Chapter 18.1: Signing the Divorce Agreement

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  Tonight, Jiang Dai got off work earlier and brought along her team to celebrate.

  Her team, which was thrown together spontaneously, comprised mainly of several young, like-minded members of the senior management, as well as her team of executive secretaries, who was dedicated to assisting her work.

  Even selecting tonight to celebrate was also decided on the spur of the moment.

  Today, the share price had truly soared to a magnificent height, and the public opinions towards Bao Li were also very favorable. Hence, it was only fitting for her to continue executing her plan of live streaming.

  Finally, they had arrived at a club near Bao Li, which Wen Yan had already made a reservation for the largest VVIP private room beforehand.

  Jiang Dai ordered some beverages and called out, “If there is anything anyone wants to eat or drink, just go ahead and order whatever you like. It has not gone unnoticed that everyone has been working hard recently. Also, it is rare for us to relax after work, so everyone, please enjoy yourselves to the fullest.”

  Initially, the atmosphere was somewhat tense. After all, President Jiang was their boss…… Many a time, this sort of team-building gathering was only really for show.

  However, following the arrival of both Qiao Jinye and Li Kai, all the girls revealed their true colors. One after another, they screamed and rushed forward, wanting a selfie with him.

  Qiao Jinye knew that this private room was specially picked out by Jiang Dai to foster her very own supporters, so he cooperated and took countless pictures with them.

  Amongst the group, the youngest ones were several ladies from the executive secretarial team. Usually, they would behave seriously in the office, but once they got off work and changed out of their suits, every single one of them was disco dancing champions.

  The atmosphere became increasingly lively, as they got bolder, initiating to start conversations with Jiang Dai.

  “President Jiang, President Jiang, you have been really so good to us! Who would have thought that Big Brother Jinye is actually part of our team!!”

  “President Jiang, I got to know of your grand deeds when you were in high school! So was Brother Ye really your top lackey?”

  Now that someone had mentioned her shameful past right in her face…… Jiang Dai simply wished she could crawl into a hole at that instant.

  It was not like she had done any stupid thing, but it was just that it was unavoidable for the matter not to be greatly exaggerated after being circulated. Moreover, she had also earned the nickname of ‘Great Demon King.’ In her opinion, it still seemed too much like a case of middle-school second-year syndrome.

  She still had a group of little brothers…… Even someone had posted their group picture online.

  That style, that aura…… Thank god, she did not have an emo hairstyle. Otherwise, she could have formed a group and gone to Vietnam to debut.

  Jiang Dai supported her forehead with her hand. “……Can we talk about something else?”

  “President Jiang, what I want to know is whether it is true that you have fought against eight hooligans outside the school on your own?”

  Jiang Dai pondered for a moment. “……Yes, I have indeed fought with them, but to have said I have fought against eight alone is far too exaggerated.”

  It just so happened that he had heard portions of the conversation, so Li Kai happily joined in to spill the tea. “It is not exaggerated at all! That is how awesome Sister Dai is! If it were not for her proficiency in fighting skills, how would she be able to acquire a group of followers? Take me for example, I may look like a serious agent, but in fact, I was a servile adherent amongst her followers. You know, that sort who was exclusively responsible for buying Sister Dai snacks at the canteen.”

  Hearing this, all the secretaries spit-took. “Were you so aggrieved, Brother Kai?”

  “No, no, I did not feel aggrieved at all, since I voluntarily followed Sister Dai.”

  They progressively made a din, daring to chat about all sorts of topics.

  Feeling a slight throbbing sensation in her head, Jiang Dai mentioned that her intentions for this team-building gathering were to get acquainted with everyone personally. After all, she always wore a straight face and was constantly in a rush at work. Hence, only by having more interactions outside of work, she would be able to foster good relationships with her employees.

  She did not expect that after a change of environment, these young ladies, who usually looked cowardly, well-behaved, and dutiful, would show their true colors after intaking some alcohol.

  “President Jiang, if you don’t wish to talk, then let’s sing! Whose song do you like? I will help you select it on the system!”

  “Yes, we have to listen to President Jiang sing tonight! I heard that striking beauties are generally tone deaf! Hahahaha!”

  “President Jiang, come sing one! Do you want Chinese or English songs?”

  By and large, Jiang Dai was not an unreasonable and shy person. It was just that she did not want to think about her egocentric past. If she were able to leave the group conversation by singing, she would rather sing.

  She casually flipped through the song list and chose the song, “Under Mount Fuji” by Eason Chan.

  In the private room, sounds of chatting and laughter intermingled with the music, so it went without saying that it was really noisy. However, the moment Jiang Dai opened her mouth, everyone went silent.

  After half a minute, a young sister could not help but cry out in surprise.

  “F*ck, President Jiang, this is……a goddess’ voice? It sounds amazing!”

  “This is my first time hearing a woman sing Eason’s Cantonese song so appealingly.”

  “Boo-hoo, Goddess Sister! My boss is actually a goddess!”

  Jiang Dai had always liked Eason Chen very much. However, after she had gotten married, it had already been over a year since she had last sang karaoke. When she suddenly picked up the microphone, Jiang Dai even felt rather excited, so she began to relax and immersed herself into the melody as she sang.

  Since she did not have the burdens of an idol, she just sang casually. Her pitch was actually so-so, but after combining her tone and the melody, it sounded especially moving.

  Out of everyone in the entire room, Wen Yan was the most surprised one!

  As you know, he had known Jiang Dai for three years now, and what’s more, he pretty much had to stay close by to wait on her. Yet this was his very first time listening to Jiang Dai sing, and she sang so beautifully! To the point where he was worried that her singing would give him eargasms.

  Halfway through the song, he hurriedly took out his phone to record. To have such an outstanding boss, he could not help but want to flaunt in his WeChat moments!


  The little video clip, which Huo Shenli opened from his friends’ WeChat moment, happened to be the one that Wen Yan recorded.

  With a microphone in her hands, Jiang Dai had her head slightly lowered while being so absorbed in singing. She did not look pretentious at all, but instead, she appeared as if she was just singing for herself.

  Huo Shenli marveled at Sister-in-law’s amazing singing, but Huo Rongshen’s face changed dramatically in just half a minute.

  As soon as Huo Shenli got hold of the address, he immediately stood up, intending to personally drive in person as they rushed towards the venue.

  On the way, he began searching for the song in a music player on his phone, then had it play in a loop, scrutinizing the song lyrics over and over again.

  The song “Under Mount Fuji” conveyed a message of persuading people to continue looking forward after breaking up and its lyrics were written by Lin Xi. However, rather than comforting people who have broken up, it was more like Lin Xi had written this song to console himself instead.

  Since young, Huo Rongshen had a flair for languages. For the sake of business talks, he became very fluent in Cantonese when he was a teenager. So, even if they were incomprehensible song lyrics, he would still be able to understand them clearly.

  Through listening to the song repeatedly throughout the journey, as well as looking at Jiang Dai’s sentimental and sorrowful look when she sang, Huo Ronshen was all the more confident about his judgment. 


  Huo Rongshen opened the doors to the private room to see Jiang Dai and several ladies swaying their hips to the disco music.

  The soothing love song had long since changed to heavy metal music while the entire room smelled so strongly of alcohol.

  In utter shock, Huo Rongshen immediately froze in his tracks.

  Before him, Jiang Dai was wearing a dark orange fitting crop top and a tight skirt of the same color, showing off a portion of her waist. Under the colorful light, her fair skin was so dazzling.

  As for the reason why they were so high, it was because everyone was pretty wasted. 

  Jiang Dai kept losing at rock paper scissors and playing dice. As a result, she had also drunk loads. 

  Smiling so happily, she swayed her hips while chatting with several secretaries next to her.   

  With this scene displayed before Huo Rongshen’s eyes, the only thing that went through his mind was the fact that she had gone crazy!

  However, the appearance of Huo Rongshen was far too sudden.

  Those who were having a blast were rendered stunned. Even the music seemed to have faded out automatically, as everyone cast sidelong glances at Huo Rongshen.

  Jiang Dai’s brows snapped together, as she unconsciously asked him impatiently. “Didn’t I say not to bother me again?”

  Staring keenly at her exposed waist, Huo Rongshen was itching to use tape to cover that piece of skin up.

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      Just because she sang a song about heartbreak after a breakup….. I used to jump up and down and sing songs by Blood on the Dance Floor but wasn’t asking to be someone’s used tissue. Heck I sing love songs with passion from my 3 reincarnations of singlehood