Chapter 16.4: Relationship Exposed

  Indeed, it was not a branded product, but it was not a niche brand either. This clutch was a complimentary gift from one of the series under Bao Li’s Zhen Xiu!

  In fact, it was supposed to be a makeup bag. However, its design was so exquisite that it could be used as a clutch as well.

  Though this product had yet to hit the market, currently it had only appeared in advertisements in fashion magazines, as it was going to be a new product that Zhen Xiu would be releasing in the next quarter of the year.

  Hence, it was unmistaken that the woman in the picture was one hundred percent Jiang Dai. 

  Other than people in the Bao Li Group, who else was able to get their hands on complimentary items, which had yet to be released, in advance?

  Qiao Jinye’s fans went crazy, all fifty million of them, causing Weibo to crash for twenty minutes straight.

  By the time Weibo recovered, the comment section under Jiang Dai’s giveaway post, which he had previously reposted, had long since been filled with cries and moans of the starving netizens.

Big Brother, do clarify this for us quickly! Please tell me this is not real!
Aaah, I am about to go crazy! Son, please hurry and clarify this for us! Mum loves you, son! Also, you have promised mum before that you won’t be dating!
I am doomed to have a sleepless night because of Brother Jinye, as I will be waiting throughout the night for him to clarify.
I have been a fan of Brother Jinye for four years, and it is not that I have never thought this day would come, but the problem is why does it have to be that Jiang Dai?? A married woman at that? Is she able to give Big Brother happiness?
Son, you are only 23 years old! Is it not better to concentrate on your career and not fall in love?
Waiting for your clarifications!

  On the one hand, the comments on Qiao Jinye’s Weibo page were full of cries, but on the other hand, on Jiang Dai’s side……it was practically filled with nothing but curses.

  Recently, Jiang Dai had garnered countless fans, but their fighting power could not be compared with that of Qiao Jinye’s fans. 

  Weibo’s backend crashed over and over again.

Miss Jiang, could you please stay away from our Jinye?
You have yet to divorce, and here you are bringing harm to our Brother Ye? Please die on the spot!!!
I hear that Madam Jiang’s sells cosmetics? I am sorry, but I want everyone who knows of the brand to boycott together!
Boycott all of the brands under Bao Li Group!
I don’t understand how this so-called top beauty in the upper-class society is considered as good looking? At first glance, one can tell that her eyes had undergone plastic surgery, and her nose is fake as well. To stuff so many implants into your chest, are you not afraid of them sagging?


  Twelve hours before Weibo crashed——

  It was still a calm and uneventful Sunday. Jiang Dai happened to be working overtime for the entire day, selecting and testing out products with her colleagues in the Product Department. After choosing several main products to be promoted, they began to search for a suitable time to live stream. 

  On Weibo, they had only just begun interacting with their fans in regards to a giveaway. So, based on the current mainstream environment, if they wished to market goods on a big scale, nothing beats the results generated from live streaming.

  However, Jiang Dai did not have any relevant experience. Hence, she needed to be well prepared, as well as gradually adapting to it mentally. 

  Starting as someone who did not really use Weibo much, she gradually flourished to the point where she would share some of her favorite personal items on Weibo periodically, as well as replying and interacting with her fans very naturally. It really had not been easy for her.

  Moreover, the direction of Jiang Dai sharing her personal items had always undergone adjustments. At the very beginning, she held a giveaway event, where she had selected some of her personal belongings to be given to the winners. That was all to it when it came to sharing with her fans. However, it actually did not conform to the spending power of the mainstream fans.

  Products by Bao Li were categorized into three different product lines. Only products in the first product line were set at a slightly higher price, while the other products were more accessible. In correspondence to sharing good items, she would have to consider the general spending power of her fans. 

  For this reason, Jiang Dai had done loads of research and began to share some affordable products, as well as FMCG1 It stands for fast-moving consumer goods. brands. For instance, she had shared several pieces of the most mainstream fast fashion clothes that had a price range from 100 to 800 yuan. Thus, allowing one to be able to buy fashionable clothes at that affordable price.

  The number of her fans grew at a rapid rate, and their feedback was also good.

Today, Rich Sister is finally going to share inexpensive yet beautiful clothes! I am so touched! I really love this little formal skirt in picture 1! After searching for it, I found out that it only cost 499 yuan, so I hurriedly went to buy two of them! Now, I am planning to wear it with my best friend!
The bag in picture 4 looks really really good! It could just be viewed as an alternative for a Chanel Gabrielle bag, couldn’t it? Not only that, but the price is also good. Love it, love it!
This pair of glass slippers in picture 7 is simply the go-to choice for a girl who can’t afford Jimmy Choo products! Daidai is becoming more and more endearing to her fans, and her taste is ok!
For such inexpensive yet beautiful clothes and shoes, you must have gone through Taobao for an awfully long time, haven’t you? I could deeply feel President Jiang’s love for us penurious fangirls!!

  Once she was done laying out the foundations of her fans-oriented approach, she would then have to select products to be used in the live stream.

  After a busy day, Jiang Dai was finally able to invite Qiao Jinye for a meal at night.

  Even though Yanjing’s first super-mansion was already under her name, there were still some real estate legal documents that Qiao Jinye needed to hand over. Since Wen Yan was present, the three of them took the chance to talk about work as well.

  Li Kai was tied up with some work, so he was not able to join them for dinner. However, at around 9 p.m., he had just sorted out his work and strongly requested to accompany them in visiting Jiang Dai’s new home.

  As soon as the limousine drove through the entrance, Li Kai howled.

  Nangang Palace was truly worth being called a stand-alone villa that overlooked the entire city. Also, it was situated at the upper bay of Nangang, the heart of the central villa district. With its grandeur and ornate private domain, it was indeed deserving of these five words, ‘exclusive for the wealthiest individual.’

  Inclusive of the garden and lakeside, the entire villa could simply mesmerize anyone by its tremendous size.

  Li Kai marveled, “At first when I heard that this house was purchased at the price of 800 million dollars, I seriously thought Sister Dai had gone crazy with too much money to spend! Even if money does grow on trees, it does not mean you could squander it this way. If this 800 million dollars were invested, solely the daily interests received would add up to a considerable amount of money. However, after seeing it for myself…… F*ck, I think it is worth one billion dollars, let alone 800 million! It is the only one of its kind in the entire Yanjing, no, in the entire country and now it is Sister Dai’s private property! No matter how much wealth a rich and powerful individual has, he can only hope earnestly! How bad*ss is this!?”   

  Jiang Dai was also very satisfied. Before this, she had only seen the pictures and videos available on the website. Even though drones were used to capture the aerial videos, panning across the landscape, no matter how good these promotional videos looked, it definitely still fell short of experiencing it first hand.

  If she had to say, the only regret she had from breaking up with Huo Rongshen was probably her reluctance to part with the Mirror Lake Mansion.

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