Chapter 19.1: President – Investor – Jiang

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  It was very difficult for Huo Rongshen to ignore such abnormal sensations.

  After getting out of his bed, he poured himself a glass of cold water and drank it slowly.

  Even after several minutes, there were still……no reactions.

  The man could not help recalling that day Jiang Dai turned hostile towards him, as well as that sudden bolt of lightning that struck through the French windows in the study.

  That bolt of lightning came so abruptly. In just a fleeting moment, before he even had the chance to feel astonished, he had already lost consciousness.

  The doctor was not able to find any problems with his body, so even having low blood sugar was also only his speculation. Since his body constitution had always been very good, he eventually regarded Jiang Dai’s curse as a coincidence.

  The first time might just be a coincidence.

  But, this second time…… 

  Judging from Jiang Dai’s tone on both occasions, there were distinct differences between the two.

  She had only casually said it the first time around, so when she told him that he would face retribution through getting struck by lightning, it had been only a common saying. Also, it did not seem like it had any specific target.

  Whereas the second time…… She was fuming with rage and enunciated words so clearly as if she bore ill will. As for the curses, there was indeed a clear target specified.  

  The spiritual power of words1 言灵: It is also known as Kotodama (言霊) in Japanese. Basically, positive words hold positive power, while negative words hold negative power. These powers can influence one person’s environment, occurring events, and mind. ? He had never believed in this sort of supernatural and superstitious things.

  However, if you were to include the situation when all the netizens were begging Jiang Dai to reply to their messages on her Weibo page a while ago…… 

  After connecting numerous details, it had practically gone beyond the scope of scientific explanations. 

  After a long while, he kneaded his brows with his fingers and placed his glass of water aside. Then he got up and headed towards the bathroom to wash up.


  At 8 in the morning, Huo Rongshen went downstairs to have breakfast in the dining room.

  Now that there was only one less person in the house, this massive villa seemed empty as if it had been vacated.

  Although Huo Rongshen was not exactly in a vile mood, it was not much better. 

  As soon as he sat down, the housekeeper, Auntie Zhao, came forward with a broad smile on her face. In an almost flattering tone, she informed, “Sir, Miss Qi Yao is here.”

  With a blank expression on his face, Huo Rongshen took a sip of his black coffee. “What is she doing here?”

  A smiling Auntie Zhao answered, “Miss Qi is here to bring you breakfast.”

  He knitted his brows as he could not be bothered to speak.

  Qi Yao glided over gracefully, and sure enough, she had an exquisite lunch box in her hand, showing one million percent of her sincerity. The one thing she was missing at that moment was to kneel and submit to him.

  “Rongshen, you have been working too hard, and Auntie is always so worried about you. It just so happens that I have been learning how to make nutritional meals recently. Also, I have heard that you will be in Yanjing and won’t be on a business trip these few days, so I thought to bring some over and let you try my cooking. If you like it, I’ll make some for you every day.” 

  Old Madame Huo once told Qi Yao that on the surface, this Jiang Dai would pretend to be gentle and sensible, but in fact, she was always so darn lazy at home, as she tended to wake up at noon and had never cooked for Rongshen.

  Old Madame Huo also said that it was due to the fact that Rongshen rarely interacted with women, so his heart was easily stolen by this bewitching woman, Jiang Dai.

  Now that they had divorced, Qi Yao had to make the most of this chance to impress Rongshen and show him what it felt like to have an actual good wife who was all rounded.

  Qi Yao was well aware that if she were to compete with Jiang Dai on things that were given by parents, like her face and figure, she definitely would not be able to win. However, she would not lose when it came to being gentle, considerate, tender, and cautious.

  The man, who was seated at the dining table, knitted his eyebrows. Usually, he would have no feelings towards Qi Yao whatsoever. However, today there was a slight sense of discomfort, evoking a sense of aggrievement within him.

  “I have a chef at home, who is proficient in eight major cuisines: Sichuan cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, Zhejiang cuisine, Hunan cuisine, French cuisine, British cuisine, Italian cuisine, and American cuisine. So, why should I eat something that you made?”

  “……” Qi Yao got all choked up when she heard his baffling chauvinistic words. She widened her eyes and nearly passed out.

  Fortunately, she managed to hang on and even forced a smile. “Rongshen, please do not be like this. I know that due to certain things, you have been…… feeling rather low-spirited recently. This is also what Auntie worries about the most! Your health is of utmost importance, so you must eat properly.”

  While she was speaking, Qi Yao attempted to reach out her hand to place it on the man’s shoulder. However, the frowning Huo Rongshen sidestepped and dodged her hand.

  Qi Yao could only retract her hand embarrassingly and simply opened the lunch box after placing it on the dining table.

  Huo Rongshen’s complexion changed abruptly, unsure of what he had smelt. It was so horribly disgusting, so much so that there was an uncomfortable feeling of churning in his stomach, and he could not hold back his urge to retch.

  He abruptly got up and strode from the dining room. Qi Yao threw the lunch box that was in her hands as her eyes were rimmed with red…… 

  Upon seeing this, Auntie Zhao came hastily forward to console her. “Miss Qi, please don’t be angry. Mr. Huo might just be feeling unwell.”

  Qi Yao sniffed. “Rongshen, how could he do this…… I got up early to prepare this carefully. Even if he does not want to eat it, he should not treat me this way. Could it be that Jiang Dai badmouthed me after they had divorced?”

  In the past, Huo Rongshen had never used such ill manners towards her.

  He had merely…… disregarded her all the time.


  As a matter of fact, Qi Yao was indeed overthinking the entire situation.

  Mr. Huo, a hardcore straight man, had no interest in targeting any woman. That was because, for him, apart from Jiang Dai, the gender of other women…… was no different from that of any man.

  After striding from the dining room, he returned to his study and downed half a glass of lemon water. It took him over ten minutes to suppress that inexplicable nausea.

  Perhaps it might not be unexplainable after all.

  His face grew grave as he took a seat, Jiang Dai’s vicious curse repeatedly reverberated in his ears——

  “You will never get hard and will feel disgusted the moment you see any woman.”

  “Feel disgusted the moment you see any woman……”



  The day after signing the divorce agreement, Jiang Dai received a divorce certificate, which Huo Rongshen sent through courier.

  Who would have thought that the process of getting a divorce would become so smooth? Jiang Dai, who had just regained her freedom, was in a splendid mood, so much so that her performance over the next few days became even better.

  That afternoon, Qiao Jinye invited Jiang Dai to visit Qiao Yi International.

  Though their intention of cooperating had long since been fulfilled, they were forced to bring forward the agreement-signing ceremony for the sake of settling the scandal. 

  Therefore, they were still in the midst of discussing and exploring the cooperation strategy.

  After arriving at Qiao Yi International, Jiang Dai first went to meet several female artists whom she had in mind. After meeting them, she thought the image of these female artists was compatible with the products of various brands under Bao Li. As such, she had signed an endorsement contract with them, respectively.

  These advertising expenses would certainly not go to waste, but Jiang Dai was also aware that the search for suitable artists to endorse was, in fact, the icing on the cake. Bao Li had remained silent for far too long, in particular the recent three to five years. Other than competing with several domestic brands, Bao Li had already been crowded out of the bigger mainstream market, and even the Asia and global markets.

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