After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 35

All the restless thoughts and mischievous ideas inside Wen Yu’s mind, all those desires to cause trouble, somehow couldn’t be put into action under Ji Anning’s clear and pure gaze.

Figuratively speaking, it was as if they had withered away.

He gritted his teeth and said with resentment, “I’ve been thinking about you these past few days. I have daytime social engagements, and at night, I have to design training programs for you. You don’t answer my calls or reply to my messages. You’re really impressive.”

Ji Anning defended herself, saying, “I can’t answer the phone while I’m at work, and by the time I see it, it’s already too late. I did reply to your messages.”

“Replied?” Wen Yu snorted and said, “Replying the next day is considered a reply?”


Ji Anning explained, “I don’t usually have data turned on, so I can only see messages when I have Wi-Fi.”

“…” Wen Yu suddenly fell silent.

That was genuinely a reason he had never encountered before.

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His hands were warm, and he was so close that Ji Anning could feel his body heat.


Silently, she put on the sleeves of the garment and tightened it around herself. “Then I’ll go back,” she said, hoping to convince Wen Yu to just drive away and spare her from the cold a little longer.

However, Wen Yu insisted on escorting her to her doorstep.

Their body constitutions were truly different. The chill that Ji Anning could only resist by wearing Wen Yu’s coat meant nothing to him. He genuinely didn’t feel cold at all.

Once they entered the building’s corridor, it became much warmer inside.

“You should go back early,” Ji Anning said.

As she spoke, she took off the coat and handed it back to Wen Yu. “Thank you.”

Wen Yu reached out, not grabbing the coat, but instead holding Ji Anning’s hand, a mischievous smile appearing on his lips.

Ji Anning was taken aback.

Suddenly, everything went black in front of her as Wen Yu covered her eyes with his hand.

Then came the warm lips, carrying a faint tobacco scent.

Before Ji Anning could fully savor it, Wen Yu released her, stood upright, and raised his eyebrows. “You’re welcome.”

Ji Anning hesitated for two seconds, then grabbed onto the clothing Wen Yu was about to take away.


“You stop right there,” she bit her lip. “I’m telling you, you can’t do this anymore!”

Wen Yu laughed heartily. “Do what?”

Ji Anning glared at him. “We’re not a couple!”

“I know,” Wen Yu replied with a shameless expression. “We’re just ‘friends.'”

“But… with my friends, we’re comfortable enough to take showers together, completely naked. If you want to be friends like that, why don’t we take a shower together?” He was now acting out the pervert he couldn’t be in the car. 1 ah! Shameless… but I love it.

Ji Anning felt frustrated.

“If you continue like this, I’ll get angry!” she said with a tense face.

“What right do you have to get angry?” Wen Yu showed no fear. “Who started it between us? Huh~?”

His “huh” carried an upward intonation, a lingering air that was undeniably teasing. His half-smiling expression made people blush.

The dim lighting in the corridor only added to the sense of unease.

Ji Anning had never experienced this kind of unease in the past.

She suppressed the heat rising in her ears and told Wen Yu with a serious face, “I made a proposal to you, and you rejected it. This matter should be over. Even if it didn’t end then, you kissed me back, and now we’re even. From now on, we can’t do this anymore.”


As Ji Anning became firm, Wen Yu began to push back just like in their past life.

His laughter turned sinister, and he straightforwardly asked, “Ji Anning, are you trying to keep me as a backup?”

“I’m telling you,” his eyes started to gleam menacingly, “I’ve never had any girl dare to keep me as a backup in all my years.”

This version of Wen Yu was actually more familiar to Ji Anning. When his eyes gleamed menacingly, she felt a strange sense of peace, and her mind became clear.

“Do I have the time and energy to keep a backup?” she retorted.

That one sentence dispelled Wen Yu’s suspicions.

Well, that made sense.

Wen Yu let out a “hmph” and said, “I just can’t figure you out. You clearly don’t dislike me, right?”

Ji Anning had kissed Wen Yu, and Wen Yu had kissed Ji Anning. Although both times were just a light touch of their lips, Wen Yu could still be certain that Ji Anning did not dislike him.

By “dislike,” Wen Yu meant sexual aversion. It referred to the inability to accept someone on a sexual level.

For example, many people go on blind dates. The other person may have good qualities and even decent looks, but there’s simply no chemistry. That’s the lack of sexual attraction.

When there is no sexual attraction between a man and a woman, even if they force themselves to be together, it will be very uncomfortable, even painful.


Wen Yu was confident enough to guarantee that there was definitely sexual attraction between him and Ji Anning!

Perhaps his attraction to her wasn’t as strong as her attraction to him, but the flow of hormones was undoubtedly present!

That’s why Wen Yu felt confused.

Both of them were unmarried and available, mutually attracted to each other, and not playing games to keep each other as backups. Why was Ji Anning so persistent in refusing him?

Ji Anning sighed softly.

“Why are you sighing?” Wen Yu raised an eyebrow and asked.

Ji Anning looked at him and said, “Do you know how people will perceive me if I get too close to you?”

Wen Yu raised his eyebrows even higher and scoffed, “Why should you care how others perceive you? You don’t live your life for them.”

Ji Anning looked at the confidence in Wen Yu’s eyes and helplessly smiled.

“I’m different from you,” she said softly. “I also want to be carefree, uninhibited, not caring about what others say or how they look at you… But I can’t.”

Ji Anning’s voice was soft and gentle.

There was helplessness in her eyes, accompanied by a faint self-mockery and a bitter smile.

Compared to the rigid Ji Anning who always managed to provoke stubbornness in Wen Yu, this soft side of Ji Anning caused ripples in his heart.

Wen Yu’s gaze turned cold.

“Did someone in your class upset you?” he asked. “Who? Tell me the name!”

“And then?” Ji Anning asked. “Are you planning to beat him up? Or are you planning to use your family’s influence to punish him? To the point of expulsion?”

Wow, he really understands him!

Wen Yu said, “You choose.”

Ji Anning was speechless.

She was just being sarcastic. But Wen Yu could turn it into reality.

His way of thinking, his worldview, were different from hers.

Ji Anning felt powerless.

In her eyes, Wen Yu was someone who never listened to her. In their past life, whatever she said to him was in vain. He always did as he pleased, completely disregarding her feelings and situation.

“Don’t mess around, okay?” She felt the same exhaustion from their past life welling up in her heart as she softly spoke, “Can you consider my situation a little? I come from a poor background, and being with a rich young master like you, do you know how harshly people would talk about me? It doesn’t matter to you because what they say isn’t about you. But what about me? Have you ever thought about my feelings?”

“All those gestures you make, sending flowers and gifts, picking me up in your car, no one can see how I really live. They only see you.”

“No matter how hard I try to rely on myself, they can’t see it. They only say, ‘Ji Anning is with a second-generation rich guy.'”

“Ji Anning is a gold digger.”

“Wen Yu, please don’t let this kind of thing happen to me again, okay?”

Her voice was soft, but there was a hint of resentment in her words. This resentment had accumulated from their past life, but she never had the opportunity to let Wen Yu know.

In their past life, she always toughened up and refused to show any weakness to him.

So, was that why she prohibited him from using money to win her over right from the start?

Had she been pursued and troubled by rich second-generation guys before, suffering greatly from it?

Which idiot caused Ji Anning such great grievances? He had never seen someone pursue a girl like this!

That idiot deserved to fail!

Wen Yu felt a mix of anger, heartache, and a secret delight directed towards that certain idiot.

His tone softened as he said, “If you say it like that, how can I continue? I’m not a fool!”

“However,” he paused and continued, “Who were the people around you before? Why do you have so much free time to meddle in other people’s affairs? Don’t you have enough homework to do?”

Ji Anning forced a bitter smile.

The expression on her face clearly showed that she had suffered losses, been mistreated, and bullied. It made Wen Yu feel uncomfortable. He felt an anger rising within him, wanting to grab that idiot who troubled Ji Anning and beat them up.

“Alright, I understand,” his voice softened, and he gently patted Ji Anning’s head. He had a touch of tenderness in his actions. “Don’t worry, I know my limits. I won’t let others gossip about you.”

This gentle side of Wen Yu confused Ji Anning.

She stared at him blankly.

“What’s wrong?” Wen Yu raised an eyebrow.

Ji Anning snapped back to reality and murmured, “Wen Yu, actually… you’re not… so bad.”

“Damn!” Wen Yu grinned sinisterly. “Are you trying to give me a ‘good person’ card?”

Receiving the ‘good person’ card, Wen Yu returned to his place.

As he took off his coat and hung it on the hanger, he remembered Ji Anning wearing his coat tonight. The clothes were oversized on her small frame, and she looked afraid of the cold, wrapping herself tightly.

A smile couldn’t help but curl up at the corner of his mouth.

After taking a hot shower and getting into bed, he quickly fell asleep.

He wants to see Ji Anning in a dream, and he saw her, just as he had hoped.

But what he intended to be a dream of romance didn’t quite turn out as he expected.

“Three thousand yuan for one night? Is she worth it?” The girl who said this, he had seen her before. She was the one in the same class as Ji Anning, acting flirtatious and obvious in her intentions towards him, named Sun something, right?

“She’s worth it,” the boy said with a playful smile. “If I had the money, I’d gladly pay three thousand yuan. But I don’t have the money.”

Everyone burst into laughter.


Wen Yu was furious.

Given his temper, he would have kicked the person who said that right now.

But he couldn’t control anything in the dream. He was helpless against these people, only able to feel his anger soaring.

Then he saw Ji Anning.

Through the slightly open classroom door, Wen Yu saw Ji Anning standing silently outside the door. She heard everything.

Her fair cheeks were drained of color, and her expression was numb, as if she had grown accustomed to it.

This version of Ji Anning didn’t resemble the Ji Anning who would smile and scold him now. She resembled the distant Ji Anning he first met when school started, cold and indifferent.

Wen Yu’s heart felt like it was being clenched, aching and sour.

Sansukini: When people gossip about you, it’s because they’re envious and has nothing better to do. Anning cared too much for what others thought. The truth is that gossips are inevitable especially if you are really pretty and got someone popular courting you.

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