After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 76

When Wen Yu received a call from Ji Anning, he became completely calm.

Just as Wen Guoan had said, he needed to find Cheng Lian as quickly as possible now to prove that everything was just a trap she set up to frame Wen Guoan, in order to clear Wen Guoan’s suspicion.

As for what would happen to Cheng Lian…

Wen Yu clenched his jaw.

Cheng Lian had seriously harmed the interests of father and son, fled, and even framed Wen Guoan in passing. By doing this, she not only disregarded the bonds of husband and wife but also the bond between mother and son.


Wen Yu made a call to Lao Xing.

Lao Xing came to see Wen Yu, and Wen Yu entrusted this matter to him.

After Lao Xing understood all the information, he said, “Her most likely move now is to undergo plastic surgery and create a new identity. Finding her will be challenging.”

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With a mix of hatred and anger, Wen Yu finally managed to fall asleep. He could not have anticipated that when he woke up the next day, Cheng Lian had already been found.


Wen Yu couldn’t believe it. The first call he received early in the morning informed him that Cheng Lian’s body had been found.

Wen Yu was completely shocked.

As he drove, he felt dazed, believing that the world had a deep malice towards him. Every pedestrian on the road seemed to turn back and smile at him, a strange and eerie smile.

He saw Cheng Lian’s body at the police station.

She had been stabbed to death and her body was abandoned in the outskirts. Through wound analysis, it was determined that she had been killed with the same fruit knife from the Wen family, and the time of death matched as well.

At the same time, when the police reviewed the surveillance footage, they discovered that the surveillance at the Wen family mansion had already been destroyed in advance before the incident occurred.

All the evidence seemed to mock Wen Yu, telling him that the Wen Guoan he had steadfastly believed in was a fraud.

He had killed Cheng Lian and then attempted to pin it on Cheng Lian1He killed her and made it seemed like Cheng Lian framed him.

Wen Yu stood beside Cheng Lian’s body, witnessing his mother’s death firsthand, and the thought that she might have been killed by his own father made his legs weak, and his mind was in turmoil.

The lawyer said that Wen Guoan wanted to see him.

Wen Yu only saw the lawyer’s mouth moving, and the voice sounded distant, the world spinning around him. He pushed the lawyer aside and stumbled as he walked.

It felt like someone was trying to grab him from behind. He shook them off without looking back. The voice calling his name from behind clearly belonged to him, but it sounded like he was calling someone else.


When Wen Yu regained his senses, he was already on the roadside near Huada University’s family building. He didn’t know how he had driven there.

He pushed open the car door and stood in the wind, feeling lost.

Ji Anning packed up her things, then went to support her grandmother’s shoulder and instructed her, “I’m going to work now. You stay at home and take care.”

Her grandmother smiled blankly and said, “Go ahead, study well, and get a perfect score in the exam.”

Ji Anning kissed her on the cheek and said, “I will.”

She locked the door and walked out of the iron gate of the family building’s courtyard, and there she saw Wen Yu’s black Hummer. Wen Yu was standing by the car, seemingly waiting for her.

Ji Anning was both surprised and delighted. She ran over and hugged him, asking, “What are you doing here? Weren’t you supposed to be really busy?”

Wen Yu had stood there in a daze in the wind for a long time. Suddenly, a familiar figure appeared in his field of vision, and he was immediately embraced by someone. The familiar scent awakened him.

He instinctively hugged her tightly.

He heard normal sounds again, felt the chill in the wind, and his disembodied soul seemed to return to its place.

“Come… take a look at you,” he said.

Ji Anning raised her head, looked at him carefully, and said, “Your complexion is especially bad. What happened?”


Wen Yu reluctantly said, “I didn’t sleep well last night.”

“Are you that busy?” Ji Anning asked. “How do you have time today?”

“I’m not,” Wen Yu said, lowering his head to look at her. “I just wanted to see you.”

So willful. Just a few days ago, he had complained about being exploited as child labor by his father and said he was extremely busy. Yesterday, he said he would be very busy, and now he had secretly come to see her?

Ji Anning chuckled.

“Did you sneak out? Aren’t you afraid of your dad scolding you?” She scolded him. “Alright, I’ve seen you now, hurry back to the company.”

Wen Yu asked her blankly, “Where are you going?”

Ji Anning pulled the strap of her backpack and said, “I’m going to the photography studio.”

Wen Yu said out of habit, said, “I’ll drive you.”

“No, thanks,” Ji Anning pushed him. “You should hurry back to work. I can go there by myself.”

Wen Yu looked at her with a faint smile.

In reality, he had many, many things he wanted to say, and many emotions he wanted to express. But when he saw her, he couldn’t bring himself to speak.


He felt ashamed to show his weakness and confusion in front of her.

“Look at you, so exhausted,” Ji Anning said sympathetically. “Finish your work quickly and rest early today.”

“Yeah,” Wen Yu nodded. “Take care.”

Ji Anning kissed him and then crossed the street by herself.

As she walked to the other side of the road, she turned around and took a glance.

Wen Yu was still standing there. His expression seemed different from usual, perhaps because he was too tired?

Ji Anning felt like something flashed through her mind.

She took a few steps but couldn’t resist turning back again.

Wen Yu had already turned around.

Something flashed through Ji Anning’s mind again, like lightning, illuminating her.

In her previous life, Wen Yu probably wouldn’t have disappeared from school until several months later. The exact date of his departure from school was not very clear to Ji Anning. She had realized that he had stopped bothering her for a while, and she had breathed a sigh of relief.

So, when was the last time she had seen Wen Yu? Where was it?

Ji Anning remembered!

Before Wen Yu left school, she had seen him one last time.

That day, she was going to a coffee shop. She had just walked out of the school gate when she saw Wen Yu’s tall black Hummer. Wen Yu was standing by the car, just like today, looking at her.

He appeared tired, quite different from his usual arrogant self. His eyes seemed to contain a thousand words he was holding back from saying to anyone, making him look somewhat pitiful.

But in her previous life, how could Ji Anning have felt sorry for Wen Yu, or pitied him?

She froze when she saw him, and her first reaction was to turn and run. She took a few steps, then turned back to look, and Wen Yu was still standing there.

She took a few more steps, turned back again, and Wen Yu had already turned around.

Then, he disappeared from her life.

This lightning bolt of memory illuminated Ji Anning’s inner self, and her heart roared.

This life had already changed so much! Too many things had changed! She was wrong! She shouldn’t have been constrained by the timeline of her previous life!

Wen Yu turned around.

There was a road between him and her, like an insurmountable barrier! He had left, and she didn’t know when he would come back!

Ji Anning raised her foot and rushed towards the other side of the road.

Cars honked loudly, drivers slammed on their brakes, and someone cursed, “Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

Ji Anning couldn’t care about any of that. She narrowly made it across the road and saw that Wen Yu’s car had already started moving.

“Wen Yu! Wen Yu!” Ji Anning shouted loudly, chasing after him desperately.

How could a person catch up to a car? Ji Anning watched as the car sped up and got farther away. She stumbled on her feet, her backpack flew off, and she fell to the ground, her palms pressing against the pavement, hurting.

Inwardly, Ji Anning was filled with fear and despair, but she couldn’t think about the pain. She first lifted her head to look.

The black Hummer had come to a stop.

Wen Yu, with no one to confide in, had driven off aimlessly, then suddenly, he looked into the rearview mirror and saw Ji Anning sprinting towards him.

Wen Yu shuddered, slammed on the brakes!

“Anning! Anning!” Wen Yu pushed open the door and jumped out of the car, running back.

Ji Anning had already managed to stand up on her own. Her knees had taken a hit and it hurt. She walked with a limp.

But she hobbled over and threw herself into Wen Yu’s arms, tightly grabbing his clothes. “Where are you going? Has something happened? Tell me, what’s going on?” She fired a series of questions at him. He was bewildered.

“How… How did you know?” he asked, his suspicion evident.

It was true!

She had guessed right!

Ji Anning felt a sense of exhaustion wash over her. Her hand felt weak, but she still held onto Wen Yu’s clothes tightly, refusing to let go.

“Where are you going now? What are you planning to do?” she continued to ask.

Wen Yu himself was at a loss. He was silent for a while and said, “I don’t know.”

Wen Yu had nowhere to go and no one to look for.

There are only a few relatives in the world, a family of three. My father is in prison and my mother is dead. Wen Yu didn’t know who he could go to, so he came to Ji Anning’s residence in a daze.

At this time, he recalled Wen Guoan often lamenting that the family was not prosperous. He suddenly understood.

Ji Anning held Wen Yu’s hand and said softly: “If you have nowhere to go, go to my house. If you have something to do, tell me, okay?”

Wen Yu, lost in his confusion, seemed to find a direction in Ji Anning’s presence. He also held onto her hand gently and said, “Okay.”

Zhenyuan Group’s CEO, Yang Yuan, was “invited” to the police station by Captain Luo and his team from the Criminal Investigation Division for questioning.

“What is your relationship with Cheng Lian?” the interrogator asked.

“We were classmates in university, and we got along quite well,” Yang Yuan replied. “Why? Has Cheng Lian done something wrong?”

Upon learning of Cheng Lian’s death, Yang Yuan showed a shocked expression and repeatedly asked how Cheng Lian had died.

The interrogator continued, “We brought you here today for questioning because Cheng Lian’s husband, Wen Guoan, has accused you and Cheng Lian of having an ongoing extramarital relationship.”

Yang Yuan immediately denied it, saying, “That’s nonsense! Cheng Lian and I are innocent.”

He added, “I didn’t mention this earlier, but yes, when we were in university, we did have a romantic relationship, but that was decades ago. Cheng Lian and I have maintained a friendship since then. We occasionally have meals and chat together. Her marriage hasn’t been very happy, so sometimes she confided in me…”

In the monitoring room, Captain Luo listened attentively while conversing with the officers who had just reported in.

An officer said, “There are no records of them checking into hotels. Within the time frame we can access, there are none.”

Another officer added, “People like him, with money, probably wouldn’t go to hotels, right? They likely have villas all over the country.”

“This person is watertight,” Captain Luo remarked, staring at the surveillance screen.

From his statements, Yang Yuan appeared to have no significant loopholes. He even disclosed many pieces of information that weren’t in Wen Guoan’s favor.

“We were all poor back then, and Wen Guoan was a wealthy man. Cheng Lian chose him and left me. But that was a long time ago, and I’ve long since moved on. So, we’re friends now.”

“She’s not very happy. She told me that Wen Guoan has a violent temper and has even physically abused her. It happened in the bedroom, so she couldn’t bring herself to tell others.”

“Because of our past relationship, she confided in me from time to time.”

“But there’s absolutely no improper relationship between us now. I’m no longer the same poor guy from our university days. I have plenty of young, beautiful women around me. Why would I need her?”

“Run away together? Are you kidding me? People of our age still believe in love?”

Yang Yuan laughed in astonishment.

His laughter was genuine, truly expressing his disbelief in the concept of “love.”

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