After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 34

On this day, there was training in the morning and intense labor in the afternoon and evening. Ji Anning felt physically exhausted and tired.

She had made plans with Wen Yu to continue training tomorrow.

Fortunately, Wen Yu called her in the evening and said, “I have some urgent matters to attend to for a few days. If you want to use the training room, find Chen Hao. He said he’s not going back to his hometown during the vacation and will be staying at the school.”

Ji Anning was relieved and said, “Okay, got it.”

But after Wen Yu finished speaking, he regretted it and said, “Or you can wait for me to come back. These few days I can think about what suits you.”


He was really concerned about her desire to learn self-defense. Ji Anning thought that at the very least, he wasn’t taking advantage of the situation for his own benefit.

Ji Anning didn’t realize that her tolerance for Wen Yu had dropped to a very low level. In her heart, as long as Wen Yu didn’t commit murder or arson and didn’t engage in thuggish behavior, she could consider him a good person for the rest of her life.

She responded with a soft “Hmm” and said, “Then I’ll wait for you to come back.”

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For everyday information retrieval, she mostly relied on her budget smartphone. Although it was a smartphone, it still wasn’t as convenient as having a computer.


Having given up the job at NL, she tried to see what kind of work she could find online and noted down some phone numbers to contact after the vacation.

She also thought about keeping an eye on the school bulletin board. Those jobs related to etiquette and promotion, although they printed many contact numbers, someone would eventually tear off all the numbers to reduce competition.

She also heard from Meng Xinyu that some senior students already had the ability to take on part-time jobs with strong professional skills, freeing themselves from these low-level physical jobs.

Ji Anning felt envious in her heart. This further confirmed what Wen Yu had said, and she should indeed invest more of her energy into her studies.

Ji Anning didn’t expect that Shu Chen would once again help her in this matter.

On the last day of the vacation, Shu Chen asked her, “Have you ever considered being a model?”

Ji Anning was a bit puzzled, saying, “A model? Aren’t models supposed to be over 1.8 meters tall? I’m only 1.63 meters.”

“It’s not that kind of runway model, it’s a print model,” Shu Chen explained. “Like the advertisements in magazines, no, actually I’m talking about the models for online shops.”

He said, “I have an anime group, cough, cough… well, a chat group, and there’s a girl in the group who said she models for clothing advertisements on X Bao’s online shop. She’s even shorter than you, she said she’s 1.61 meters.”

Ji Anning didn’t understand at all.

Because at this time, X Bao’s X Girls platform hadn’t launched its plan to recruit models for their online shop, and live streaming was still limited to a small group of people who spent a lot of time on the internet. The two popular live streaming websites that came later, one had just transformed into a short video community, and the other wouldn’t officially launch until three years later.

At this time, the profession of being an anchor wasn’t visible everywhere, and the idea of “ordinary people can turn their looks into money” hadn’t yet been widely known and accepted.


This also exposed some limitations of Ji Anning. She was someone who didn’t even have a computer, and in her previous life, she was a loner in school and didn’t socialize with others. The information she could access was actually very limited.

So when people hear news about college students being abducted or deceived, they often exclaim, “They’re already college students, how can they still be so naive?” In reality, studying hard can get you into college, but it doesn’t necessarily provide you with more social information and life experience.

Ji Anning wasn’t really interested in those overly internet-focused, cutting-edge, and trendy information.

Shu Chen, on the other hand, was someone who spent most of his life on the internet, but information about print modeling wasn’t an area he paid attention to, and he didn’t know about it before.

It was just the previous night when he saw two girls chatting in the group that he remembered Ji Anning was looking for a job, so he privately messaged one of the girls and obtained some information.

“I don’t know if it will be useful to you,” Shu Chen said after sharing the information he knew.

Even if his pursuit of her heart died in this lifetime, Shu Chen was still a gentle and enthusiastic person.

Afraid that he hadn’t explained clearly enough, he introduced his group friend to Ji Anning, allowing them to add each other as friends.

After finishing work, Ji Anning used the shop’s Wi-Fi in the kitchen to chat with the girl.

“It’s quite tiring. If you’re just starting out, you’ll probably earn around 40 yuan per piece, with a minimum of 20 pieces. But if you do well, the prices can increase slowly. I’ve heard of people earning tens of thousands in a day,” the girl told Ji Anning.

Ji Anning was truly tempted.

Shu Chen poked his head in with a smile and called out to her, “Anning, your boyfriend is here to pick you up!”


Ji Anning was momentarily stunned but quickly reacted. She walked out with her bag and saw Wen Yu standing beside the bar, tall and handsome, just as she expected.

“Anning, your boyfriend is really handsome!” another girl who was also getting off work exclaimed in admiration.

Ji Anning wanted to say that Wen Yu wasn’t her boyfriend. She remembered that she deliberately misled Shu Chen to create a misunderstanding. But when she opened her mouth, she couldn’t say it and simply smiled at the other girl.

“Can we go now?” Wen Yu asked as Ji Anning approached.

Shu Chen was right there, and in front of him, Ji Anning didn’t want to say much. She simply said, “Yes, we can.”

Wen Yu opened the door and said, “Let’s go.”

He even waved goodbye to Shu Chen, as if they were quite familiar. To make matters worse, Shu Chen seemed genuinely happy, smiling at Wen Yu.

Ji Anning distinctly remembered that in her previous life, Shu Chen was particularly wary of Wen Yu. Whenever Wen Yu was mentioned, Shu Chen’s expression would change.

But one thing hadn’t changed, in both her past and present lives, Shu Chen regarded Wen Yu and her as a couple. She wondered what he was thinking.

In her previous life, Ji Anning couldn’t imagine herself and Wen Yu being on the same path. That’s why in this life, the sight of Wen Yu and Shu Chen happily chatting, with Wen Yu smiling and picking her up, felt like a dream.

Lost in her thoughts, Ji Anning followed Wen Yu out of the coffee shop. As soon as they stepped outside, a cool breeze hit her face, instantly waking her up.

“When did you come back?” she asked.


“This afternoon,” Wen Yu grinned mischievously. “Why? Missed me?”

Ji Anning automatically filtered out his teasing remarks, glanced at him, and said, “Why did you get so tan?”

“The southern sun is intense, and swimming in the sea makes you get tanned easily. Don’t worry, I have naturally fair skin, I’ll be back to my usual complexion in two weeks,” Wen Yu replied.

As the night breeze blew, it was chilly. The temperature had dropped significantly today, but Ji Anning had left home at noon when the sun was shining brightly and the temperature was higher. She wasn’t wearing anything too thick. Now, with the wind blowing, she shivered slightly and quickly zipped up her jacket, covering her neck.

Wen Yu noticed it. Fortunately, his car was parked just two steps away on the side of the road outside the coffee shop.

“Hurry and get in the car,” he naturally put his arm around Ji Anning’s vest.

Ji Anning’s shoulder tensed reflexively. She slightly swayed her shoulder and took half a step forward, freeing herself from Wen Yu’s grip.

Wen Yu raised an eyebrow and opened the car door for her, while he got in from the other side.

Ji Anning grabbed the seatbelt and tried to fasten it. Wen Yu glanced at her sideways and said, “We’ve already kissed, so why did we suddenly become distant after just one festival?”

Ji Anning’s hand trembled, and the seatbelt buckle didn’t align properly. She silently reinserted it once again.

“I thought we had already clarified that matter between us,” she said.

“Between a man and a woman, there is never a ‘clarification’ in the true sense,” Wen Yu chuckled meaningfully and shifted the car into gear.

“What have you been doing these past few days?” Wen Yu asked on the way.

“Nothing much, I could sleep a little longer in the morning, do some household chores, and take my grandmother for a walk,” Ji Anning truthfully replied. “In the afternoons and evenings, I’ve been at Shu Chen’s store. These days have been particularly busy, and I’m quite tired.”

On the last day of the Golden Week, the streets visibly became quiet as normal work and school routines would resume tomorrow. Even the streetlights seemed lackluster.

The car quickly returned from Guangming Road to the Hua University Family Housing. For Wen Yu, this distance was truly short. They hadn’t exchanged many words before arriving.

Ji Anning relaxed, unbuckled her seatbelt, and said, “Thank you. You should also go back early.”

Just as she unlocked the car, Wen Yu swiftly locked the central control with a “click.”

Ji Anning turned her head and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Her eyes were clear, carrying a hint of curiosity but without panic.

Late at night, alone together, with the man locking the woman in the car, yet she showed no fear? But she was clearly afraid of Zhao Chen, her fear evident and impossible to hide.

Wen Yu realized that as long as he didn’t have direct physical contact with Ji Anning, she felt safe in his presence.

Even in this hazy environment with an ambiguous atmosphere, where the man clearly possessed the ability and intention to pose a threat to women, she didn’t even furrow her brows. She simply blinked her eyes, looking at him with a gentle gaze.

She had once claimed to fear him, but now…

Did she truly trust him so much?

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