Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 40.3: An Independent and Rational Woman

  At this point, a deluge of similar news reports had circulated within Yanjing. Perhaps, it was due to his fear of things not ending well after triggering a stock market crash, Jiang Zhuyuan did his utmost to contain the news within the business circle in Yanjing. For that reason, he did not avail himself of media on platforms like Weibo.

  Whereas for Second and Third Bro of the Jiang family, they would come over several times and demand to see their Big Brother. In spite of their countless attempts, they were stopped at the door by the bodyguards time and time again.

  Throughout the entire time, not once did Jiang Dai make an appearance and merely had her butler pass the word along.

  Regardless of how hard they tried, the butler still repeated the same message. “Miss Jiang has instructed that Mr. Jiang requires a good rest and will not be receiving any visitors. So, everyone, please leave.”

  As this scenario continued to persist, the more likely Jiang Zhuyuan would succeed.

  Thus, he had already begun carrying out the ideological work that the shareholders had in mind. So long as he had several key players in the Board of Directors on his side, he would then be able to get Jiang Dai out of the picture. As of now, it was merely a matter of time before she could not dream of stepping into the Board of Directors ever again.

  Be that as it may, the doors of the old residence remained closed to all visitors for five days.

  It appeared as though countless rumors of the senior management had been circulating in Bao Li since the very first day.

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  “I’ve also heard that it was because Chairman Jiang had taken a turn for the worse, so Little President Jiang was airdropped into the company.”

  “The version I’ve heard seems to be rather different from yours. What I’ve heard was that Chairman Jiang is still relatively traditional, so he wishes to pass on the right of succession to Vice President Jiang, who is, after all, the eldest male descendent in the Jiang clan. However, Little President Jiang has kept Chairman Jiang in confinement, forbidding anyone to visit him. It looks as though she strives to gain control of the will.”

  “Are you serious? Since Chairman Jiang has only one daughter, shouldn’t it be Little President Jiang who is supposed to be the successor?”

  “That’s right! Why is Chairman Jiang even being placed in confinement? It simply makes this entire situation look like a scene in a Chinese period series about the inner struggles of the Imperial Palace. I’d bet the person who first began spreading this rumor must have watched far too much of this sort of series!”

  “Regardless of who would ultimately become the successor, this matter isn’t as simple as that. Since it is a power struggle within the Jiang clan, I reckon it would drag on for ages. Be that as it may, I just hope this issue would not drag down the company’s share price since I have invested loads of my hard-earned savings.”

  “I am definitely standing with Little President Jiang since the way she handles business is simply far too amazing. If any sort of instability were to occur, she would be able to turn the tide exceptionally quickly with her capabilities.”

  “In any case, it is rather unsettling this time. If Chairman Jiang were to pass away, all that is left of the major shareholders would be her Second and Third Uncle. Should the both of them join forces……” 


  At the same time, the entire family of four in the Huo family became loyal spectators of this dramatic change within the Jiang clan.

  When the financial media initially revealed that Jiang Dai had control over her father, Huo Shenli was the first one who could not help but rush to the television to curse at the female news anchor in the Yanjing Business News.

  “That’s b*llsh*t! How can that be possible? Sister Dai has the best relationship with her dad! What utter nonsense! I want to make a complaint! Does anyone know the Yanjing TV Station’s number? I’d like to make a complaint!”

  As for Huo Rongshen, he seemed devoid of facial expression and did not make a single utterance.

  Whereas, Old Madame Huo felt like she was on the verge of collapse for quite a while. Intending to wait for him to speak out of his own accord, Old Madame Huo began to feel somewhat anxious when he did not even utter a single word. “Sigh. What on earth is going on here, Rongshen? Didn’t you travel to Switzerland? So, what is wrong with Jiang Dai’s dad? Is he really critically ill?”

  It was only after a long while did a few perfunctory words emit from Huo Rongshen’s throat. “I have no idea.”

  Upon hearing that, Old Madame Huo glared at him. “That’s a lie! You have clearly gone to Switzerland since Shenli had told me all about it!”

  As she finished speaking, Huo Rongshen expressionlessly favored Huo Shenli with a hard stare. With a shudder, Huo Shenli hastily reached out to give his mother a nudge. “Mum, can you still not put two and two together? It’s hard to say what Uncle Jiang’s medical condition is, but there are indeed changes within the Jiang family. Based on all the claims of the heiress’ monopolization of power, one can tell right away that it is something that Second and Third Bro would say.”

  As her face twisted in a grimace of displeasure, Old Madame Huo emphasized, “I just merely wanted to know what is wrong with Jiang Dai’s dad. If he is indeed critically ill……that’d be far too awful. Not only that, but he is also 10 years younger than your dad! In any case, our families were once joined by marriage, so we have to aid them wherever we can.”

  As a matter of fact, Huo Shenli simply could not figure out the reasons behind the ongoing chaotic situation in the Jiang family. Although Huo Shenli might not possess a keen business sense, he could tell that his Big Bro deliberately avoided giving any answers.

  How could Big Bro not know what was wrong with Sister-in-law’s dad?

  After all, he had even taken a flight to Switzerland and accompanied Jiang Dai and her family for an entire week.

  With that in mind, Huo Shenli reassured, “If there is anything we can do to help, I’m pretty sure Big Bro will certainly go for it. So, Mum, you have nothing to worry about.”

  Amidst the family, Father Huo was the only one who was circumspect and astute enough to know the ropes.

  Taking advantage of the moment when Old Madame Huo and his youngest son were making their way to the side to grab some fruits, he commented in a deep voice, “It won’t be easy for a barely 23-year-old Jiang Dai to be contending against her two uncles who are about to enter their fifties. Since the majority of the shareholders in Bao Li’s Board of Directors are all of the older generations, I wonder if she can handle it all on her own?”

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