Wholeheartedly Willing

Chapter 13: The flavor of tea

Wang Yu sobered up instantly. He didn’t even get to see who was the woman in Yu Xiucheng’s arms as the waiters surrounding him pulled him away immediately.  

The door of the opened room closed, and the whole world turned quiet once more. Then, Lin Xi cried out again as the man ruthlessly pounded inside her. “Hmm… don’t… hmmm… ah…” 

It was so strong and deep. Yu Xiucheng’s c*ck kept hitting the opening of her womb. Sore and numbing sensations rushed on her nerve endings like a series of fireworks explosions in the atmosphere, dancing on every part of her body.  

She was about to go crazy, and she had a premonition that Yu Xiucheng would f*ck her to death today. Her brain was sending dangerous signals, warning her. 

“Yu… hmm… oh… Yu Xiucheng!”  


Her spine, which seemed to have been pulled away from her body, returned to its original position. Because of pleasure, it was forced to stiffen, tensing inch by inch. Then, it formed a beautiful arch bridge in Yu Xiucheng’s arms.   

Yu Xiucheng kept on f*cking her, and she cl*maxed over and over again. The rush of pleasure almost rubbed thin the chords of rationality in her mind. It became thinner and thinner. 

The moment it broke, a bubbling wave surged in the depths of her body. Her body went limp, and she fell into Yu Xiucheng’s arms.   

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The more the girl talked about it, the more it became mysterious. Lin Xi was amused. Keeping her mobile phone in her hand bag, she stood up and said, “Hurry, and put on your makeup.” 


The birthday banquet was held tonight, and everyone in the club had to attend Mr. Li’s grand celebration for Jiujiu including Lin Xi. 

“Hey, sister Lin Xi, won’t Yu Xiucheng come and accompany you tonight?”

Walking out, she closed the door and ignored the girl’s question. She walked to the main venue. As she pushed open the door, she caught a glimpse of the lady of the night in the middle of the crowd, Jiujiu.   

The woman was truly very beautiful, but whenever Lin Xi saw her gorgeous face, she would always have a sense of disconnection in her mind. Somehow, Jiujiu’s beautiful face was the opposite of the woman who spoke harsh words in the dressing room even though they were the same person. There was some sense of separation.  

Jiujiu was affectionately holding onto the fat man in a suit beside her. Upon seeing Lin Xi, she cheerfully let go of the old man and ran to the door, grabbing her hand. “I thought there are a lot of gold masters willing to give you gifts every day. It’s strange that you don’t have any jewelry, I can lend you a few pieces if you like. Anway, we’re sisters.” 

Jiujiu’s control of her voice was really excellent, and the two of them holding hands looked like good sisters. Mr. Li followed Jiujiu, and she immediately grabbed his arm, leaning her head on it. “Mr. Li, is it okay if I give the necklace you gave me last year to Lin Xi? You see, she doesn’t have any jewelry. She’s so poor. The necklace you gave me last year is already a bit old-fashioned on me, but with her, it will be just right!” 

See, here we go again.   

“Of course, but only if she likes it.” The old man didn’t know the flavor of the girl’s tea. He dotingly smiled at Jiujiu, his small eyes narrowed into a slit. It seemed to be close. “My baby is so kind.”

Lin Xi stood at the side, without a sense of belongingness. She was full of indifference as she watched the two of them. 

“Also, Uncle Li, just now, Lin Xi told me she would like some champagne~” 

As soon as this nonsensical remark was spoken, Lin Xi wasn’t sure if Mr. Li understood it. But she was aware that Jiujiu meant champagne tower. 

Champagne tower was the most expensive of all wines in Ye Tan. The price was according to glasses, and it was mentioned that the 100-glasses champagne tower had not been ordered for the past several years. 


Lin Xi knew what was on Jiujiu’s mind. Tonight, if Mr. Li gave Jiujiu a 100-glasses champagne tower during her birthday, it would cement her position as the top sister in Ye Tan. 


“Be a good girl, baby. Didn’t you mention that you had an upset stomach recently? What kind of wine do you want?” 

Unfortunately, the old man didn’t want to pay for the wine. He placed his arm around Jiujiu who wasn’t happy about the situation. Mr. Li talked to Lin Xi for a bit, then he embraced the pouting Jiujiu and left.   

Lin Xi found a comfortable position and sat. The waiter brought out Jiujiu’s three-layered cake, but Jiujiu didn’t look happy. She was still cold, her face covered in frost while the old man coaxed her to no avail. 

“I heard rumors that Mr. Li isn’t that rich. Because of his love for Jiujiu, he almost emptied his family’s wealth.” 

Lin Xi heard the girls whispering close to her as the lights went out. Jiujiu was ready to blow the candle. 

“Yeah, she’s not happy about this shitty birthday party wrapping up for one night only. It really is not enough for her. She’s very unpopular.”

“Let’s ask her to play the piano later. I want to see what she can do.” 

“Wow, you’re really naughty, but I like it!” 

The girls laughed in small voices. 

After blowing out the candles, the lights came on and Jiujiu turned to Lin Xi. Her big eyes were staring at her. “Lin Xi, today is my birthday. Can you play the piano for me?” 


“No problem.” 

Lin Xi stood up gracefully, straightening the hem of her dress. 

“What would you like to listen to?” 

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