Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 41.1: Cousin’s Demise

  Standing before Father Jiang, Second Uncle Jiang continued coming up with excuses. As such, the head of the table was finally vacated.

  Pushing the chair by the backrest, Wen Yan shifted it before Jiang Dai.

  As soon as Jiang Dai had taken a seat, Wen Yan also followed suit and grabbed a seat next to her. Without further ado, he took over the control of the mouse that controlled the massive screen and began navigating through the slides for all the shareholders.

  Wen Yan disclosed, “Please take a look, everyone. This was from early last year when Vice President Jiang sold the formula of our new product created by our Zhen Xiu’s R&D team to Zhang Clan Ya Li Group. As you can see, this record illustrates the payment that Zhang Clan had credited into one of Miss Xie Meiqi’s private accounts. Essentially, all the transactions between Vice President Jiang and Zhang Clan were done through his wife’s offshore account. That is why it is almost impossible for them to be detected.”

  At this moment, all the shareholders around the conference table were utterly astounded at the news.

  “60 million dollars? Was it really Vice President Jiang who sold the formula?”

  “It’s no wonder that the patent product that our R&D team had spent years developing had fallen into the hands of our rivals. Who would have thought there’d be a mole within our midst??”

  As for the more emotional ones, they had pretty much lashed out, “Are you mental, Jiang Zhuyuan? Not only are you a descendant of the Jiang family, but you also own shares in Bao Li. Even if you do not succeed the company, you are still entitled to stock dividends. Please do tell how this patent of ours is only worth 60 million dollars? Yet, it was this mere pittance that has compelled you to betray the interests of all the shareholders.” 

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  This whole time he had always presumed Jiang Dai merely harbored suspicions of him. As such, not once had it crossed his mind that she was even able to uncover any evidence.

  If she could get her hands on any, she would probably have long since thrown them in his face.

  At this juncture, he had not only been dealt with a stunning blow from his foiled plan but also flat-out received a critical hit from the gleaming accounting record reflected on the screen. If he had been several years older with ordinary cardiac function, he feared he would have had a heart attack then and there.

  Eventually, it took Jiang Zhuyuan much effort to regain his composure. With an unusually unyielding tone, he roared, “You are just trying to tarnish my name, Jiang Dai! Not only does this so-called accounting record of yours not even belong to my wife, but it also has nothing to do with me. You sure are malicious enough to have found a random overseas account with the same name and placed it upon me! Sure, I have never been fond of the way you monopolize power and I never will!”

  Without further ado, he continued, “Even so, do you have the guts to ask all the uncles seated in this room to see how many of them are genuinely convinced by you? Growing up, you have never spent a minute of your life caring about the family business. Yet, you have gotten a divorce from your husband all of a sudden before making your way back here to monkey around with Bao Li. Who knows when you’d, once again, fall in love, get married, and even have a child? When that time comes, what sort of condition would Bao Li end up in? On top of that, you do not even possess any business experience. Ever since you have taken up the CEO position, all you have done is create publicity stunts by utilizing internet marketing strategies! Who in their right mind will yield to you??” 

  Upon hearing that, the corners of Jiang Dai’s lips curled without a single hint of genuine mirth. “It is far too late for you to pull the sentiment card and attempt to change the topic now, my dear cousin. Even if all the shareholders do not fully trust me, the voting situation today, at the very least, illustrates that the vast majority of the shareholders deems me considerably more trustworthy than you and Second Uncle.”

  At this juncture, Jiang Zhuyuan was already on his last legs. Now that Jiang Dai lashed out at him, there was simply nothing he could do in refute.

  Be that as it may, he, thankfully, had a father whose words carried a lot of weight.

  However, Second Uncle Jiang could do nothing but stare in disbelief at the evidence on the screen. Under a surge of astonishment, he could not be bothered to even cut in on the conversation between Jiang Zhuyuan and the shareholders.

  As a deafening silence came over the room, he finally managed to muster some rationality. 

  With that in mind, he became so agitated that his trembling voice was somewhat hoarse. “Preposterous! That’s impossible! There is no way Zhuyuan would ever do such a thing! Is he out of his mind? He is the eldest son in our entire Jiang family. In accordance with our ancestral precepts, he will be succeeding the family business, and the entire Jiang clan’s future rests upon his shoulders. What reasons would he have to carry out something like this? All for that 60 million dollars? Even if he fails to succeed the Jiang clan, his annual stock dividends do not amount to this mere sum of money!”

  Before the sound of his voice had completely faded away, a loaded silence settled over all the shareholders who were present in the vicinity. Thoughts were whirling around everyone’s mind in a frenzy, as they found it far too baffling to understand why Jiang Zhuyuan would do something like this. Had he lost his mind? Had Jiang Dai fabricated evidence to tarnish his name? Was today’s grand show nothing more than a power struggle amongst the members of the Jiang family?

  Prior to this, Jiang Dai was actually uncertain as to what extent Second Uncle was involved in or had known about these matters. 

  Upon seeing Second Uncle Jiang’s reactions, it did not seem as though he was feigning it.

  With Jiang Zhuyuan, she had a pretty good idea of what had occurred. It turned out that he had most likely done these acts behind his parents’ back, and it would seem that only his wife, Xie Meiqi, knew of this.

  As they began to quieten down, doubts continued to linger in the hearts of all the shareholders. Nonetheless, none of them stepped forth in favor of Jiang Zhuyuan.

  Now that things had turned out this way, Second Uncle Jiang was pretty much on the verge of breaking down. As he half-kneeled before his Big Brother, a grimace of pain contorted his face. “Even though Zhuyuan may not be your child, haven’t you watched him grow up, Big Brother? Since he was the one who had grown up by your side, both of you always had the closest relationship. Hence, you should know what sort of person he is. Thus, it is illogical for him to do something like this!”

  The moment the words left his mouth, Father Jiang’s face also took on a ghastly expression.

  Baffled, he could not begin to understand why on earth Jiang Zhuyuan would do a thing like this.

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