Watch You Turn Naughty

Chapter 11: It’s So Cold (1)

Huo Konghe seemed to have learned his lesson. He would send Yao Yao a message wherever he went, and told her whatever he did.

Sometimes, when Yao Yao was busy and didn’t have time to reply to him, he would still continue to send messages obediently.

When he was getting off work on Friday, Yao Yao asked him, “Are you coming tonight?”

Huo Konghe, who was studying in the library, replied, “Okay.”

Old Hei looked at Huo Konghe silently. The number of times this man had been checking his phone and sending messages had obviously increased. There was surely something going on.


Huo Konghe packed his things and stood up. “I’ll get going first.”

“Oh… Alright.” Old Hei nodded, thinking in his heart, He must be going on a date!

The two of them decided to meet at the supermarket near Yao Yao’s house. Huo Konghe took the bus and when he arrived, Yao Yao was already drinking milk tea at the dessert shop, located near the entrance of the supermarket.

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“Oh, I’m fine,” Yao Yao said. The two of them walked side by side in the supermarket, like a loving couple discussing what to eat tonight.


Before paying, Yao Yao took two boxes of 001.

Huo Konghe’s ears became a little red. He quickly turned around and scanned the QR code to pay the bill.

Yao Yao went up to him with a cheeky smile and touched his ear. The two of them then drove home.

While Huo Konghe was cooking, Yao Yao went to take a shower. After taking a shower, Yao Yao came out to eat, dressed in a bathrobe.

Huo Konghe had prepared chicken soup, the spicy shredded pork with garlic sauce that Yao Yao liked, and scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

Yao Yao was eating happily. Halfway through, she suddenly remembered that the trending topic she read about the girls of S University being mass jilted.

“Do girls confess to you often?” Yao Yao picked up the white pepper and sprinkled some into the soup.

“Mm…” Huo Konghe hesitated for a moment and decided to tell her the truth.” Yes.”

“Then, what happened after you said you had a girlfriend?” Yao Yao snorted and asked.

“Even more people came to look for me,” Huo Konghe said in distress.

Yao Yao understood this logic. When the otherworldly male god suddenly said that he had a girlfriend, everyone thought that they had a chance.

Seeing that Yao Yao didn’t say anything, Huo Konghe asked carefully, “Are you angry?”


Yao Yao looked up calmly. “No, I’m just being gossipy.”

“Oh.” For some reason, Huo Konghe’s heart skipped a beat.

Yao Yao felt her golden retriever’s tail suddenly droop. She didn’t say anything more, and simply urged him to take a shower after their meal.

After Huo Konghe came out of the shower, he found that the bedroom door was half-closed, and there was a dim light inside. He pushed the door open and entered. Seeing the scene inside, his breath hitched.

Yao Yao was lying sideways on her bed. She was wearing a black lacy bra that was tightly wrapped around her softness. Her p*bic area was shaved, and her lower body was fair and tender as the black thong pulled taut against the pink seams of her flesh.

There was a transparent glass bowl in front of her, with an ice cream ball inside. Seeing that Huo Konghe was here, Yao Yao scooped a spoonful of ice cream and fed it to her own mouth. A small drop of white liquid flowed out of the corner of her mouth and slowly slid down her chin before dripping on her chest.

“Mm… It’s so cold.” Yao Yao reached out, wiped the drop of white sticky liquid off and placed it into her mouth.

What a seductress! Huo Konghe thought to himself as he walked over and took off his bathrobe. He threw it on the chair beside him, leaving only a pair of boxers. Then, he walked towards Yao Yao, his muscles tensing up.

Seeing him walk over with a sullen face, Yao Yao didn’t panic. Instead, she scooped another spoonful of ice cream. When he sat down at the edge of the bed, her hand trembled, and the ice cream landed on the softness of her chest before slowly sliding down.

“Ah… It’s so cold. Help me get rid of it quickly.” Yao Yao tried her best to push her chest out to prevent the ice cream from sliding down, so Huo Konghe grabbed her by her waist and hugged her. Her entire upper body was in his arms, so he lowered his head and stuck out his tongue to lick the ice cream that was about to slide into her cleavage.

“There’s more here.” Huo Konghe’s tongue followed the trail of the ice cream. The ice cream was even sweeter than the bubble tea, but he didn’t feel sick of it at all. Instead, he refused to let go, as if he was addicted.

Her fair and tender milky flesh had just been chilled by the ice cream, and now, it was licked by his burning tongue, making Yao Yao sigh in contentment.


“Mmm… It’s so comfortable…” Yao Yao touched Huo Konghe’s chest muscles gently and circled his n*pples with her fingers, while he bit her nipple through her thin bra.

“Ah!” Yao Yao glared at him, but he simply pried open her bra as if he was comforting her, and started to lick her n*pples. Looking at her eyes that were gradually losing focus, he picked up the ice cream and took a bite.

“Don’t you dislike sweet food… Mm! Ahh!” Huo Konghe, who still had ice cream in his mouth, actually bit her n*pple, giving her both warm and cold stimulation at the same time!

“Ugh… It’s so cold…” Yao Yao tightened her legs, not wanting him to notice the wetness between them.

But how could Huo Konghe let her have her way? The thin thong couldn’t stop him at all. He pried open her tightly-shut legs with one hand, and touched the seams of her already moist flesh with the other. Then, he parted her petals, and touched the small bead that looked like a pearl, fiddling with it with his fingertips and stimulated her even more.

“Ah, ah…” Yao Yao grabbed Huo Konghe’s arm tightly. The latter let go of her waist, and she fell back onto the bed.

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