You’re Fired!

Chapter 45.1 A humble boss, cooks hard, loses money, but still has to laugh.

“Wonderful! Bravo! Grateful to have you, lawyer Bai!”

“Hey, I’m starving, so I’m just waiting to eat your cooking!”

“I’m looking forward to it! I’m so excited to try your cooking that even our picky-mouthed Partner Rong can be sure of!”

Faced with the expectant eyes of the crowd, Bai Duanduan was really in a difficult position and wanted to confess on the spot, “Partner Rong, in fact, that meal was not…..”


It’s a pity that as soon as Bai Duanduan opened her mouth, Ji Lin interrupted her with a natural face, “Bai Duanduan, don’t praise yourself. Instead of bragging here that that meal wasn’t your highest level, show us your highest level now!”

After he finished, he glanced at Rong Sheng, “You guys go wait outside first, let Bai Duanduan go into the kitchen and cook.”

Yang Fan was quite enthusiastic, “Then I’ll stay and see what I have to fight for!”

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Ji Lin did not say anything more, just implicitly glanced at Bai Duanduan. However, based on her understanding of Ji Lin, Bai Duanduan got the man’s unfinished words in a second. He was being sarcastic in a roundabout way about her thick skin that this knife couldn’t even pierce…


If just then Bai Duanduan did not want to cook, she wants to do it now.  She felt that she should still make an effort to poison Ji Lin to death.

Although the owner of the farmhouse did not cook the food, the ingredients were all handled and cleaned. Bai Duanduan had just picked up a handful of greens, only for Ji Lin to stop herself with a frown, “Put the vegetables down.”

Didn’t he say she would do the cooking herself?

Bai Duanduan looked at Ji Lin in confusion, then watched as he took off his suit jacket in front of her, untied the cuffs and pulled up the sleeves, picked up the knife he had just put down again, and then walked towards herself.

She don’t know why, but at that moment, only one sentence came to Bai Duanduan’s mind —

One day, with the sword in hand, he will kill every Duanduan b!tch in the world.

The way Ji Lin was walking now, with his aggressive attitude and pursed lips— it made Bai Duanduan’s heart stutter for no reason…

But soon, she reassured herself that even if Ji Lin had a knife in his hand, he was no match for her. If he wanted to attack herself, she would kick away his knife first, then lift her foot over his shoulder, and land a punch in his face. With a little force, she could still knock him out with a bloody nose. 

An operation like hitting someone in the face, although the damage value inflicted was not the most vicious, it would be a devastating blow to the opponent’s morale…

Bai Duanduan had already simulated beating Ji Lin in her mind like that. But the man holding the knife walked past her with a sullen face and went straight to the chopping board, picked up a large white and tender radish, and began to…

Began to cut it with a murderous look on his face…

Soon, the radish was cut, and Ji Lin picked up the bok choy and began to chop them……


The man was wearing an expensive formal shirt and meticulously treating the vegetables on the chopping board like a case, which was a bit oddly incongruous, but surprisingly quite handsome!

Bai Duanduan secretly took out her mobile phone, ready to capture a “picture” of Ji Lin to post in her friend circle…

As soon as she took out her phone, Ji Lin’s cold voice rang out, “Bai Duanduan, don’t take pictures, put down your phone and guard the door properly, absolutely no one can come in.”


Ji Lin looked back at Bai Duanduan warningly, “This matter must never be leaked out. Otherwise your salary will be deducted.”

Bai Duanduan was not convinced, “Why! Although my cooking skills are terrible, I won’t rob others of credit. If you made a table of food for everyone to eat today, of course you should be praised by everyone. Not to mention, the boss personally washed his hands to make soup. How touching would it be for the employees to eat it? Don’t you think this fits the theme of team building very well?”

“Absolutely not.” Ji Lin gave Bai Duanduan a gnashing death stare, “I absolutely cannot let Rong Sheng know that I cooked the meal at home that day.”

Only then did it dawn on Bai Duanduan and she shook her head, “So, who told you to say that I cooked the meal in the first place….. it’s not too late, I can confess now…”

“No.” At that moment Ji Lin has finished cutting up all the vegetables, and was cutting up the chicken now. After he coldly interrupted Bai Duanduan, he cut off the head of the chicken with a sharp knife and continued in the same tone, “If you let Rong Sheng know about it…”

Bai Duanduan thought, in that situation, his next sentence must be “Your future will be like this chicken.” 

However, Ji Lin didn’t look at Bai Duanduan anymore. He withdrew his gaze and lowered his head. His voice was still cold, yet very unnatural, as he continued, “I’ll lose face.”



Probably Bai Duanduan’s lack of response made Ji Lin a little uneasy, and he repeated in a somewhat harsh tone, “Do you remember? Don’t let Rong Sheng or anyone else know, definitely don’t let them know that I cook for you. It should only stay between us that I cook for you, do you remember?”

“I won’t deduct your salary. After all, there is a clear distinction between public and private matters. Your recent work performance is fine, but I hope you keep your mouth shut and can live up to the amount of rice you ate from my family.”

Although Ji Lin’s appearance was full of threats, Bai Duanduan was not scared at all and she almost burst out laughing.

So in fact, if Rong Sheng found out, Ji Lin would lose face?

Doesn’t Ji Lin know that threatening someone not to say anything always requires a little deterrent warning? His admonition was both annoying and pathetic, and he was not even willing to dock her salary. All of this really doesn’t have any deterrent effect at all ah.

Probably chopping vegetables like crazy was not Ji Lin’s style at all, but it’s kind of cute.

Bai Duanduan was in a good mood, “Okay, then I’ll begrudgingly take the credit for cooking!”


Bai Duanduan wanted to help, but Ji Lin thought she was getting in the way, so he asked her to sit down. So Bai Duanduan sat down peacefully, like a vicious stepmother who enslaved the “gray boy” and supervised his skills.

It has to be said that Ji Lin was really quite capable. Normally, this man was tough enough to put up a front at work, but no one would have thought that he would be a completely different person in the kitchen. 

Although still agile, but in the end, one person was responsible for the meals of dozens of people in the whole house. He has to be fast and the meal have to taste delicious as well. Ji Lin looked like he can’t wait to become an octopus with multiple tentacles can work simultaneously.

He stir-fried only for a while and it was already time to take the fish out of the steamer on the side. In addition, the chicken stock on the stove should be switched to a gentle heat, and then the beef brisket with tomatoes in the pressure cooker seems to be simmering…… 


The never-failing Ji Lin could not help but appear a little broken and confused at that moment.

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