Watch You Turn Naughty

Chapter 11: It’s So Cold (2)

Huo Konghe was about to get up and get the packet of 001 when Yao Yao grabbed his hand and didn’t let go.

“I’m going to get…” Huo Konghe was halfway through his sentence when Yao Yao sat up, took off his underwear, and held his enraged meat stick with her delicate little hand.

She shook her head and slowly stroked his dragon root from top to bottom, as her red lips parted slightly. “There’s no need. It’s a safe period for me.” She looked up at the stunned Huo Konghe and added, “Besides, I like it when you shoot inside.”

Huo Konghe pressed Yao Yao back onto the bed and covered her mouth. Her little tongue slid into his mouth softly and smoothly, and once it found his tongue, she began to play with it.

“Hm…” Yao Yao propped herself up using his shoulder and enjoyed this affectionate moment with him. Huo Konghe undid her bra that was in the way, and finally touched her softness with his hand, kneading it neither too gently nor too forcefully.


Yao Yao wrapped her legs around his waist and adjusted herself, aiming her core directly above his meat stick.

Then, she leaned forward and tried her best to devour the entire meat stick. Huo Kong did as she wished and thrusted his entire shaft in. 

“Ah, ah…” Yao Yao cried out in satisfaction. Huo Konghe got up, held Yao Yao’s waist, and started to pump in and out of her quickly.

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“Ah!” Yao Yao, who was hit, trembled for a moment, and her tiny passage also suddenly shrank and tightened, biting tightly onto the meat stick that was playing with her.


Huo Konghe seemed to be amused by this, and he started to slap her butt with his big hand. Of course, they weren’t powerful slaps, but it wasn’t light either, which agitated Yao Yao so much that tears welled up in her eyes and her flower core couldn’t help shrinking.

“Ah… Ah… You… Don’t…” Her two b*tt cheeks were red from the beating, and there were crisscrossing fingerprints on them. Huo Konghe pulled her slender wrist as if he was possessed, and she was forced to straighten her back. Then, he pulled her wrist rhythmically, syncing with his thrusts. When he pushed forward, he would pull her wrist her wrist back, causing her to be forced to sheath his fleshy stick, as if she was the one who came up to him herself.

“…I can’t take it anymore… Argh…” The tight passage shrank frantically, and a large amount of l*wd water washed over his engorged c*ck.

Before Yao Yao collapsed, Huo Konghe grabbed her waist and held her tits from behind with both hands. She reached out and grabbed the top of the bed in a moment of panic, but Huo Konghe never stopped moving, as if he was going to destroy her with his pounding. He even began another round of pounding again just when she was still recovering from her climax.

“I… really can’t… Mmm… Mmm…” The sensitive little cave was still biting his dragon root. His big hand pulled her n*pples into cones before he was willing to let go, and her n*pples trembled as they were released. Yao Yao turned around and tears finally flowed down her face. Her red lips searched for his lips, as if she was looking for an exit.

Huo Konghe went forward and kissed her. Yao Yao bit him in a mess, as if she couldn’t stand him f*cking her like this, and was urgently looking for a place to vent.

Drops of saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth, but the two of them had no time to care. Yao Yao’s attention was all on the big hand on her chest and the fleshy stick that kept torturing her lower body.

Huo Konghe’s meat stick swelled slightly, and Yao Yao knew that he was going to c*m. As expected, Huo Konghe tightened his grip on her tits and started his final sprint.

“Mmm… Argh… Don’t… Argh!” Huo Konghe growled and held her firmly, not letting her body go limp. Not a single drop of s*men was left as he shot into her body.

Huo Konghe panted heavily and let go of her. Yao Yao lost her support, and fell on the bed too. The meat stick separated from the small cave with a pop. Thick white s8men slowly flowed out of the bright red hole, and the hole shrank slightly.

Something flowed out of Yao Yao’s core, but she no longer had the strength to clamp it tightly. She didn’t even have the strength to move her fingers.

She was so tired that it seemed as though she was losing consciousness. Huo Konghe wiped her entire body with a hot towel, but when he was cleaning her p*ssy, she still couldn’t help but tremble. 


She was picked up by a pair of warm arms. Even though she was naked, she didn’t feel cold. She was wrapped into the cold blanket, and the source of warmth came from the person beside her. She hugged him tightly.

Huo Konghe kissed her forehead gently.


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