Chapter 16.3: Relationship Exposed

  Qiao Jinye was cast to debut in a boy group at the age of 18 and was also the young master of the entertainment group. With a large number of young and tender girl group trainees in the company, as well as several popular little flowers1 小花: It refers to youthful and beautiful female celebrities who had recently debuted and had a considerable amount of fans. whom the company had signed across these two years, it could be said that it was a myriad of stars, each of whom is attractive in her own way, surrounding the moon.

  What was most astonishing was that since his debut, Qiao Jinye had never been involved in any scandals.

  Occasionally, there might be signs of scandals engendered from some collaboration, but they were often quickly clarified. As such, when it came to the entirety of his female fan base, Qiao Jinye was considered as the most reassuring male idol. 

  However, the greater the chances of one not having any scandals before, the greater the degree of this deafening uproar would become.

  In the beginning, the media did not divulge the identity of this mysterious woman.

  Not only that, but the quick snapshots were also very blurry. They were even worse off than the picture quality of standard definition resolution. 

  Not to mention, it was really dark at night, and the light shining upon the seat that woman had taken was dim as well. Furthermore, she wore a pair of huge sunglasses over her fringe, so nearly two-thirds of her face was covered, causing it to be difficult for everyone to guess her identity.

  Nevertheless, it was impossible for secrets to exist on the Internet.

  Almost every five minutes, a new scoop was pushed up to the most searched hashtags.

  This afternoon, a media professional disclosed some details on a certain charity auction in Yanjing, mentioning how Qiao Jinye did not hesitate to go all out to compete with another two wealthy individuals, just for Nangang Palace, a mansion that carried a hefty price tag.

  Literally raising the price by a hundred million dollars, the price was driven up till it reached 800 million dollars. As a result, this mansion of the century was sold at an unprecedented high price. 

  Yet another unknown socialite, who claimed to have attended this auction, appeared and began recounting exaggeratingly how Qiao Jinye strove mightily for the sake of winning Nangang Palace.

At that moment, Qiao Jinye was sitting at a corner of the VIP area. As soon as the bidding price went beyond 300 million dollars, he began to raise his bidding paddle. Initially, countless wealthy individuals were attempting to outbid each other. Subsequently, only three remained! According to my friend, one of them should be a member of the wealthiest Huo clan, while the other seemed to be a director of a private bank. In short, they were wealthy individuals situated at the top of the pyramid throughout the entire upper-class society. A total of 800 million dollars and they were all paid fully in cash as well! Who would have thought that Qiao Jinye, a celebrity from a boy group, would be so willing to splurge money for a woman? It is no wonder that everyone says it was easy to earn money if one were in the entertainment circle.

  This shocking revelation had angered all of Qiao Jinye’s fans, and soon after, they began to invade this socialite’s Weibo page and had jointly written against her.

  A slew of nasty comments could be seen:

What do you mean by it is easy to earn money in the entertainment circle? Why don’t you give it a try and show it to me?
I do not believe that Brother Jinye would splurge 800 million dollars for a woman! You are definitely trying to slander him!
What sort of outlandish post is this woman posting?? How is it not tough to earn money in the entertainment circle? Especially when the celebrities’ schedules were managed so intensively. For you to put it so lightly, who knows where your money comes from?
What socialite? She is most likely a sugar baby.

  As a matter of fact, this revealer was an actual socialite and also a good friend of Qi Yao.

  Watching her being frantically insulted by Qiao Jinye’s fans, Qi Yao could not help but speak in a white lotus2 莲言莲语: it describes the words spoken by a white lotus flower. They are people who pretend to be good-natured, innocent, and kind-hearted in front of everyone, but in fact, they are sinister and treacherous. manner, “My darling, this time, you have really suffered unjustly.”

  Despite what was happening, her good friend still expressed her loyalty. “It’s alright. At the moment, the more unpleasant Qiao Jinye’s fans were to insult me, the coarser they will hurl their insults at Jiang Dai when her identity has been exposed. This Jiang Dai…… To think she had even planned to use Weibo to market goods. Tonight, we will see what a mess she will become, then when the stock market commences trading tomorrow, Bao Li’s share price will also crash.”  

  With a soft voice, Qi Yao promised, “This time, if we are able to let Rongshen see clearly how this woman’s disposition is as changeable as water3 水性杨花: It means the person is fickle-minded and lascivious. , I will definitely give you a great gift on your birthday!”

  “It is my pleasure since we are the best of friends.”

  A confident smile hung on Qi Yao’s lips, as she simply did not care whether the share price of an outdated cosmetics group would crash or not.

  This time, she spent a considerable amount of money and even begged her grandfather to tell her grandmother to go to such lengths of buying off a well-known entertainment gossip blogger, ‘Melon-eating Eighth Sister.’

  Her objective was only to let Huo Rongshen know that Jiang Dai was only acting as a gentle and sensible wife in front of him and had long since been fooling around with this Qiao Jinye behind his back. It was a total of 800 million dollars! If they did not have an adultery affair over many years, who would be willing to squander such a large amount of money over a casual relationship?

  Since Qi Yao and Huo Rongshen were childhood friends, she was fully aware of how conceited this man was. 

  Today’s blow was really ruthless, preceded only by the exposure of still images of Jiang Dai and the famous celebrity checking into a room at a hotel.

  Rongshen surely would not yearn for Jiang Dai anymore.


  Several minutes later, a new scoop had been served up again. 

  There were technology experts who had restored the pictures taken by the paparazzi into high-resolution images. After magnifying the images, one would then be able to examine all sorts of details, from the figure and silhouette of the mysterious woman to the shape of her face and chin……so much so that every single strand in her hair could be seen clearly.

  Now, the most popular searches had once again gone into an uproar, even more so than before.

Is that not the sister who was recently on the most searched hashtags because of a heated argument with her ex-husband?
You mean Jiang Dai, the young lady of Bao Li Group?
Well, that explains a lot of things. I have also followed Jiang Dai’s Weibo page, and it is a new account that had been registered a couple of days ago. Previously, she had absolutely no fans. It was only after Qiao Jinye reposted her post that she began to rack up a significant number of fans. Initially, I thought they only had business cooperation, but as it turned out, they were romantically involved.
Oh my god, Qiao Jinye actually ended up with a divorced woman?? Even splurged 800 million dollars???
Hahahaha, tonight’s scoop is far too enticing! How can we still fall asleep at this rate?
I am not a fan of Qiao and just happened to pass by. To be honest, if she was really the woman with the surname Jiang, this sister’s attractiveness is indeed exceptionally high, and her figure is also amazing. Based on her appearance, she is very compatible with Qiao Jinye.
The idol from a boy group is only 23 years old and is already dating. What’s more, he’s dating a sugar mummy…… Qiao Jinye is hopelessly muddled.
However, although, has Jiang Dai gotten a divorce already or not? Also, could it be that Qiao Jinye finds it stimulating to be with a married woman? If so, his worldview must be totally messed up.

  The spectating netizens would at most ridicule and be jealous.

  Before any evidence was revealed, Qiao Jinye’s fans continued to take on the wait-and-see approach.

  However, the calm before the storm did not last long, as soon after a sharp-eyed beauty blogger finally discovered the origins of that ashy grey clutch Jiang Dai used.

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