Chapter 2.1: You Jinx

  Jiang Dai had only given a professional smile to the crowd, but it was too seductive.

  She said firmly, “Friends from the media, you’ve not gone to the wrong place, have you? Tonight is the party for Yanjing’s business circles. I am attending as the shareholder of the Jiang clan’s Bao Li Group, so I will only be answering questions relating to Bao Li. As for the other unrelated and unimportant content……they are none of my concern. Also, I have no comments.”

  The moment these words left her mouth, all the reporters turned to look at each other. At that moment, all their brains seemed to have shut down.

  Stereotypically, wealthy socialites, who were questioned persistently about their husbands’ scandals, would respond based on the gist of “having mutual trust between the married couple”.

  Out of a sudden, Jiang Dai went against the norm like this and used a seemingly calm tone to feign her contempt…… Through her, the scandalous gossip of her leading billionaire husband had become something of no importance and relevance.

  Criticized reporters would generally feel very annoyed, but this gorgeous lady before them possessed valiantness, evoking a sense of being subjugated inexplicably in others.

  Their impression of Jiang Dai had always been a gentle person who kept a low profile and had a good reputation. How was she tonight worlds apart from her as they knew from the rumors??

  The reporters, who were imbued with much curiosity, were successfully deviated by Jiang Dai and really went on to interview her about Bao Li Group.

  As Jiang Dai was busy with the interview, those socialites watched on from the side restlessly, as they had no interest in the Bao Li Cosmetics Group, whose stock prices had recently plummeted to 2.5 dollars.

  They were only concerned about Huo Rongshen’s marriage condition!

  “Jiang Dai’s tone is so arrogant. Did all of you hear it? Even though her mother-in-law is still here, she went as far as to proclaim herself as a representative of the Jiang clan. Isn’t she just dishonoring her husband’s family?”

  “Could it be that there’s really a change of marital status? Finally, they are going to be divorcing!”

  “After Jiang Dai got into a car accident and then hospitalized, I heard that Huo Rongshen didn’t even visit her at the hospital.”

  “A beauty, whose only selling point is her appearance, simply isn’t worthy of Huo Rongshen. Sooner or later, there would be a change in their marital status.” 

  Jealousy is one thing, but no matter how jealous you are, you would not be able to hide the truth from yourself.

  As they were discussing, they could not help but look at Jiang Dai, who was speaking in front of the cameras.

  In the entire Yanjing upper-class society, who did not know that Jiang Dai was a beauty?

  A very ordinary black gown was able to look so extravagant when Jiang Dai donned it. Even so, such a lavish big skirt was not able to compete with her dazzling radiance. There were loads of good-looking women, but to be able to be so f*cking beautiful like Jiang Dai……  A second one cannot be found in upper-class society. 

  Or else how was she the wife of the leading billionaire, the champion of the wealthy socialites.


  Once Jiang Dai was done with the interview, those, who were secretly the most jealous, were also the most spontaneous ones that pushed their way to the front amidst the crowd to flatter Jiang Dai.

  People clustered around Jiang Dai, but she only conversed with a few old presidents who had business relations with the Jiang clan.

  After discovering the world she had lived in for 22 years was part of a comic about a president, she made a few clear plans.

  Reviving the Jiang clan was one of them.

  During the whole time, Wen Yan had been following Jiang Dai around. Initially, he was worried that Jiang Dai, who was behaving aggressively, was there to cause trouble. He had never thought that she seemed to be there to network and have business talks.

  She seemed to be having a great conversation about projects with those old presidents. Wen Yan could not help but suspect whether he had missed out on something these past three years.

  Recalling his memories, he seemed to remember that Young Madame was known for being a top student at Yanjing University’s Business School. However, after she was married, she was never involved with the business and did not seem to be interested in it as well. As time passed, this had naturally faded from his memory.

  While Wen Yan was lost in thought, Old Madame Huo had already walked over, with a straight face.

  Old Madame Huo was President Huo’s mother and was never pleased with the wife whom President Huo had chosen. Today, Jiang Dai had suddenly appeared at this sort of big occasion, yet she had no intention whatsoever of greeting her mother-in-law. Old Madame Huo was certainly displeased.

  The ever competent Assistant Wen hurriedly thought of a way to pull Jiang Dai aside from the ongoing conversation and whispered, “Young Madame, Old Madame is waiting for you.”

  Jiang Dai looked over to see a middle-aged lady who had on a dark-colored fur coat, had an elegant face and aged well. She was indeed her mother-in-law, who was best at keeping up appearances.

  Next to her mother-in-law, sat Qi Yao, the young lady of Senior Officer Qi. Rumor had it that she had grown up with Huo Rongshen as his childhood friend. Even more so, all these years, she was Old Madame Huo’s most favorite candidate for her daughter-in-law.

  After getting married, her mother-in-law was never fond of Jiang Dai. It was partially due to Qi Yao.

  In the past, whenever Jiang Dai came across these two women, she would always feel stressed out, but this time it would not be so.

  Without feeling the slightest bit of fear, Jiang Dai walked over and sat on the seat that was situated opposite of Old Madame Huo. Without bothering to give Old Madame Huo a polite smile, Jiang Dai asked straightforwardly, “I am conversing about Bao Li’s projects with a few elders. How may I help you?”

  Being used to Jiang Dai’s constant cautiousness and thoughtfulness, Old Madam Huo did not even detect any abnormality from her and just snorted with disdain. “I have heard that you are at odds with Rongshen again? As his wife, you are so inconsiderate of your husband, yet you have the time to come here and make a fool of yourself. Jiang Dai, don’t blame your mother-in-law for pouring cold water on you, but Bao Li’s share prices have plummeted to this extent, you should know fairly well.”

  Jiang Dai ignored the first half of her nonsense. “Yes, my clan’s business is currently facing a crisis, so I, as a daughter, have to do something about it. If there is not an urgent matter, then I will excuse myself first.”

  Only then it dawned on Old Madame Huo that Jiang Dai was acting very coldly towards her, she was acting so differently from her usual self!

  She coughed hard and said, “The moment you are discharged, you are here appearing in public. Not only that, but you are also deliberately stirring up trouble in front of the media and earnestly wishing that these reporters write articles about the Huo family had treated you harshly! Jiang Dai, don’t think that I can’t see what you are trying to do. I’ll give you a piece of advice, save your efforts. Rongshen dislikes women playing mind games. He definitely won’t buy it.”

  Jiang Dai’s eyes bore into Old Madam Huo’s sarcastic face, as a few big question marks appeared in her mind.

  What an exasperating mother-in-law! How was she even able to endure her previously?!

  Qi Yao watched the fire from the opposite bank of the river1 隔岸观火: It refers to someone looking on at someone else’s trouble with indifference. for a long while and opened her mouth to mediate the situation timely. “Aunt, please calm down. Recently, Jiang Dai’s circumstances are so bleak. After all, it is her clan’s business. It is understandable for Jiang Dai to be impatient. However, Jiang Dai…… Recently, Rongshen has had a few large merger cases in Australia, consisting of deals valuing over ten billion every minute. It is tiring and demanding, so he does not have the time to help you. You should be more understanding.”

  You better think twice.

  What an ingenious, exquisite, and profound speaking in a white lotus2 莲言莲语: it describes the words spoken by a white lotus flower. They are people who pretend to be good-natured, innocent, and kind-hearted in front of everyone, but in fact, they are sinister and treacherous. manner?

  Jiang Dai quirked up the corners of her lips slightly. “Since you are so concerned with Huo Rongshen, then why didn’t you marry him in the first place?”


  Miss Qi, who had immaculate makeup on her face, suddenly went pale. She would never have expected that Jiang Dai was capable of asking a soul-searching question like this.

  Why did she not marry Huo Rongshen? Was it because she did not love Huo Rongshen enough?!

  Of course not! Huo Rongshen was the man whom she adored since young!

  Whereas, this man……had simply never looked at her before.

  Before Qi Yao was able to stop the bleeding after being stabbed in the heart, Jiang Dai grasped the hilt with a radiant smile and thrust it deeper by an inch. “That’s because Huo Rongshen is not interested in you. Even if both of you had worn open-seat pants3 开裆裤: It’s a type of pants where it has an unsewn seam over the buttocks and crotch. Toddlers in China wear this sort of pants for toilet training, as it’s a traditional Chinese alternative to diapers. and grew up together, Huo Rongshen also did not think a great deal of you. You had even chased him to Country M to accompany him when he studied abroad. Not only was Huo Rongshen not moved, but he also thought that you were stupid. He even accumulated the required amount of credits in advance and graduated three years before you. Do you still need me to summarise other relevant matters? Regarding this man, you should know more than me as to how wicked he is.”

  Due to her obsession with Huo Rongshen and reliance on Old Madame Huo’s doting, in the past, Qi Yao rarely had to act pretentiously before Jiang Dai.

  Because of her, Jiang Dai would occasionally feel depressed. 

  It was a shame that as the young lady of the Qi family, Qi Yao was only written briefly in the comic, so much so that she did not deserve owning a complete full name.

  Knowing perfectly well that her affections were destined for the wrong person, she still desperately tried to create more scenes for herself. For the clueless ones, they would have thought she was some important supporting actress. Whereas Jiang Dai was a vicious ex-wife and a villain throughout the comic, her story would never end before the grand finale.

  Presently, not only was Jiang Dai unable to be angry with this white lotus flower4 白莲: an internet slang for someone who pretends to be kind, innocent, and lovable. , but also somewhat pity her. She meant it when she pierced Qi Yao in the heart, as well as wanting to talk some sense into her.

  However, Qi Yao felt that her pierced heart was trickling with blood. The moment when she stood up abruptly, she was trembling with anger and pointing her right forefinger at Jiang Dai. After a long time, she was not able to utter a complete sentence and could only turn to walk away.

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