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Chapter 40.5: An Independent and Rational Woman

  Raising her hand, Jiang Dai made a ‘Stop’ hand gesture. “As for everyone’s questions, I will address them all today. First and foremost, my dad has indeed traveled to Switzerland for surgery, which turned out to be a success. Not only has he made a full recovery, but he is also recuperating at home at present.”

  Before the sound of his voice could fade, everyone in the room burst into an excited babble.

  “The surgery went well? Then, why did Chairman Jiang not make an appearance thus far?”

  “That’s right! If Chairman Jiang can’t make it to the office, why don’t you let us visit him at home?”

  “Is Chairman Jiang really going to be alright? Then, what is this about him having pancreatic cancer?”

  With thunderous applause, Jiang Zhuyuan interrupted, “Daidai, this lying ability of yours sure has become increasingly impressive. It is evident that Uncle is critically ill, so much so that he is no longer in any condition for receiving visitors. Who knows, he may have already lost consciousness at this point? Yet, here you are, concealing the truth. So, what exactly is your motive behind all this?”

  Slamming his fist on the table with anger, Second Uncle Jiang exclaimed, “How dare you, Jiang Dai! Bao Li does not belong to your dad alone, so what exactly are you trying to do?”

  On the contrary, Jiang Dai remained calm and composed. “Get a hold of yourself. Haven’t I said that my dad has made a full recovery? In any case, the accuracy of those rumors outside is not even at 1 percent, so I do hope that all shareholders can make a rational judgment for themselves.”

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  In Jiang Zhuyuan’s perspective, he had long since taken half the number of shareholders under his command. Together with his father and Third Uncle, the total sum, regardless of whether it was based on the number of votes or the total share ratio, Jiang Dai was no match for him.

  With that in mind, he simply disregarded Jiang Dai’s reminder as it posed little to no threat to him.

  At this juncture, he assumed that he was merely a step away from power.

  Twenty minutes later, all the votes had been tallied. It so appeared that two shareholders voted in favor of removing Jiang Dai from her CEO position and having all 31% of the holding shares under Chairman Jiang’s name be managed by the Board of Directors on his behalf.

  To her surprise, the results turned out to be far different from what she had initially expected. With an expression like a smile yet not quite a smile, she cast a glance at both of them, only to find that their faces had taken on a ghastly expression. At this moment, she reckoned that the last thing they had expected was for them to be the only ones who had voted in favor! 

  Jiang Zhuyuan had distinctly assured them that there would be more than half of them who would vote in favor!

  Sprawling into his chair, it seemed as though Jiang Zhuyuan had been hollowed out at an instant, unable to make an utterance for a long while.

  He was fairly sure he had calculated each step so clearly that every task was completed perfectly. Thus, he simply could not figure out why they had changed their minds at the last minute…… 

  As for Second Uncle Jiang, he had simply lost all control of himself and fell apart completely. Raising his voice at Third Bro, he thumped his fist on the table in utter rage. “What’s wrong with you, Third Brother? Are you planning to just stand by and watch while Jiang Dai takes away all of Big Bro’s shares and our entire Bao Li?”

  Even after hemming and hawing for a long while, Third Uncle Jiang could not utter the whys and wherefores of his actions.

  Seeing how things had panned out, it had taken Jiang Zhuyuan ages before he was able to bring himself from his near-comatose state. With red-rimmed eyes, he favored Third Uncle Jiang with a hard stare. “Third Uncle, you know perfectly well that Uncle is undoubtedly in critical conditions and may not have long to live. As such, our Jiang family has to stay united as one at this very moment, so what the h*ll have gone through your mind?”

  At the head of the table, Jiang Dai looked on coldly as this pair of father and son staged their schemes all by themselves.

  Right at that very moment, the doors to the boardroom were thrown wide open all of a sudden. 

  To everyone’s surprise, Chairman Jiang was seated in a wheelchair, and his secretary was wheeling him into the boardroom.

  Everyone could not help but be rendered stunned at this sight.

  “Chairman Jiang…… Y-You are finally here!” 

  “You look amazing, Chairman Jiang! I just knew that those rumors couldn’t be real!”

  “Sheesh, you sure have scared us half to death this time! What happened to you, Chairman Jiang? Now that we have been friends for so many decades, you have given us quite a scare when we saw the news!”

  As the colors drained out of his face, Jiang Zhuyuan felt as though he had had a dream. In any case, he certainly found it very difficult to wrap his head around what had happened.

  Whereas, this sight had left Second Uncle Jiang feeling completely muddled before he rushed forward. “Are you alright, Big Bro? It’s…… great to hear that you are alright! What’d I tell you? You are extremely fortunate and blessed, so you’ll definitely be fine!”

  As his eyes were rimmed with red, Third Uncle Jiang was close to tears. “Big Brother……”

  Be that as it may, Father Jiang simply held his daughter’s hand before giving it a light pat.  

  A seemingly profound emotion swimming in his eyes as his gaze pierced through Second Uncle Jiang. With a deep voice, Father Jiang opined, “We have been brothers for five decades, Second Brother, but I would never have thought that you would be yearning for my early death?”

  Upon hearing that, it dawned on Second Uncle Jiang that he was done for this time.

  All in all, he had ruined everything with his own hands.


  Weeping bitterly, Second Uncle Jiang attempted to come up with numerous excuses.

  Instead, Jiang Dai projected the pieces of evidence that she had prepared beforehand on the screen with a smile. “Let’s save the tears, Second Uncle. It is still not too late for you to cry after looking at all the things that your son has done.”

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