in the winter. Fortunately, the studio is heated and the lighting is also very hot, so she won’t be frozen.

She recieved a call from Wen Yu halfway through the shoot, and he said, “I’ve got something to do today, so I can’t go over and pick you up.”

Ji Anning knew that he was working full-time in the company during his vacation and said, “It’s okay, you’re busy with your own business”.

But Wen Yu hung up the phone in a hurry, and didn’t say “I miss you” or “baby” like he usually did. Ji Anning was slightly surprised, but the studio called her and she hurried to change her clothes.

The next day she took her grandmother to the hospital for a checkup.

When Ji Anning saw the results of the re-examination, she knew that her grandmother’s traction was as useless as it was in her previous life, so she proposed to do the surgery.

But the doctor thought it was too soon to conclude that the traction was ineffective. The doctor was particularly disgusted by this kind of self-righteous family member, and most importantly, the doctor wanted to avoid surgery on an elderly woman who was too old and too susceptible to complications due to her many ailments.

Ji Anning couldn’t convince the doctor

She couldn’t just say, “I’ve been through this once before in my life.

During the argument, the doctor asked, “How old are you? Are you an adult? Please ask your parents to come and talk to me!” The doctor even said such words.

Ji Anning left with Grandma in a dejected mood.

She went home, made lunch, and put Grandma down for a nap. Ji Anning lay down on the new sofa, feeling depressed. She took out her cell phone and wanted to talk to Wen Yu.

It is only then that I realized that it was already afternoon, and Wen Yu had not even given her a phone call today, and had not sent her a single message.

It’s a bit strange.

Ji Anning dialed his number. Wen Yu answered and immediately said, “I’m very busy, so I’ll call you back later.”

Ji Anning only had time to “oh”, and then was hung up.

She could only look at her cell phone and sigh slightly, her mood even lower.

The Wen family mansion.

On one side, there was Wen Guoan, Wen Yu and the Sun secretary, and on the other side, there was a group of people, both with and without uniforms.

Wen Yu hung up the phone and looked at the people in front of him, his eyebrows were cold and his voice was even colder: “I don’t understand, what do you mean?”

Captain Luo of the Criminal Investigation Battalion had to repeat: “The comparison results are out, the fingerprints on the knife are Director Wen’s, so we need to ask him to go back with us and cooperate with the investigation.”

Yesterday, they realized that Cheng Lian was missing. So Wen Guoan made a call to Qian Haoran’s cousin.

Deputy Director Qian immediately made the arrangements, and soon there was feedback.

Cheng Lian’s cell phone was turned off. Ordinary GPS can’t find anything once the phone is turned off. But the police’s system can find historical traces.

Cheng Lian’s last location before her cell phone was turned off was at her home. And her phone records show that her last call, dialed “1101like 911. Except they have several emergency numbers in China like 119-fire, 122-traffic accidents, 120-ambulance. 110 is for the police

When the recording of the call was pulled up, it was indeed Cheng Lian’s voice. She only said “help” and hung up.

The police station often receives prank calls, and this call was treated as a prank call by the responding officer at the time, and was not taken seriously.

Because of the importance Deputy Director Qian attached to the matter, they directly called Captain Law of the CID, known as “Luo Tietou”, and personally referred the matter to him. In just one hour, the information was investigated.

Captain Luo immediately led his men straight to the Wen family’s mansion.

At that time, Wen Guoan and Wen Yu were having tea with Deputy Director Qian. Captain Luo and his men barged in, explained the situation and requested that the scene be searched.

Naturally, Wen Guoan and Wen Yu agreed, after all, it was for the purpose of searching for Cheng Lian to find clues.

No one would have expected to find a hidden trunk mat with a knife rolled up in it in a hidden part of the garage.

The mat was from one of Wen Guoan’s cars, and the knife is a fruit knife from the kitchen. There was blood on both the mat and the knife.

  The test results came out this morning, and the blood was Cheng Lian’s blood. The results of the comparison also came out. The fingerprints on the handle of the knife were those of Wen Guoan.

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