Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


“Hey! What are you doing?” Teal stands up and slaps his hands on the table, making the porcelain and iron plates shake with a resounding clang.

“We didn’t do anything… As a matter of fact, it ‘s f*cking him!” Nuo La points at me with a cocky smile.

“Screw you…” Teal opens his mouth and swears at Nuo La, but I don’t want to cause unnecessary trouble during meal time, so I raise my hand at him to beckon him not to get angry.

“Please be careful next time.” I stand up with an unhappy face, and reach out to remove the milk flowing on my body.

My hair is full of milk, and most of my uniform shirt is wet. The most troublesome thing is that I have to go back to the dormitory to wash it, and change to a new set before I can continue working.


“What? So I should be careful just because you said it?” Nuo La grabs my collar with such great force that the back of my neck is getting strangled by the collar.

“Let go of your hand.” I grab Nuo La’s wrist and glare at him. Seeing this situation, Cang Wu, who is beside Tian Hai, tries to leave his seat to come over, but he is stopped by Tian Hai. While Yaren, who is sitting next to Gui Shang, is just observing the situation.

“Why should I listen to you, you little rabbit…” Nuo La pulls me closer as I hear Yi OuMu snickering, which triggers a commotion to appear around us. Nuo La leans over my ear, and whispers in a joking tone, “You are just the rabbit that Gu Yan loves and f*cks every day on the bed. So what’s there to be proud of?”

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Gu Yan has this natural kingly aura around him, as if an invisible pressure is emitting around his body. If one gets close to him, one cannot help but feel like bowing down and submitting to him.


“Nuo La, who gave you permission to touch what’s mine?” Gu Yan stops a few steps before me and Nuo La. With his hands tucked in his pockets, he gives out a leisurely appearance, but it can make people clearly feel his dangerous and strong presence.

Nuo La’s arrogance sharply diminished. Although he pretends to be calm, I can see a few traces of panic in his eyes. Even the Yi OuMu next to him no longer has his previous grinning face and is now replaced by a stiff expression.

“Ha! I’m sorry, but this guy is too unpleasant to my eyes!” Nuo La lets go of my collar, and pushes the unprepared me so hard that my center of gravity becomes unstable. Thus, I fall butt-first to the floor and hit my back against the chair behind me.

Gu Yan casts a glance at me for a moment, and when he turns his gaze back on Nuo La, his face is completely devoid of smiles.

“Do you dislike him, or dislike me?” Gu Yan’s emerald green eyes are filled with ice-cold glint, like a sharp blade made of ice that can kill with just a glance, making one’s heart palpitate.

Nuo La pauses, then laughs wildly after a while. “I guess it’s both!”

“Oh! So what do you want? I thought I taught you enough lessons last time….” Gu Yan’s beautiful eyebrows raise, and all his words are mocking. I don’t know what he meant by the ‘lessons last time’.

“I…” Nuo La’s eyes wander around.

“Nuo La! If you really have the guts, challenge Gu Yan again! Don’t just stand there! You useless coward!” Li butts in again and crazily yells at Nuo La. He also smashes more porcelain plates on the table and scatters food all over the floor.

Gu Yan sweeps his eyes coldy at Li, seeming as if the temperature in those green eyes has completely dropped to a freezing point.

At this time, because of Li’s involvement, the hall has begun to be noisy again, but only the prisoners of my building and the prisoners in Li’s faction are rioting separately. The people in Tian Hai’s and Gui Shang’s faction are only quietly observing the situation.

“Nuo La! Challenge Gu Yan!”, “Gu Yan! Kill him!” Several prisoners shout from the side, and it’s clear that they are divided into two groups.


It seems that Nuo La needs to really fight under the crowd’s encouragement. But he doesn’t look surprised, as if he has long had this intentio, just pushing his boat along with the current because of the crowd.

“All right, since everyone has said so! Gu Yan, I think  this time we’ll have to make an exception to the once every three months rule!” Nuo La presses his fist and chuckles arrogantly.

“I don’t mind.” Gu Yan still has a relaxed look.

The atmosphere in the hall instantly becomes like boiling hot water. The prisoners voluntarily start to move the tables and chairs one after another, forming an empty and round arena-like field in the center.

Suddenly, Teal jumps on my side and pulls me up, who is sitting dazedly on the floor, and brings me to the side. Yaren also abandons Gui Shang’s place and comes towards us.

“I’m going to die! Yet you only came right now! Is your Gui Shang so good that you can’t pull yourself off him?” Teal starts cursing as soon as his eyes spot Yaren.

“Well, Teal, you know that we can’t be bothered with the affairs of other buildings, so I thought I’d just observe the situation. I’m really sorry!” Yaren smiles apologetically to me with his hands pressed together, but the expression on his face has no trace of apology at all. “But you’re right, Gui Shang is also one of the reasons!”

“Screw you!” Teal stretches out his leg and kicks Yaren’s ass.

“Ah, stop playing first. Little lamb, are you okay? You’re bleeding!” Yaren looks at me, and motions up his hand over his right cheek, and my fingers follow his movements and touch my own cheek. After a close look, my white gloves are suddenly dyed bright red. Only then do I realize that my cheek had been cut just now.

“I’m fine, it’s just a skin wound.” I just casually wipe my cheeks, this level of pain is no big deal to me.

At this time, Gu Yan and Nuo La enter the empty circular field together, and the prisoners’ spirits boil even more, surrounding the two of them as if the prisoners are just watching a show.

“What the hell is this…” I frown.


“Little lamb, you still don’t know? This is the King’s Challenge!” Yaren curiously aimed his gaze towards the center of the field.

“The King’s Challenge?”

“Well, this is one of the traditions inside the Absolute Wing Hall. Once every three months, prisoners from below the ninth floor can challenge the King of their building. If they win, they can take the place of the King.” While trying to raise his toes to see the situation in the middle of the field, Teal explains the situation to me. “Nuo La had challenged Gu Yan once before you came, but failed in the end. I didn’t expect him to be in a hurry to challenge again and use you and Li to break the original three-month system. It seems that Nuo La really wants to be the king.”

“What does this have to do with Li?”

“Our family’s Li ah, he doesn’t like Gu Yan. Among all the kings, although he and Tian Hai also don’t fit too well, but the person with the worst relationship with him is Gu Yan. Actually, the two of them had a fight before. They almost overturned the Absolute Wing Hall and yet the result still couldn’t be spelled out.”

“Why don’t they fit with each other?”

“I don’t know, might be because the hormones of the natural wild animals oppose each other, don’t you think?” Teal shrugs.

The anticipation of the prisoners have almost reached the point of agitation. Perhaps, life in prison has been boring for too long. So such a challenge is like entertainment for them.

Gu Yan is standing in the middle of the field, his hands still in his pockets, his posture still looks lazy and relaxed, but it’s easy to feel the faint but dangerous atmosphere enveloping him.

Nuo La twirls his arm around in a circle, looking very arrogant.

“Hey! The rabbit standing behind me!” Nuo La suddenly turns his head to yell at me, who is standing behind him, and calls out my name. I look at him puzzledly. The smile he is directing at me looks very obscene and contemptuous. “After I defeat Gu Yan, you will clean your ass and wait for me to f*ck you on the bed! Guaranteed to f*ck you half to death!”

Nuo La’s words cause a surge of anger that almost crushes my heart.


I raise my eyes and glare at Nuo La, only to find that Gu Yan is staring at me, with his thin lips curve into a  beautifully arc.

“Wolf, rest assured, I will not lose. You are my possession. As the owner, I cannot give you to anyone.” Within Gu Yan’s pair of emerald green eyes, I see something other than self-confidence── possessiveness.

My back suddenly shivers.

“So cool! Gu Yan, I support you! Go for it!” Yaren giggles and fools around as he waves to Gu Yan.

“Wow! He’s really cool, if it weren’t for the fact that Li is in the way, I’d cheer for him too! Little lamb, why don’t you cheer for Gu Yan too? Although he will definitely win!” Teal tugs on my uniform, his big eyes not leaving the battle area.

But I only remain silent, my eyelashes half lowered, unsure of how I should react.

I don’t like Nuo La. If Nuo La wins, I can already imagine my fate. It will not be better than now, and it may even be worse, which is certainly not the result I want; but what if Nuo La loses? I still have to be forced and embraced by Gu Yan, worrying about when I will be violated every day.

No result is better, only which result is less miserable to me.

No matter who wins or loses in this challenge──the only person who truly loses is me.

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