Chapter 18.2: Signing the Divorce Agreement

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  However, he managed to use everything in his power to restrain himself, standing rooted to the ground and maintaining a safe distance from Jiang Dai. One could even hear his low voice was also suffused with restraint. “Jiang Dai, can you come out for a moment? I have something to tell you.”

  Since they had arrived, Jiang Dai had been drinking alcoholic drinks by mixing fruit juice with imported liquors, but her alcohol tolerance was still considered alright. At this moment, her mind was processing things rather slowly. Her cerebellum, in particular, was not controlling her balance well, so she was a little wobbly on her high heels.

  She had been having such a great time as if she was finally able to let go of herself and regain her lost soul. At her age, she should be making a name for herself and establishing her career. During her time off, she was supposed to play hard and crazily, and to do whatever she wanted.

  But instead, she just had to bring this upon herself by becoming the wife of a leading billionaire…… 

  The very thought made anger well in the pit of Jiang Dai’s stomach. Unexpectedly, she grabbed onto Huo Rongshen’s tie and tugged on it strongly, causing him to take great strides towards the exit. At the same time, she muttered, “If you have something to say, then make it quick! How many times have I told you that my time is precious? Also, you will be charged by the minute. Fifty thousand per minute, no, one hundred thousand!”

  Exiting the club, both of them stood in the night wind.

  Huo Rongshen’s gaze darkened, appearing to have difficulty in speaking. “Jiang Dai, you have not been happy since you left me.”

  After standing in the wind for a while, Jiang Dai began to sober up.

  Immediately, her brows drew together. “Where on earth did you see me being unhappy? I am so thrilled today, alright?”

  The man’s face was clouded with unhappiness, as he showed her that video clip that was playing on his phone. “You don’t need me to interpret the meaning of this song, do you? You aren’t as carefree as you usually are in front of me.”

  Jiang Dai watched it for a while, dumbfounded.

  “Huo Rongshen! In the past, why didn’t I realize that you have such a strange way of thinking? You don’t have a narcissistic personality disorder, do you? I only like Eason’s songs!”

  A look of disbelief overtook Huo Rongshen’s chauvinist face. “Your expression clearly shows sadness.”


  “This is what you f*cking call ‘being too into the song,’ alright? Now you even want to control what kind of expression I use when I sing! You really should take your medicine, and also, please don’t give up on your medical treatment!”

  He infuriated Jiang Dai so much that her head began to throb, wanting to laugh, but she really could not bring herself to.

  After drinking some alcohol, she became easily emotional. For those passersby walking along the streets, it was a very eye-catching scene to see a stunning woman shouting on the street in the middle of the night. Hence, they could not help but stare at her.

  Yet again, Huo Rongshen endured. It was only until the point where he could not stand it any longer that he took off his blazer and placed it onto her shoulders without any explanations. With a stern and terse tone, he pointed out, “Don’t wear like this to wander the streets in the middle of the night in the future.” 

  Jiang Dai took a deep breath and yanked off the blazer off her shoulders, hurling it in his direction——

  With a serious expression, Jiang Dai snapped at him. “Huo Rongshen, I have absolutely had enough of this! Not only am I an adult, but I have also broken it off with you. So, stop controlling what I wear, what I do, and what I sing! I am really in a good mood today! Bao Li’s share price soared into the red1 Unlike the US stock market, the China stock market sets red (an auspicious color) as positive and green as negative. , the cooperation project is also good to go, and I even bought the best villa in all of Yanjing! So, tonight is the most relaxing and happiest time for me! It is just that your appearance ruined everything!”

   Huo Rongshen was so astonished to hear what she had just said, so much so that it took him a long while to snap out of it…… 

   Was he really overthinking it?

  Watching his expressions, Jiang Dai instantly knew he had been overthinking things.

  She heaved a sigh and spoke earnestly, “Since you are always asking me why I insist on getting a divorce, tonight I will clarify everything clearly. I do not love you anymore! What’s more, you should have also seen it. Currently, my family clan’s enterprise is the center of my life, so I have neither the time nor interest in being lovey-dovey with men.”

  The man’s strikingly handsome face blanched. “However, in the past, you have never shown any interest in your family clan’s enterprise.”

  “That is because I was muddled in the past, unable to see the situation clearly. I thought with my dad around, it would be unlikely for Bao Li to go bankrupt.”

  Still unwilling to accept, he insisted, “I have never stopped you from taking over Bao Li. It has nothing to do with our marriage.”

  Jiang Dai was driven to the point where her patience had run out.

  She really did not expect that it was going to be so difficult for her to get a divorce.

  After all, Huo Rongshen was always so indifferent towards anything outside of the business. In his perspective, there would not be any difference whether he was married or not.

  Jiang Dai took another deep breath and rebutted, “I am fed up with it. I am so weary of acting the role of your wife. I am so weary of sharing the bed with a man who does not even understand and respect me. Huo Rongshen, think about it carefully. In the past three years, other than our intimate bedtime interactions, do we still have any other ways of communicating effectively?”

  She continued, “You clearly only love yourself and are only concerned with yourself. Rather than calling me your wife, would it not be better to call me your bed partner who routinely resolves your physical needs. Regarding this, you can just replace me with another person, as I am not playing these games with you anymore!”

  Huo Rongshen’s face twisted in rage was followed by the color draining out of his face…… Gradually, he began to somewhat understand.

  He faintly began to understand what exactly went wrong with this marriage.

  However, it was already too late. Jiang Dai had already given up on him.

  He remained silent for a very long while and decided to change his way of thinking. “I know it is too late for me to apologize to you, and just a few sentences could not make up for my failure as your husband. So, Jiang Dai, could you tell me what I could do so that you could let go of your hatred for me? Even if I were to remain as an ordinary friend, just like……you and Qiao Jinye.”

  Exhausted, Jiang Dai let out a tired exhale. “I do not hate you. On the contrary, if you are willing to sign the divorce agreement and part on good terms, I will even thank you instead.” 

  The moment the words left her mouth, the entire area fell silent.

  Since both of them refused to budge for a good while, Jiang Dai intended to turn and walk away.

  Suddenly, he declared, “Alright, so be it.”

  Jiang Dai’s eyes lit up, pleasantly surprised.




  Jiang Dai followed Huo Rongshen and boarded the car. Within half a minute, both of them were done signing the documents.

  With great difficulty, Jiang Dai managed to resist exclaiming in joy, but she was not able to stop herself from grinning ear to ear.

  In the eyes of the man who had just lost his spouse, it was a gut-wrenching and heartbreaking sight.

  Since what’s done was done, he could only keep his cool and feign composure.

  Smiling brightly, Jiang Dai thanked him. “Thanks, I’ll be getting off now.”

  Huo Rongshen rushed out of the car. “There are still loads of your stuff at home……”

  Jiang Dai did not look back and stated, “I do not want them anymore. Just donate whatever you can. As for those that you can’t, just chuck them away.”

  Everything in the Mirror Lake Mansion was meant to serve the one with the status, ‘Mrs. Huo.’ 

  Now that she was not Mrs. Huo anymore and remained to be just Jiang Dai, she did not want to keep any of those old things that were tainted with trances of the past.

  Jiang Dai happily made her way back to the club, only to find Qiao Jinye waiting for her not too far away.

  She even wanted to quickly walk over and share her joy of getting a divorce with her brother.

  However, her ex-husband had chased after her again. “Jiang Dai.”

  She was becoming rather impatient, but she still had to give him some face since it was not easy to acquire his signature so successfully.

  “Mr. Huo, is there anything else I can help you with?”

  Huo Rongshen’s gaze turned complicated as it went from Jiang Dai to Qiao Jinye, who was standing behind her.

  In a slightly superficial manner, he stated, “If you ever regret your decision, you can always return at any time.”

  She could not hold back her sniggers. “No, there is no chance of that happening, so bye now, Mr. Huo. I hope you will be able to find a new partner soon.”

  Huo Rongshen stared at her and Qiao Jinye’s backs while they were walking away.

  The back of his mouth began to taste both sour and bitter. 

  Getting a divorce was probably for the best. Once they had divorced, they would then be able to start anew. This way, he would be able to win her back openly.


  That night, Huo Rongshen had trouble falling asleep.

  It was only after taking some pills that he was able to fall asleep with much difficulty. Just when he was half asleep, he turned to lie on his side and habitually reached out his arm, wanting to put his arms around the warm, soft, and fragrant body next to him.

  However, it came up empty.

  He opened his eyes slowly, waking up from his slumber.

  Immediately, he felt that……there was something wrong with a certain important function of his body.

  Like all men, in the morning, it usually will…… 

  However, that familiar feeling is missing today.

  A deep frown appeared on his face, as he somehow recalled that a while ago, Jiang Dai had pointed her finger at him in the office as she yelled, “If you were to pester me again, you will never get hard and will feel disgusted the moment you see any woman.”

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President Huo is indeed miserable.  _(:D)∠)_

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