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Chapter 40.4: An Independent and Rational Woman

  Knowing that his father was tight-lipped, there was absolutely no chance of it being circulated. As such, Huo Rongshen spoke truthfully, “Jiang Dai will not be alone. Even though she may appear to be the one who places the pieces on this chessboard, she has someone providing her with assistance in the background. All in all, she will be able to handle it.”

  After a long pause, Father Huo stated, “Even if she is able to deal with it, it will still be challenging. Since you have her in your heart after all this time, you, as a man, should be more initiative and make a move whenever the time calls for it.”

  Noticing that Huo Rongshen had no reaction, Father Huo merely assumed his words had gotten through Huo Rongshen.

  After all, he had always been like this since he was young. Even if the words had gotten through him, he would remain silent, like the taciturn person he was.

  Just as Father Huo was about to take a sip of tea, Huo Rongshen pointed out solemnly all of a sudden, “This technique of yours, dad, is so outdated. Nowadays, we no longer pursue women in that manner.”

  Upon hearing that, several question marks made their appearance around Father Huo’s head.

  On seeing this, Huo Rongshen added, “Even Shenli is well aware of it. In terms of game techniques, one can only give away kills but never kill-snatch from the one he likes whilst jungling.”

  Not believing his ears, Father Huo questioned, “……Excuse me?”

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  Noticing that he appeared rather sullen, Jiang Dai took a seat next to him and began to cheer him up. “If you feel bored from being holed up at home, you can always invite your old friends over to play chess, or have some tea, so long as you deem them trustworthy.”

  Upon hearing that, Father Jiang shook his head repeatedly. “Thanks, but no thanks. It will only last for several days, and it is not as though I am still a kid who can’t handle it any longer.”

  At length, he continued, “I guess it was only when one reaches their end would they be able to see through those around him. At this juncture, nothing is certain since there is no one else I’d trust other than my wife and daughter.”

  Detecting the negativity in her dad’s words, Jiang Dai could not help but reach out and poke his face with her finger gently. “You only have a cyst, old man, and it has already been removed as well. What’s more, the doctor confirmed that your liver is working perfectly fine. So, what is with all this ‘being at your end’ foolishness?”

  With that, Father Jiang could not refrain from laughing as well. “That’s true, but it is all because of this stupid news.”

  Her dad’s words had indeed made Jiang Dai laugh. “Get real, Dad, this is the show we have orchestrated to have all who are covetous assume that you are critically ill? Please don’t get too into it, alright?”

  With that, Father Jiang apologized, “……I’m sorry for having little experience with this since this is my first time putting on an act.”

  On the surface, Jiang Dai might appear to be cracking jokes with her dad, but she, in actual fact, was seriously analyzing the reason for his disappointment.

  Second Brother’s disloyalty and his ambitious nephew’s viciousness must undoubtedly have broken his heart.

  Even so, it was not like he had only found out about this matter today. Be that as it may, it was not difficult for Jiang Dai to guess what her dad was actually worried about.

  With that in mind, Jiang Dai probed, “Since Third Uncle has always respected and believed in you, there is no harm in getting in touch with Third Uncle, Dad. If Third Uncle were to know that you are actually not critically ill, he would certainly stand on our side.”

  As she said so, Jiang Dai seemed to have hit the nail on the head regarding the situation, as Father Jiang merely shook his head in response.

  When one had lived out most of their life, the scariest and most lamentable scenario that could ever occur was probably the betrayal of two brothers with whom they had grown up together.

  Seeing that Father Jiang still refused to budge, Jiang Dai did not force him to. “In that case, why don’t you just set your mind at rest? I believe Third Uncle will make the right choice.”

  After this incident, the true colors of everyone——those part of the Jiang family, the outsiders, and those at all levels of Bao Li——would all be written explicitly in the papers. From then on, no one would ever be deceived again.


  On the sixth day, Jiang Dai finally made her way back to the office and resumed her work.

  The short sleeve black dress she donned was fashioned in such a simple style that it appeared as though she had randomly grabbed an outfit from her luggage.

  Not only were her eyes hidden behind a pair of shades, but her lips were also contrastingly bright red. Even so, it was not difficult to fathom that it was merely a concealment of her pale complexion. 

  As soon as Jiang Dai made an appearance, Second Uncle Jiang announced that a board meeting was to be convened at short notice. On top of that, he had even gone as far as to instruct several senior management team members with stock rights to attend the meeting.

  With that, Second Uncle Jiang made a preemptive attempt to be the first person to step into the boardroom. Taking the lead in sitting at the head of the table, he then had his son and Third Brother take a seat on his left and right sides, respectively.

  By the time she entered the room, it had dawned on Jiang Dai that she had nowhere to sit. Just when Wen Yan was about to grab a chair for her, Jiang Dai indicated with her hand that there was no need for that. 

  As her eyes swept over the meeting table, the corner of Jiang Dai’s lips quirked up, as she could not help but scoff lightly at that conceited and arrogant expression on her Second Uncle’s face. 

  Making her way to the head of the table, she simply leaned against the back of the seat before giving it an unhurried push. After watching it fly half a meter away, she then stood before everyone imposingly with her hands pressing down on the table.

  “It has been half a month since we last saw each other, Directors. Has life been treating you well?”

  As the Directors were at a loss as to what to do next, they could not help but exchange glances with each other.

  Silence had merely settled over them for four to five seconds before a flurry of questions broke out:

  “Little President Jiang, what exactly is Chairman Jiang’s medical condition? How could you keep such an important matter from us?”

  “That’s right! We have been shareholders for decades, so how can we be uninformed when something has happened to Chairman Jiang?”

  “Little President Jiang, how you handled this matter is indeed unreliable!”

  “Chairman Jiang has undergone surgery? How is his recovery coming along?”

  “Those reports on the news can’t be real, right?!”

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