Chapter 16.5: Relationship Exposed

  Mirror Lake Mansion had adopted the style of Suzhou classical garden. There was a period where she was exceptionally obsessed with this sort of courtyard house with a Chinese style landscape garden. That sort of aesthetic appreciation of history could not be replaced by any works by renowned foreign experts.

  Fortunately, she now owned a much better place, and what’s more, it was under her name.

  Nangang Palace was designed perfectly, both inside and out. However, private rooms, such as the bedrooms and study, could be redesigned based on one’s preferences.

  After taking a good look at every room, Jiang Dai declared, “I am very satisfied with the master bedroom, so there is no need to alter it. Whereas, this room……I plan to have it redesigned and changed into a live streaming studio. In the future, I will be doing all of my live streams in this house.”

  Qiao Jinye agreed, “It is indeed a good idea to have a live streaming studio. I will help you find an interior designer, so tell me your requirements, and we’ll roll with it.”

  Jiang Dai already had a blueprint in mind. Her live streaming studio must be unique and must not follow the designs used by the current beauty bloggers in the market.

  She had yet to start live streaming, but Wen Yan already had an idea of how great the results will be.

  “President Jiang, I am now increasingly convinced that it was the wisest decision for you to market the goods personally! Recently, I have also done loads of research and discovered that currently, there are three main types of mainstream beauty bloggers: endorsers, bloggers who create contents like affordable product recommendations, honest reviews, and daily vlogs, as well as ‘Miss Perfect’ bloggers1 It is an internet slang which refers to a lady who is fair-skinned, rich and beautiful. .”

  Wen Yan continued, “I have done market research and found out that out of the three main types of beauty bloggers, the ‘Miss Perfect’ type earns the most. But in fact, most of their real identities are actually internet celebrities or anchors who had signed contracts with companies. Hence, they could assign themselves rich and beautiful personas, just for the sake of building a perfect yet illusory life story and letting their fans yearn for it. However, you are different, since you are an actual fair-skinned, rich and beautiful woman yourself!”

  Qiao Jinye laughed, “Not only that, but she is also the sort who owns Yanjing’s very first super-mansion.”

  Li Kai ruefully remarked, “Ever since I became Brother Ye’s agent, I feel so ashamed every day. Although Brother Ye is a child of a nouveau riche and his family owns buildings, land, and an entertainment company, Brother Ye still has to work so hard! Now, there is an addition of Sister Dai. I had always thought after Sister Dai married, she would drink tea and play mahjong every day. I had never imagined that Sister Dai would become even more bad*ss than she was in high school! Exactly how much money did you earn without anyone knowing? Sure enough, wherever a top student goes, she will always turn out to be at the top of the pyramid. Seriously, I’ve got to hand it to you.”

  The group of four continued to talk while looking around the villa. They stayed in the Nangang Palace for quite a long time, up until the most searched hashtags on Weibo blew up. It was only then that Li Kai’s phone was being bombarded crazily.

  This nonsensical scandal emerged rather bizarrely. 

  Clearly, there were four people on the move together, along with the chauffeur. 

  There were a total of five people, yet the paparazzi’s camera had only captured that moment when Jiang Dai boarded the car.

  Heading over to one side, Li Kai answered a call. While the other three lowered their heads, scrolling frantically through Weibo.

  Qiao Jinye remained silent for two to three minutes before suddenly asking Jiang Dai, “Have you offended anyone recently?”

  Jiang Dai froze for a moment. Recently, the person she had offended the most……should be her ex-husband, Huo Rongshen.

  “What’s wrong?”

  Qiao Jinye handed her his phone and pointed out, “Look at all these curses on your Weibo page. Since my fans are known to be cultivated and easy to manage, before I say anything, it is unlikely for them to be so aggressive, especially in such a large number.”

  After taking a quick look, Jiang Dai asked, “Are you suspecting that someone is trying to stir things up?”

  Qiao Jinye continued to respond to his fans’ comments. “My fans are already standing up against the verbal abuse. Evidently, someone is trying to fish in troubled water.”

  Since Jiang Dai had little understanding of the entertainment circle, Qiao Jinye began explaining how Qiao Yi International, including himself, had good relations with the media.

  Based on his popularity, even if there were groundless accusations made against him, let alone being photographed by paparazzi, the media would definitely give prior notice first and not expose them so rashly.

  Celebrities of importance and influence would usually purchase and conceal negative news. This was not only an unspoken rule, but also a rule.

  Qiao Jinye continued, “Someone must have bought off this ‘Melon-eating Eighth Sister.’ It seems like someone is willing to risk offending Qiao Yi, just to drag you down.”

  After pondering for a moment, Jiang Dai stated, “I have an inkling of who it might be.”

  Becoming the subject of Qiao Jinye’s scandal, she would undoubtedly be boycotted by his fans. Subsequently, it would affect her plans for marketing and promoting products, as well as Bao Li’s share price.

  Therefore, it was not difficult to guess who the mastermind was.

  The likelihood of it being the Zhang clan, who loved to step on Bao Li every so often, was the highest, even……her cousin, Jiang Zhuyuan, might just be involved as well.

  Perhaps, there would be others pushing forward with the plan too.


  This was a night everyone in the country awaited for, watching the gossip pan out. 

  Countless people were bound to have a sleepless night.

  Amidst them, it included a certain divorced gentleman. 

  Alone in the Mirror Lake Mansion, Huo Rongshen sat on the sofa in the ground floor living room.

  The night before Jiang Dai suddenly proposed to get a divorce, Huo Rongshen flew back from Australia and had been waiting for her on this sofa since.

  Everything seemed to have slowly fallen into a routine as if nothing was wrong.

  However, ever since that night, Jiang Dai had kicked him off the bed and even threw a divorce agreement document in his face multiple times. Everything seemed to have changed.

  Yet his memories still lingered at the moment when he had just gotten to know Jiang Dai.

  At the age of nineteen, she was so radiant and beautiful, like a gift God had bestowed upon him and his dull and tedious life. 

  Now that he had Jiang Dai, for the very first time, he was breathing color into his grey life. 

  He had never thought that there would be a day where another man would buy the mansion, which he had intended to purchase as a gift, at such a whopping price, and then give to her.

  He certainly had never expected that there would be a day where he would see his wife be involved in another man’s scandal and also appear in the most searched headline.

  Regardless of the circumstances, popularity, and impact, it was undoubtedly greater than that of his fight with Jiang Dai.

  Huo Rongshen remained silent for two hours.

  From 10 p.m., he sat stiffly on the sofa all the way till midnight.

  He had undergone numerous emotional changes.

  His initial resentment was very intense but also fleeting.

  Soon after, he was completely engulfed by strong waves of jealousy.

  Over the past twenty-eight years of his life, this was his first time experiencing the wrath of jealousy.

  It was that sourness in the pit of one’s stomach, which rose to his throat, causing the back of his mouth to taste both sour and bitter. 

  In the end, pangs of disappointment took its place. 

  Now, all that remained was that endless and hopeless loops of depression.

  It was as if at this very moment, he finally understood that he had already lost Jiang Dai.

  She was definitely not in a fit of pique, but rather, she was going to break it off decisively.

  With a smile on her face, Jiang Dai used a blade to sever their connection.

  She made such a clean break, but at the same time, she took away a portion of his flesh that had been stuck on the blade of her knife.


  At 10 a.m. the next morning, the meeting room on the top floor of Bao Li was in utter chaos.

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