Chapter 024 Strip and Sit Over There

A ‘Pa’ echoed throughout the room, and the two men inside the office stood there motionlessly.

Doctor Huang’s face looked like he couldn’t believe what she had just done, while Fan Mohuan looked shocked for a moment, but immediately raised a brow soon after, his cold eyes showing a hint of interest.

Li Yiyi put some effort into the slap she gave, so after hitting him, her palm ached dully.

But, the pain she felt in her palm was nothing compared to the rage that was surging in her heart.

She looked at Doctor Huang with daggers in her eyes, “In the end, you simply don’t like me. You only know that my current situation is difficult, so you grabbed me and then tried to coerce me, fully intending to conveniently take advantage of me! You’ve used this method so easily, which means that you’ve already done this before, right? During someone else’s most troubling times, you’ll take advantage of their hardship and conveniently use them for your own pleasure. What about your doctor’s ethics? What about your conscience? Did they get eaten by a dog?”

“You dare hit me? And you still scold me?” Doctor Huang covered his face with his hand and was fuming with rage, “Don’t forget, your mom’s life rests in my hands! How dare you treat me like this! I’ll make you regret this for a lifetime!”


Fan Mohuan suddenly let out a chuckle, “I really want to know, how you, Doctor Huang, intend to make my girlfriend regret this for a lifetime? Are you going to unplug my future mother-in-law’s oxygen tank? Would the hospital even permit this type of matter?”

Doctor Huang’s heart felt alarmed, “Doctor Fan, you…”

“I’ve been a doctor for many years, and I could never use this kind of language to threaten a patient. You’re just a mere attending and you could still skillfully threaten someone? If the director were to hear these words, what would he think?” Fan Mohuan said this without any hurry as he faced Doctor Huang, showing him the recording pen in his hand.

Doctor Huang’s expression immediately changed into a horrified one.

“Doctor Mo, I didn’t mean it like that! I- I was just consumed with rage that I spoke without thinking things through!”

“Tell that to the director!”

Fan Mohuan’s tone was as cold as ice and pulled Li Yiyi out of there.

Li Yiyi mindlessly let him drag her out of the office. When the smell of alcohol hit her senses, she immediately roused and was finally able to process what had happened.

She just wanted to escape quietly.

“If you don’t want me to lift your skirt and spank you here now, give me the truth.” Fan Mohuan’s gloomy voice resounded from ahead.

Li Yiyi felt intimidated and didn’t dare to mess around.

Fan Mohuan then continued to haul her to the elevator’s entrance, entering, then scanning his finger and pressing on the fifth floor’s button. Once a ding was heard, the elevator arrived on the fifth floor, and the elevator’s doors slowly opened from both sides.

Li Yiyi had gone to the hospital for many years. She also took the elevator countless times, but she only saw the fifth floor’s button on the panel. No one had ever pressed it before. There was also someone who once asked the nurse, “What’s the fifth floor for?”

“Oh, that is where the hospital stores its equipment and materials.” The nurse answered this, and no one else probed on.

As a result, when she exited the elevator with Fan Mohuan, Li Yiyi discovered, ‘There is no way that this is simply a storage space!’

The floor they were stepping on was made of marble. With Fan Mohuan, she passed through pictures of famous doctors from every country.

Where was he taking her? What was he thinking?

Li Yiyi really wanted to ask, but seeing that the man in front of her eyes radiated aloofness from his entire body, she simply couldn’t let out a squeak.

Finally, as they reached the end of the corridor, Fan Mohuan opened a door, pulling her to go in.

Li Yiyi then discovered that this was an incredibly spacious house. It had two bedrooms and a living room, and the interior was decorated in a homey fashion. Yet, the atmosphere was cold.

“That chair. Strip and sit over there.”

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