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Chapter 45.3  A humble boss, cooks hard, loses money, but still has to laugh.

Ji Lin looked at Bai Duanduan, the so-called “beautiful and extraordinary young girl”, and then raised his head and looked up coldly at Wang Fangfang and said meaningfully, “Just speak the truth, if it’s good, it’s good, don’t talk about young girls all the time.”

He said with dissatisfaction, “If you are like this, you’re already suspected of sexism, can’t men make dishes like this?”

Unfortunately, Wang Fangfang didn’t appreciate her boss’s death stare or his words, and she said smugly, “Partner Ji, I’m not saying that you men really can’t cook such divine dishes.” As she said, she took a few more bites from the tofu pot, “It’s so delicious! Men simply can’t make such a delicate taste!”

Ji Lin sank his face, “Don’t say things too absolutely.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Wang Fangfang nodded repeatedly, “I admit my mistake, I used the wrong definite word. It should be, straight men are simply unable to make such delicate-tasting meals at all. Those who can make such a delicious meal, except for our Duanduan, who is beautiful and handy, are the men who can be called ‘sister’.”



Poor Wang Fangfang, who still didn’t know exactly how she had touched the boss’s scales, only looked at Ji Lin, “Hey, Partner Ji, why is your face so ugly? Duanduan’s cooking is so delicious, come on, eat more and be happy!”

She was calling a straight man “sister”, could he be happy……

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Ji Lin elegantly ate his food and said blandly, “It’s true that there’s no way to deal with official business during the day when there is group building activity.”


Yang Fan’s face was relaxed, and Wang Fangfang also had a grateful expression. There were a lot of emails, but the team building activity was for relaxation, so they could finish their work anytime when they got back.

Then Ji Lin continued, “So you guys just work overtime at night.”


Ji Lin smiled, “Didn’t you guys think the food was good? I see you’ve both eaten quite a lot, just in time to stay up late at night and take the edge off, so you can be worthy of a young girl’s cooking, right?”

He deliberately accentuated the pronunciation of “young girl”, but his expression was indifferent and looked natural.


Wang Fangfang and Yang Fan looked at each other, not knowing what they had done to offend their unpredictable and moody boss, while Bai Duanduan, who knew the truth, almost laughed out loud, Ji Lin was too childish! What kind of shrewd vengeance was that?

Unfortunately, the tragedy of Wang Fangfang and Yang Fan did not awaken the rest of the colleagues, and everyone was still blowing up Bai Duanduan in a lopsided manner –

“Look at our lawyer Bai, whoever marries her in the future will have saved the galaxy! Her cooking, you know, whoever eats it will never forget it for the rest of their life! Partner Ji, what do you think?”

Ji Lin looked at Bai Duanduan and pulled the corners of his mouth, giving a completely insincere chortle.

Bai Duanduan said awkwardly, “It’s not so much that you can’t forget this for the rest of your life.” After all, you all will die after eating……

Because Bai Duanduan was recommended by Rong Sheng, Rong Sheng was very proud at the moment and kept patting Ji Lin beside him, “Ji Lin, what’s wrong with you, you don’t even praise lawyer Bai? Why are you smiling so strangely? She has worked hard to cook such a large table of food. It’s good for you. When someone cooks, you should praise them for their work!”


“That’s right!”

“Partner Ji, you have to give our lawyer Bai some compensation!”

“Why not! Why don’t you send a red packet? After all, the hourly salary of lawyer Bai is not low and she has provided such great labor service, doesn’t partner Ji want to show his gratitude?”


Because Rong Sheng took the lead, the crowd followed along with the bold coaxing, and finally forced Ji Lin to really take out his mobile phone and expressionlessly transferred a red packet of two hundred dollars to Bai Duanduan……

Although Ji Lin had a stern face, Bai Duanduan could almost imagine his unbearable heartache at this moment. She even thought of the title —

A humble boss, cooks hard, loses money, but still has to laugh.

It really was too bad.

Not only did he not get a single compliment for his cooking, but he was also being scolded and forced to pay the money.

It was really miserable.

Bai Duanduan originally did not want to receive this red envelope, but the colleagues fiercely urged her to receive the money …… She received the money with fear and trepidation, and immediately secretly transferred it back to Ji Lin. This money, she was ashamed of receiving.

Bai Duanduan originally thought that Ji Lin would be happy to receive the money she returned, but the result was that not only was he not happy, but he did not even receive the money, because as soon as the meal was finished, Rong Sheng sent him off to wash the dishes ……A more realistic way of putting it would be that, apart from Bai Duanduan, Rong Sheng arranged for everyone to wash the dishes together. 


Again, this was a good plan made by the administration department – in order for everyone to experience teamwork, a dish washing session was deliberately arranged, requiring the farmhouse kitchen to be cleaned up.

“Lawyer Bai has worked hard to cook, so she doesn’t need to wash the dishes. The rest of the people will wash the dishes together!” After Rong Sheng finished speaking, he quickly grabbed Ji Lin, who was about to turn around and leave, “Hey, Ji Lin, don’t run, let’s wash the dishes together!”

Ji Lin pursed her lips, “I’m tired.”

After making such a large table of dishes in such a short time, Ji Lin looked really tired.

Unfortunately, Rong Sheng didn’t know this at all, he dragged Ji Lin over, “What are you tired of? Don’t be tired, get up and get high! You haven’t done anything! You’ve just spent half a day lecturing lawyer Bai! Now that you’ve eaten such a good meal, you don’t want to wash the dishes? Let’s go! Since it’s a group building activity, we need to be more cohesive and,you, as the boss who did nothing, should take the lead in washing the dishes with love!”

Ji Lin had no way to argue, so he finally gave Bai Duanduan a look and was pulled away by Rong Sheng to wash the dishes with love with a look of hopelessness.

That glance of his, with its long meaning, had a bit of pity and grief, making Bai Duanduan’s heart ache for him for a second.

And it was not until he was completely gone that Bai Duanduan remembered that he had not yet received the red packet she had returned.

The author has something to say:

I also shed tears of sympathy for Partner Ji today…

[Small Theater]

Many years later, when the true level of Bai Duanduan’s cooking skills was exposed at the law firm……


Every day, Bai Duanduan, who had been working hard to improve her cooking skills, would bring along a new dish she had practiced last night to share with her colleagues at the firm —

Law firm’s colleague A: Lawyer Bai, please give me a break, I have an old man and a young child at home, I can’t die!

Law firm’s colleague B: Lawyer Bai, I drank so much yesterday that my stomach bled! My stomach can’t take any more stimulation now!

Yang Fan: Lawyer Bai, a life spared is worth seven pagodas! It’s better to be merciful, Master!

Wang Fangfang: Duanduan, we’re friends, right? If we are friends, then let me go!

Ji Lin pursed his lips before saying: I’ll eat.

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