Chapter 1: Plot Restriction

       Yanjing, Huo Clan Private Hospital.

  The attending physician had given Jiang Dai, who had just been in a car accident, a final body checkup. Afterward, he stood respectfully before the hospital bed, with a smile on his face. “Young Madame Huo, you’ve already fully recovered and ready to be discharged.”   

  After Jiang Dai thanked him, all of the paramedics dispersed one after another. Silence had once again been restored in the intensive care unit, only leaving Wen Yan, Jiang Dai’s assistant who was pulling a suitcase, and Jiang Dai to stare at each other.   

  Perhaps Jiang Dai’s gaze swept over him unintentionally, causing Wen Yan to feel nervous in an instant. Lowering his head for the tenth time, he checked the time on his watch and forced a strained smile. “Young Madame, you will be discharged today. President Huo said it himself that he will come to pick you up. He should already be on his way, so we should wait for a moment……”

  Jiang Dai quirked up the corners of her mouth and remained silent.

  Wen Yan, who was wearing a suit, could only feel himself sweat on his back. Young Madame Huo is definitely angry.


  However, Jiang Dai’s thoughts had drifted so far away.

  Half a month ago, on the night of Valentine’s Day, her husband, Huo Rongshen, had yet again stood her up, causing her to wait for six whole hours.

  Similar situations had happened at least five to six times a year, even though both of them had just been married for less than a year.

  It was rare for Jiang Dai, who was always gentle and considerate, to lose her temper and Huo Rongshen’s face had darkened. Both of them had a massive fight, resulting in Jiang Dai slamming the door and leaving in anger.

  This late-night, of all nights, Jiang Dai drove her sports car up the elevated road alone and got into a car accident.

  She was unconscious for up to 48 hours. Throughout these 48 hours, her brain had never stopped functioning, but it instead kept skimming through a shoujo manga, The President’s Tender and Lovely New Bride.

  The male lead of the comic was the leading billionaire, Huo Rongshen. While, the female lead was Wanwan, his secretarial intern. On a particular socializing occasion, she was drugged by a villain, causing her to accidentally end up in the male lead’s bed and have a one night stand…… Not long after, Sheng Wanwan became the male lead’s new wife.

  After looking through the beginning, Jiang Dai was already very clear about this sort of shoujo comic. It was an M18 comic, which revolved around a President, was based solely on the indescribable force that drove the plot.  

  That was still alright, but what made Jiang Dai feel all the more stifled was that in the comic, she played the role of Huo Rongshen’s villainous ex-wife. Before the plot began, Huo Rongshen had already asked for a divorce, before driving her out of the house. As a villain, her character would still darken even further in the latter part of the plot…… 

  After encountering a variety of near-death experiences, her family clan had gone bankrupt. Moreover, her parents, who were seriously ill, passed away one after another. Even Jiang Dai herself had kidnapped the female lead with intentions to disfigure her face and entirely pushed the male lead over his limits. In the end, she was tossed to a group of drifters to carry out “punishments”, ending up in a very wretched state.

  The moment Jiang Dai reached this point in the comic, she abruptly woke up with a start on the hospital bed, nearly puking a mouthful of blood——

  It was alright if she was reduced to a low IQ supporting actress, but was not this ending a little too extreme?

  Not only that, this b*stard who threw her to the drifters…… To think she had actually fallen in love with him at first sight and exhausted all her skills to get him!

  The love life between her and the b*stard, you would have to trace it back to three years ago.

  Three years ago, she had just turned 19 and was a second-year student at Yanjing University’s Business School.

  At a particular Business School lecture, she met Huo Rongshen, who was the special guest, for the very first time.

  That afternoon, Huo Rongshen wore a well-tailored silver-grey suit. He had a tall and straight nose, handsome features, and light-colored lips. He was absolutely sexy…… He stood in the auditorium to deliver a speech to the young university students in the Business School. Speaking in a deep and raspy voice, he sounded both profound and persuasive. With his innate arrogant stance, he looked as if he was born to be superior to ordinary people, destined to stand atop the pyramids to overlook all the living things.

  Thousands of young hormone-addled teenagers sat in the audience and who knows how many had fallen for him.

  Young and inexperienced Jiang Dai was also one of them——

  The lecture had just come to an end, the campus belle Jiang Dai took the initiative and walked forward to strike a conversation, even gotten his gold foil name card under everyone’s watchful eyes. 

  That afternoon, Jiang Dai shot to fame on the Yanjing University forum. Her rise to fame continued the next day, reaching Yanjing City’s upper-class society circle.

  Over a cup of tea, wealthy socialites and celebrities were all discussing the same topic——Who exactly was Jiang Dai? 

  After experiencing numerous emotions, like shock, curiosity, and envy…… Their discussion had yet to conclude. Hence, they began to frown one after another.

  Jiang Dai was the only daughter of the Bao Li Cosmetics Group’s Chairman.

  She was merely a rich young lady of a local renowned cosmetics group, whose family and education background were both very ordinary. It was unbelievable that she actually took the initiative to strike up a conversation with the cold, arrogant Huo Rongshen, who was also not interested in women, in public. Also, she actually f*cking succeeded???

  What sort of person was Huo Rongshen——the eldest grandson of the leading billionaire in Country A and the only selected heir to the family clan, who was a double doctorate holder. At such a young age, he already had the power within his grasp and was more known for being decisive and ruthless in the business world.

  At that time, he had just returned to the country recently. Within the upper-class society, countless lascivious people fancied him, but no one dared to make a move rashly, due to his overly prominent status. Anyone would be afraid to end up as a laughing stock.

  Who would have thought that a mere female university student only needed to strike once, then promptly became Huo Rongshen’s official girlfriend. Just after two years, they held a grand wedding.

  Jiang Dai, who had become the wife to the leading billionaire, had long become the target of jealous socialites. There was not a woman in Yanjing City who was not envious of her.

  If it were not for this car accident…… Jiang Dai would have also thought that she was a proper winner in life.

  As her husband, Huo Rongshen’s massive shortcoming was being busy, having to fly around all the time. Hence, he did not have any time to accompany his newlywed wife at all.

  However, he was at least a highly cultured gentleman, so him being unfaithful and even tormenting her to her death was the last thing Jiang Dai expected he would do.

  Scenes of these suffocating plots flashed across her eyes, causing Jiang Dai to wince slightly and immediately got off the hospital bed. “Let’s go.”

  Assistant Wen Yan froze for a moment. Soon after, he managed to catch up with her while pulling the suitcase along. He then spoke carefully, “Young Madame, please wait for a while more. President Huo would probably be alighting from the plane soon……”


  Jiang Dai has not stopped walking.

  Wen Yan’s heart was in his mouth, faintly feeling that something was wrong. Young Madame was in a car accident and then hospitalized for half a month. As her husband, Mr. Huo ought to have come personally to pick her up. Not to mention that the car accident had occurred right after that fight on Valentine’s Day…… 

  They got on the Bentley that Young Madame used regularly.

  Jiang Dai ordered, “Go to Hang Lung.”

  Once the driver received her instructions, he began to drive to the destination. Wen Yan, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, was nervous throughout the journey.

  After she had arrived, Jiang Dai had no intention of strolling around the mall. Instead, she went straight for a particular luxurious boutique.

  When the store manager saw Young Madame Huo had come to the boutique personally, the store manager began to introduce their latest releases of formal dresses attentively.

  Without a second thought, Jiang Dai chose a black floor-length gown with a train. No matter how you look at it, the style of the dress was simple, but when Jiang Dai stepped out of the fitting room to stand before the full-length mirror and casually adjusted her hair.

   ……Both the store manager and Wen Yan became breathless!

  The lady standing before the full-length mirror had skin that was whiter than snow, soft black hair that hung down naturally, an oval face that was very alluring, almond-shaped eyes, cherry lips, and had a languid charm that seemed to emit from within her body. At a glance, the black floor-length dress might appear to be simple, but once worn, all the thoughts the designer had placed on this dress were exposed. Close-fitting dresses especially could only be worn by voluptuous women like Jiang Dai. Nothing more needed to be said, as that slim waist of hers, which seemed like an arm could wrap around it, could excite all men and get their blood pumping.

  Who knows where Young Madame would be wearing this formal dress? If President Huo were to know that Young Madame appeared in public while being dressed like this…… 

  Anxious Wen Yan started to cough hard——

  Jiang Dai swept her eyes over him. In line with his duty as the top assistant, he asked carefully, “Young Madame, would you like to try another design?”

  Before Jiang Dai could respond, the store manager already could not help but interrupt, “This formal dress matches Young Madame Huo’s skin color. The black diamonds that are in the skirt hemlines are very precious and rare. Also, it completely suits Young Madame Huo’s status. Could it be that Assistant Wen thinks that the dress doesn’t look good?”

  Wen Yan looked as if he had swallowed a housefly and bit his tongue. “It does look good, but it’s just that……” It was just that it was too f*cking sexy, as half her back was exposed, even the front was faintly visible.

  Young Madame knew Mr. Huo’s temper very well, so she would never wear this type of formal dress. What the hell was wrong with her today???

  Interrupting Assistant Wen’s inner monologue, Jiang Dai spoke flatly, “So be it. I’m in a rush.”

  After leaving the luxurious boutique and getting on the car again, Wen Yan asked hurriedly, “Just now, Young Madame said you are in a rush?”

  Jiang Dai answered without hesitation, “Yes, it’s getting late. Go to Yong Li Hotel.”

  For a moment, Wen Yan could not recall if there was any occasion held at Yong Li Hotel today, could it be possible that she had an appointment with her friends? But was there a need to be so grandly dressed when you are just meeting your friends?

  Although President Huo failed to show up and fetch Young Madame home personally, his itinerary back to Yanjing remained unchanged. At this time, Young Madame did not return home to wait for him but instead went to a hotel to keep an appointment. No matter how you look at it, it seemed that Young Madame was deliberately throwing a tantrum.

  Wen Yan said carefully, “Young Madame, the news today announced that the bushfires in Australia broke forth again and the Cairns International Airport was forced to shut down. It should be due to last-minute adjustments of the departure flights, so there was a delay.” 

  Once again, listening to Wen Yan painstakingly explain the reason for failing to keep the appointment on Huo Rongshen’s behalf, Jiang Dai could not help but fatigue for him.

  She laughed lightly. “There’s no need for you to explain. I simply don’t care.”

  The woman’s attitude made Wen Yan all the more alarmed. “Young Madame, it’s true! If you don’t believe it, you could search for it on the internet……” 

  Jiang Dai was indeed looking through the news right now. However, there was not any news about the bushfires in Australia, just news about the stock market.

 Bao Li Group:

the opening stock price – 254the closing stock price – 412

  Bao Li Group was Jiang clan’s largest cosmetic group and was reputed to be the top domestic cosmetic brand, during its prime time. Although these few years it had been declining steadily, Jiang Dai had always thought that with the management of her father and uncles, it would be unlikely for Bao Li to fail.

  It was not until she had seen the comic that she got to know everything had been following the plot. Shortly after Bao Li would surely go bankrupt and the Jiang family’s tragedies would soon follow once Bao Li Group announced its bankruptcy.

  Her face grew serious. She had to make haste and turn the tide from now on. Hopefully, it was not too late.


  It was not until the Bentley stopped at the main entrance of Yong Li Hotel and Jiang Dai lifted the skirt of her gown slightly as she walked unhurriedly towards the ballroom——

  When Wen Yan finally recalled which occasion this was!

  It was Yanjing Society’s business party for the current season, where numerous famous business leaders would be present. It was only these two years President Huo had to focus on tapping into the international markets, so he rarely attended local business banquets. Hence, he had forgotten all about it.

  In actual fact, this banquet was quite significant in Yanjing’s business circles.


  Wearing a black floor-length gown that trailed behind her, Jiang Dai made a high profile appearance, attracting glances from the guests.

  Those, who were not able to recognize Jiang Dai, were stunned, discussing in low voices as to who exactly was this beautiful woman.

  As for those who were able to recognize her…… Most were very surprised. 

  Jiang Dai was the young and beautiful mistress of the wealthiest family clan. After marriage, she had been complying with her husband’s preferences and always kept a low profile.

  The last time she appeared in front of a camera…… It should probably be a year ago when she married grandly into the wealthy Huo clan.

  “Isn’t this Jiang Dai? Why is she here?”

  “Could it be that Huo Rongshen is here as well?”

  “No, I even saw Madam Huo earlier. She said her son is still in Australia.”

  “Exactly, when have you ever seen Huo Rongshen bring this beauty to attend important occasions?”

  It was only after the media heard this discussion that they began to understand, then hastily grabbed their cameras and rushed forward to take pictures.

  This was actually the young mistress of the wealthiest family clan. We got a good source for tomorrow morning’s headlines!

  “Young Madame Huo, why isn’t Mr. Huo here?”

  “Young Madame Huo, please look at this camera! I’ve heard that you have recently gotten into a car accident, has your body already recovered?”

  “Young Madame Huo, regarding the matter of Mr. Huo being caught on camera having a private meeting with the popular female celebrity at a seven-star hotel in Australia, what do you think of that?”

  No matter how sharply the reporters questioned, from the beginning till the end, Jiang Dai remained calm and collected. When cameras were shoved directly into one’s face, the faces of many experienced celebrities would darken. However, Jiang Dai’s expression remained unchanged. It was only after the reporters gradually calmed down, did she give a cold smile towards the camera. 

  A few reporters, who had coincidentally met her gaze, were rendered stupefied as if their souls were lost. It took them almost half a day for them to calm their hearts and could not help but think inwardly, This woman is too f*cking beautiful.

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