You’re Fired!

Chapter 45.2 A humble boss, cooks hard, loses money, but still has to laugh.

Bai DuanDuan’s eyes were sharp and she noticed at first glance that Ji Lin got a burn mark due to a hot oil splash on his hand when he was frying, but as if he was used to it, he went on frying without saying a word and without even shaking his hand.

Bai Duanduan has had the experience of being scalded by oil before and it was really painful. Although Ji Lin had ordered her not to move or make a mess, she felt that she could not just stand by and do nothing.

“Ji Lin!”

Bai Duanduan ran over and pulled Ji Lin’s hand. Fortunately she was strong enough that after turning the fire off the stove she dragged the reluctant Ji Lin to the faucet. Bai Duanduan put his hand under the running cold water and rinsed it directly. She pulled the cuff of Ji Lin’s sleeve upward again, wanting to expose the wound to the water, but this action let Bai Duanduan see the inside of Ji Lin’s arm, which was usually covered up, was actually full of small and big scars.

Bai Duanduan wasn’t even bothered by running the water and sharply looked at Ji Lin and asked in shock, “You have a tendency to self-harm?”


Ji Lin probably couldn’t hold back at her words, and rolled his eyes at Bai Duanduan before breaking away from her, “What self-harm, do I have nothing better to do than to cut myself everyday? What if the wound gets infected and I need to get tetanus? I have to go to the hospital to see a doctor and waste money….” 


That’s right, one has to see a doctor after self-harm and this was not Ji Lin’s style, but Bai Duanduan was still very concerned about those old scars on Ji Lin’s arm, “Then what is the matter with all these scars? “

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Her favourite beef brisket with tomatoes was already out of the pot, and Bai Duanduan stood there with burning eyes and drooling face.


It was probably because her gaze was too burning that Ji Lin, who was still busy with the last few dishes, couldn’t help but glance at her, and then handed her a pair of chopsticks.


Ji Lin was a little unhappy but he turned his head away and said in a somewhat unnatural voice, “Don’t you want to eat?”

Bai Duanduan was indeed greedy, but it didn’t seem good to eat alone behind the back of the rest of the colleagues….

“It’s such a small pot and they’ve been hungry for so long, so once it goes out, it won’t take long to finish it all, and you’ll probably only get one piece to eat.” Ji Lin gave her a look, “They didn’t do anything but they can eat as many pieces as you, are you willing to let it happen?”

Absolutely not willing !!!!

Bai Duanduan’s insides almost roared and she didn’t even realize the logical problem at all. The rest of her colleagues really didn’t do anything, but although she was squatting in the kitchen, she likewise didn’t do anything too?

But at that moment, Bai Duanduan couldn’t think about that anymore, and she didn’t hesitate before saying, “I’ll eat! I’ll eat!”

She used clean chopsticks to clip several pieces into another bowl, then contentedly inhaled the aroma and was ready to eat up with relish, only when the meat reached her mouth, Bai Duanduan thought about it and lifted the brisket towards Ji Lin’s mouth —

“Come on, Ji Lin! Open your mouth! Aaaa!”

Ji Lin was making the last of the stir-fried seasonal vegetables when he froze at the sudden appearance of the beef brisket in front of him, and the next thing that appeared was Bai Duanduan’s completely magnified face.

It is said that distance creates beauty, but at such a close distance, through the smell of frying oil and smoke, Bai Duanduan was still very beautiful. She had a beauty that was very recognizable to look at. That kind of beauty has a very strong impact at first glance, however Ji Lin never thought about it, but was still very intrigued.


Bai Duanduan saw that Ji Lin didn’t react, but just stared at herself blankly with his widened eyes, so she got a little anxious, “You eat it! I’m a man who drinks water and does not forget who dug the well.” She leaned the beef brisket towards Ji Lin’s mouth again, “Just one bite, it won’t affect the stir-frying in your hand!”

Ji Lin had always felt that feeding such things was quite silly, and even as the fresh aroma of the beef brisket exploded on his taste buds, he still felt that it didn’t change his aura.

He glanced at Bai Duanduan, who hid and ate alone after giving a piece of beef as a tribute to himself. Her face was full of satisfied happiness, like a cat that found a place to bask in the sun on an autumn afternoon.

Bai Duanduan was such an idiot, it’s just a brisket, what’s so special about it? That’s not even the best of his cooking skills. If she tasted the rest of the dishes in that day’s meal, would she be moved to tears on the spot?

Ji Lin thought irresponsibly, besides, the feeding was really idiotic. He would never have eaten it if it wasn’t for the fact that Bai Duan Duan was holding the piece of brisket, which he made himself, so close to his face that it was about to hit him.

Really childish.


Like a retard.

But the brisket was delicious.

So forget it.

Ji Lin was a bit tired after cooking a large table for so many people, but he was in a good mood at the moment. He glanced at Duanduan again, then saw that she was about to chuck a piece of hot beef brisket into her mouth like a greedy person –

Ji Lin almost had a headache and he growled at her, “Bai Duan Duan! Can’t you eat slower!”




When Ji Lin started to cook the dishes, he was so professional and skillful that it was dazzling to see the vegetables being cut. But at the end of the day, Bai Duanduan was eating alone while he was finishing the chores, which inexplicably slowed down the action. By the time Bai Duanduan was seven or eight percent full, Ji Lin finished all the dishes.

He looked at Bai Duanduan, “Alright, you can serve it out, I’ll leave first.” After saying that, as if remembering something, he turned around and said, “Remember to make your clothes a bit messy and roll up the cuffs.”

After speaking, Ji Lin put down his cuffs, fastened his tie again, put on a suit jacket, sorted out his appearance, restored his previous coldness, and walked out of the kitchen blankly. Had it not been for what she saw with her own eyes just now, Bai Duanduan would have thought that Ji Lin, who was capable in front of the stove, was a figment of her own imagination.

But now …… Bai Duanduan cleared her throat and made her clothes look like she had just finished cooking according to Ji Lin’s request, then she opened the kitchen door and called for the rest of the group to come over and help serve the dishes.

Everyone was already hungry enough and now they were salivating at the smell of the food. Most people in particular didn’t really have any expectations or demands about how good the food would be, they just wanted to fill their stomachs, but they obviously didn’t expect that Bai Duanduan would bring them a …… “full banquet” after tossing and turning in the kitchen for a short time!

Yang Fan was the first to blow up rainbow farts, and he looked on the verge of tears of emotion as he ate, “Oh my God! Lawyer Bai, what kind of a goddess you are! How can your cooking be so delicious! Try this beef brisket, it melts in your mouth! And this crispy pork ribs, it’s really crispy to my heart ……”

As they ate, they all echoed from the bottom of their hearts, “I didn’t expect Lawyer Bai to be beautiful and handy, whoever marries her in the future will have saved the galaxy in their last life!”

Not to be outdone, Wang Fangfang swallowed a mouthful of the sweet and sour pork chop and instantly boasted, “Although this is a delicate sweet and sour pork chop, I could obviously feel the love that the maker had put into it as soon as I tasted it, the respect for the ingredients, the love for life from the heart, and the sweet and sour taste that brought me a feast for the palate. With just one bite, you can tell that the person who can make chops like this must be a beautiful and extraordinary young woman…..”

“Ahem ahem ahem ……”

Before she finished this wave of bragging words, Ji Lin, who was dining gracefully without saying a word, suddenly choked and coughed frantically.


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