Chapter 25.2: The First Person who Provokes is Always Wrong

  Someone else voiced out, “It is useless even if we released the patent beforehand. From Ya Li’s statement, you can tell the Zhang clan has long since prepared for this. Regardless of when we released the patent, they can still use it against us and state that we have infringed first.”

  Seeing Jiang Dai remaining silent, the PR Department Director could not help but explain on her behalf, “You don’t understand about this. Since I major in public relations, I can tell you that President Jiang’s train of thought is correct. When it comes to public relations, the masses’ opinions are always involved. Also, whoever provokes first is always wrong, especially when the evidence is untenable. The reason we won’t speak up is that we currently do not have any evidence of the other party stealing our formula, but neither do the Zhang clan. Hence, both sides are now competing to see who shall be the one who will be able to present the evidence. Being able to make the Zhang clan stamp their feet with anxiety and also allowing us to turn the tables around to slap them in their faces are the most amazing public relations strategies.”

  Wen Yan cleared his throat and consoled, “Everyone in the R&D Department, I completely understand your feelings, as what President Jiang is feeling right now is also the same. Not only is Bao Li President Jiang’s family business, but it is also the place she grew up. When Bao Li’s reputation is at stake, each step should not be made rashly.”

  Breaking into a smile, Jiang Dai turned to face everyone and assured, “I hope that everyone is able to calm themselves at any one time and continue working. As for what is the truth and lies, the answer will be revealed when the time comes.”

  The majority of the people at the meeting table had faith in Jiang Dai, so they began to cheer each other up one after another.

  “We all trust President Jiang. Each time President Jiang takes the lead, Bao Li will definitely overcome the crisis successfully.”

  “That’s right. Now, we are in the Internet Era, so no one has the capabilities to control all the comments. Creating rumors, and even creating misleading remarks online, would not be able to eradicate it completely. Hence, all we can do is to play our parts well and wait for time to prove everything.”


  Even after the meeting was adjourned, both Wen Yan and Jiang Dai remained where they were.

  As she was replying to an email, Jiang Dai cast a sidelong glance at the time before turning to Wen Yan to say, “Go ahead and have your lunch. I will be taking my break once I am done with this email.”

  Upon hearing that, a slight smirk managed to break its way through his grim expression. “President Jiang, it was on purpose, wasn’t it?”

  Without raising her head, Jiang Dai asked, “What was on purpose?”

  Wen Yan elaborated readily, “You did not explain things intentionally. Clearly, you already have a plan, but you are just not telling us on purpose. Are you worried that we have a spy amongst us?”

  Since she was pretty busy, Jiang Dai was not in the mood to joke. However, she couldn’t help but be amused with Wen Yan’s cheekiness and glared at him.

  “Wen Yan. You do know that you will be killed if you know too much, don’t you?”

  “I have indeed guessed correctly! I am the person who knows President Jiang the most in this world!” Wen Yan exclaimed, a smile widening on his face.

  Jiang Dai was rendered speechless and immediately sent him away. “Help me grab some sandwiches.”

  Wen Yan questioned, “We are about to head out to war, so don’t you want to have something better?”

  A smile tugged at the corners of Jiang Dai’s mouth as she answered, “I have an inkling that this meal might not be very peaceful. Go and buy it quickly, as I’ve got to make haste.”

  Wen Yan was indeed the roundworm in Jiang Dai’s belly1 肚子里的蛔虫: This is used to describe someone being able to read the other person’s mind and knows what he/she is thinking. . There was no need for her to say everything explicitly, as Wen Yan was able to get it.

  She had no intention of explaining to everyone in the meeting, as even her very own cousin, Jiang Zhuyuan, could become a traitor. Hence, there was a possibility of everyone present becoming a spy.

  Before throwing out the evidence, she must never reveal her trump card but would go as far as to appear slightly weaker in front of others, be it wittingly or unwittingly. This way, she might cause those hiding in the dark to give themselves away.


  Sure enough, Jiang Dai’s prediction was extremely accurate.

  There were over thousands of employees working across all 78 storeys of Bao Li Group. Even if it was a high-level meeting, there were not any secret walls.

  Soon after, the stance Jiang Dai had in the morning meeting circulated so quickly that everyone knew about it.

  The majority of the lower-level employees were very calm, as they do not understand the ways of business. However, all of them agreed unanimously that Little President Jiang was very capable.

  Several of Jiang Zhuyuan’s confidants had heard that Jiang Dai, the R&D Department, and the PR Department had a meeting this morning. Even after being questioned by the Director Assistant of the R&D Department in front of everyone, not only did she not flip out, but she also gave some vague chicken soup for the soul2 灌鸡汤: It’s a Chinese internet slang phrase for comforting words and helpful suggestions that are given when someone is having a difficult time. to fob him off. It seemed that she was out of ideas.

  With that, Jiang Zhuyuan’s confidants began to take the chance to convene small meetings in the pantry on various storeys. Their goal was to stir up Jiang Dai’s newly formed prestige.

  In the pantry on 6th Storey.

  An effeminate confidant deliberately took advantage of lunch break, when the pantry was the most crowded, to start a topic actively. “I heard from the executive of the R&D Department that Little President Jiang wussed out this time. It was clearly our patent, yet she still does not present the evidence to slap the Zhang clan in the face.” 

  Sure enough, the staff on the sides pricked up their ears.

  “Are you serious? Little President Jiang is so manly, how could she wuss out?”

  “Well, after all, she is still a little girl who has just graduated and has no experience. How could she ever qualify to be the Zhang clan siblings’ opponents? This time, our Bao Li will be forced to swallow a bitter pill in silence.”

  “Will our share price fall? I just purchased some shares a few days ago! My heart is starting to hurt over it.” 

  Seeing someone engaged in his topic, that effeminate man became increasingly high-spirited. “Vice President Jiang is still more capable.”

  “You are referring to……Jiang Zhuyuan? What capabilities does he have? I have never heard of any great things that he has done.”

  The effeminate man persuaded, “Vice President Jiang is a more stable person and not too radical. Unlike a high-profile poser like Little President Jiang, he has kept a low profile over the last three years. But think about it, Vice President Jiang will eventually be inheriting Bao Li, so it is not a big deal in having a more stable personality.”

  Upon hearing this, several ladies, who were having their weight-loss-friendly lunch, finally could not sit still any longer.

  “Jiang Zhuyuan is not even Chairman Jiang’s biological son but is only a nephew. So, who told you that he would be inheriting Bao Li?”

  The effeminate man continued to persuade, “From a glance, I can tell that you don’t understand the history of your own company, do you? Bao Li had been established for over a hundred years. Ever since the Republican Era, there have been no daughters who had ever inherited the company. Even if it were in the modern era, daughters would at most receive some stock dividends. In the end, it will definitely be Vice President Jiang who will assume the role.”

  Immediately right after, one of the ladies rolled her eyes at him. “I am sorry, but I really don’t see how Jiang Zhuyuan has the capabilities to inherit Bao Li. If you were to mention about the traditional influential families that adopt patriarchal ways, I would definitely believe that. However, no matter how traditional the family clan is, it is illogical to set themselves against money. Now, it is evident that Jiang Dai is the only capable one in Jiang Dai’s current generation.”

  Another lady added, “I also think that Little President Jiang is absolutely amazing. Since she is only 22 years of age, she still has loads of room to grow! How is it that she can’t inherit the family business? Even if Little President Jiang can’t do it, Vice President Jiang is also worthless. If we were to have him assume, we might as well recruit a high-salaried expat manager who is more reliable.”


  The confidants’ attempt in swaying Jiang Dai’s authority had practically gone down the drain…… 

  Soon after, this matter was circulated to Jiang Zhuyuan’s office, causing him to vomit blood.

  On the other hand, his father, Second Uncle Jiang, became even more enraged.

  “This won’t do, Zhuyuan. If it goes on like this, you will lose your position in the company. Coincidentally, Big Brother will be coming to the office today, so follow me to see your uncle. I will seek justice for you.”


  On the way to the Chairman’s office, Jiang Zhuyuan and his father dragged Third Uncle Jiang along for his assistance.

  Little did they know, Father Jiang had just spoken to his daughter on the phone. As soon as she finished her sandwiches, Jiang Dai immediately made her way there.

  Reminded by Jiang Zhuyuan when they made their way there, Second Uncle Jiang started the conversation euphemistically. “Big Brother, Zhuyuan has capabilities, but it is just that his position as the Vice President is far too low. Furthermore, anything with the word “Vice” before it sounds as if it is a meaningless position. Particularly, after Jiang Dai’s arrival, the lower-level staff even held him in contempt. How is that alright?”

  Meanwhile, Father Jiang was brewing tea. After brewing for quite a while, he went on to pour a new batch of tea for the three persons sitting opposite him. With that, he then declared unhurriedly, “When it comes to the staff’s respect, isn’t it earned by the people in the senior positions themselves and not by their ranks?”

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