Chapter 023 This Is My Girlfriend

“Doctor Huang, please don’t be like this.” Li Yiyi wanted to push him away.

But, the man suddenly exerted more strength into his hand, while his lips moved closer to the side of her head, softly blowing into her ear, “Miss Li, you know that your mother’s illness is extremely serious. If she were to leave the ICU right now, she would die. You love her so dearly… surely you wouldn’t want her to leave you all alone just like that, would you? I certainly understand your family’s financial struggles, where you can’t easily take out that much money. Well… it just so happens that the director of the hospital is my uncle. If ever I went to my uncle and talked to him, he would definitely waive your hospital fees. Maybe… he’ll even lend you money.”

Li Yiyi’s hand stopped moving.

Seeing her subdued demeanor, Doctor Huang moved more aggressively, “It’s just that… If I were to go and ask for help from my uncle, I should first have a good reason to do so. Don’t you agree?”

Li Yiyi quietly bit her lip. “Then, what do you want me to do?”

“So long as you become my girlfriend, everything will be fine.” Doctor Huang said in a low voice, “Did you know? The very first time I saw you step into the hospital, I was instantly attracted to that dejected yet pure body of yours. You’re quite alluring, and the more I look at you, the more appealing you seem. I wanted to hold you from the start, and today, I’ll finally have my wish fulfilled!”

The excitement in his voice started to seep out, making his voice tremble at every word. His hands became more impatient as they dug into her skirt and moved down from her shoulders to her chest.

Li Yiyi’s body turned rigid. She closed her eyes, her heart telling her to just bear with it.



She couldn’t bear it!

She quickly stood up and forcefully pushed the man away.


At this moment, a loud thump could be heard from the door, resulting in the office’s door getting kicked open and revealing a fine and tall body that entered the room with large strides.

“Doctor Fan?” Doctor Huang was flabbergasted because of the man who had just burst through the door, “What business do you have here?”

Fan Mohuan simply ignored him, and instead, he immediately walked towards Li Yiyi with a pair of cold and indifferent eyes fixated on her.

“Is this how you treat me?” He asked quietly.

His voice was as tender and gentle as always, but Li Yiyi unintentionally had a shiver run down her spine.

“Se-second young master, why are you here?”

“Ah. So basically Doctor Fan, you and Yiyi know each other? Yiyi, why didn’t you tell me about this before?” When Doctor Huang saw this, he forced a smile on his face and came over to get closer to her, worming his way to become her friend.

“You call her Yiyi? Are you that familiar with each other?” Fan Mohuan’s voice sounded icy.

But while he was talking, his eyes were firmly gazing at the same person, Li Yiyi.

Li Yiyi began to feel cold from all over her body.

“Second young master, we are not that familiar with each other. He’s simply my mother’s attending doctor.”

At this moment, Doctor Huang also felt that something was wrong, so he asked, “Doctor Fan, you still haven’t told me what brings you here? And even though you are this hospital’s specially invited expert, you still can’t kick through my office door! This place is a hospital, so disturbances are bad.”

“You brought my girlfriend in here and both of you didn’t leave for half a day. Do you think it’s okay for you to do this?” Fan Mohuan coldly questioned.

When he said this, both Li Yiyi and Doctor Huang were dumbfounded.

“Second young master, what nonsense are you talking about?” Li Yiyi shook her head in confusion.

Doctor Huang threw himself into a fit of laughter. “Doctor Fan, what joke are you playing at? Miss Li is so poor that every time she pays for her mother’s medical fees, she needs to borrow money everywhere. I’ve seen countless times how people would ruthlessly scold her while she just bows her head and smiles apologetically. If she were really your girlfriend, how could you let your own girlfriend be viciously bullied by others?”

Li Yiyi’s entire body suddenly turned ice-cold.

So that’s how it was.

She then slowly raised her hand and angrily slapped Doctor Huang across his face.

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