Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


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“Hey, little lamb, eating alone again today? Let me accompany you!” Teal dangles in front of me with his plate and just sits down across from me, not caring whether I agreed or not.

I stop eating, half of the food on my plate already eaten.

“You’re late today.” My tone is not that warm or cold, just casually wanting to find a topic.

I am not a talkative person nor am I good at chatting with people. In the past, during my time in the rural police station, there was almost only one person on every shift, so there were no colleagues around me. Occasionally, there were a few bored elderly people coming to sit there. They would just sit by themselves, but as long as I casually gave them a head start, they could chat with me endlessly about something or nothing. I just need to casually respond to a couple of sentences. But spending most of my time lazing around or doing my own thing was also no problem.


Teal is this kind of person. Just throw a topic to him, and I don’t even have to respond as he can talk happily by himself.

“Oh, yes, because there’s a little something going on in the cell…” Teal, with one hand on his face, sighs heavily as he picks the carrots out of the soup with a chopstick.

“What’s the matter?” I ask, watching Teal pick the carrots out of his food and putting it into my soup bowl.

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“Tl…” Mlyz rywplp qsa y xsxldv, yde yqvla rknjkdt vbl zypv rklnl sq nyaasv yde rwvvkdt kv kdvs xu yzalyeu nyaasv-kdqlpvle pswr, eke bl sdzu zkqv bkp ckt tayukpb-talld lulp yde zssj yv xl pwprknkswpzu. “Tlu, vlzzkdt usw kp yzz aktbv, cwv usw nyddsv nyal vss xwnb ycswv kv.”

R zlv swv yd ‘sb’ yde dse.

“Nk kdfwale Kspb.”

“Rdfwale? Tso eke kv byrrld?” R nyd’v blzr cwv qasod.

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“Ebu yal usw pwarakple? Nk kp y nawlz rlapsd. R’hl plld bkx bwav Kspb. Pslp kv pwarakpl usw obld bl bwavp Kspb? Rp vbyv alyzzu pwarakpkdt? Gde ayvbla vbyd ynnkeldvyzzu, R vbkdj bl eke kv sd rwarspl.” R qllz nsdqwple. R jdso vbyv Nk kp y hkszldv yde cye-vlxrlale vlldytla. R byhl plld bkx bkv rlsrzl plhlayz vkxlp clnywpl vblu eked’v zkjl lynb svbla ewakdt xlyzp sa qall vkxl ynvkhkvklp. Tl kp yd wdnsdvaszzyczl clypv, yzoyup lawrvkdt zkjl y xyexyd.

“Oh… Speaking of Li and Josh, you’re interested in talking to me now?” Teal actually takes advantage of this moment to make fun of me.


“I’m sorry.” I feel embarrassed. Not knowing what to say, I stammer for a while and only spit out these two words.

Teal looks at me with a funny face as he curls his lips. “Forget it, forget it, I will no longer mess with you. Since you want to know about Li and Josh so much, I’ll tell you. Anyway, since you’ve been strictly controlled by Gu Yan recently, you should be more intelligent. You won’t be a chicken like when you first came here.”

Teal eyes bends with laughter, but I am less than pleased as I hold up my spoon to stop him from bringing another cauliflower onto my plate.

He sticks out his tongue at me, puts the cauliflower back on his plate, but throws it over my plate when I am not paying attention.


“It’s absolutely impossible for Li to do it purposely!” Teal dismissively waves his hand at me with a look of certainty.

“How so?”

“Ha, you’ve been here for a few days, and you’ve never seen Li beat up Josh, have you? Today, just because Josh was hurt, he was in a bad mood with a stinky face all day. He is also ten times more violent than usual! Josh is his darling, his heart and soul! You really haven’t heard about this? I thought Gu Yan had told you.”

When he mentions Gu Yan, my eyes couldn’t help but turn over to his location, but then, I happen to meet his gaze from a distance. I hurriedly turn my attention back to my food, only to find that there are a few more cauliflowers on the plate.

“Li likes Josh?” I deliberately ignored Gu Yan’s existence.

“Well, didn’t you come across Josh in Li’s cell? Li doesn’t just like Josh, he loves Josh to the bone.”

I am a little stunned by what Teal said. I always thought that Li was just using Josh as a poor object for venting, but Teal said it was love? Li is in love with Josh? I think this incident is really absurd, more absurd than any love stories I have ever heard. Is Li’s domineering and forced intimidation of poor Josh into doing what he doesn’t want to do is considered love? That’s ridiculous!


“Tch, tch! Look at your expression. You don’t believe me, do you?” Teal’s smile disappears, and the expression on his small melon-seed face becomes more serious and a little gloomy. “Trust me, Li loves Josh, it’s just…”

“Just what?”

“It’s just that Li’s love for Josh is aggressive and twistedly creepy…” Teal’s long light brown eyelashes droop down a little. But when he raises his eyes, it flashes with a very strong warning. “So, you’d better not get involved with Josh, otherwise Li will go crazy. His possessiveness towards Josh is very terrifying! That’s why I keep asking you to leave their affairs alone. “

I just stare at Teal in silence for a long time before sighing heavily. “But I don’t think they are in love with each other …” 

“Of course not. For Josh, Li’s love is just a very heavy burden, don’t you think? And… Not only does Josh not love Li, there should only be hate for Li.” Teal sighs softly, playing with the food on his plate with his chopsticks.

“What happened between them?”

“Li and Josh were originally college classmates, Li he…” Halfway through talking, Teal suddenly stops talking, his gaze passes through me, then stops behind me.

I turn my head strangely. But before I could see anything clearly, I suddenly felt a chill on the top of my head. Suddenly, a smell of milk infiltrates my nose, and a cold white liquid splashes like a torrential rain on my hair, face and clothes.

When I reflexively close my eyes and open them again, I find that my hair is already covered with white liquid, and my dark gray uniform is also full of thick white liquid, leaving a lot of unsightly light white traces.

I look ahead in a daze, only to find a man standing behind me and holding an empty milk carton in his hands.

“Sorry, my hand accidentally slipped.” The man raises one corner of his mouth. He has messy yellow hair and slender phoenix eyes, which makes me immediately recognize him. He is one of the prisoners on the eighth floor of my building, Nuo La, and the gray-haired man snickering next to him is Yi OuMu from the same building.

Obviously, they are here for trouble. I don’t think Nuo La poured the ‘whole bottle’ of milk on my head because of his slippery hands.


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