Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


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The atmosphere in the dining hall is heating up from the tension on the battle area. My ears are filled with waves of yelling and shouting one after another as I stare at the two men in the field with anxiety, but the root of my anxiousness is unclear. I don’t even know why I am worried, or maybe… I just don’t want to admit why I am worried.

When Nuo La’s fist crosses the side of Gu Yan’s neck, and his nails leave a bloody mark on the white skin, my heart unconsciously beats faster.

Nuo La’s punches and kicks are very powerful, it’s beyond my expectation. His punches carry strong force, fast and different from ordinary people, and his movements are agile. Every punch and kick is like a whirlwind.

Now that I ponder about it carefully, the prisoners who can stay on the eighth floor should not really be ordinary people.


──For a while, I thought that Gu Yan would lose.

In the beginning, Gu Yan and Nuo La’s strength is almost equal.

──But I overlooked how really strong Gu Yan is.

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Is this real? Would I really be satisfied with that result? I take a deep breath, and the honest thoughts at the bottom of my heart gradually emerges; in fact, I really hope that Gu Yan will win.


For me, even if Gu Yan wins, I’m still the one who loses. But compared to Gu Yan losing and Nuo La replacing the King, I must admit that Gu Yan’s victory is still gratifying to my already suffering self-esteem.

In fact, there is always an idea that keeps running through my mind, but I always deliberately ignore it.

──Perhaps, it is better to be violated by Gu Yan alone than to be violated by other men, right?

Catching this thought that has been circling through my mind several times but is always deliberately brushed aside, I start to tremble with shock. Because it’s a very, very frightening thought!

I begin to wonder if I had instinctively admitted that I am a weakling, and begin to have a kind of dependence on Gu Yan that I do not notice?

No! This is impossible! I wouldn’t allow myself to think that either! I shake my head and reach out to rap my temple hard.

With a bang, the sound of a heavy object hitting the ground pulls me back from my disordered thoughts, just in time to see the scene of Nuo La falling to the ground with blood dripping on his face. As expected, Gu Yan wins the king’s challenge.

The hall immediately thunders with cheers, and the deafening roars make the ground tremble slightly.

“Look! He really won!” Teal grins at me ambiguously.

I don’t know how to respond to him, so I keep quiet.

“F*ck you! Nuo La, you useless b!tch, you haven’t done anything but failed!” Li’s loud clamoring scurries out as he walks out from the crowd and stands beside Nuo La, who is lying on the ground and curling up in pain. His pair of bloodthirsty red pupils stare at Gu Yan.

Ah, are you not satisfied with the result?” Gu Yan takes out his left hand that had been in his pocket this entire time and strokes the scratched side of his neck. The blood stains his fingertips with bright red, but he just looks at it twice and pays it no more attention.


“I am very dissatisfied. I haven’t seen your nasty face being beaten crooked, nor have I seen your beloved puppy being f*cked by Nuo La in front of everyone. So how do you expect me to be satisfied?” Li haughtily curves up the right corner of his mouth, revealing his tiger teeth. Looking as if he is a savage beast baring its fangs and brandishing its claws.

“Is that so? Then you can fight me in person if you want to, I will be here to finish the fight that we didn’t finish last time.” The lazy smile on Gu Yan’s face disappears.

“Haha! That’s a great idea!” Li laughs loudly and wildly.

The atmosphere in the hall instantly becomes tense. Everyone’s eyes are wide open, and no one dares to make any noise, not even daring to breathe.

“Wow! There’s going to be a fight again, isn’t it? Teal, if they fight again this time, you and Lamb will be in trouble!” Yaren puts his hands behind his head, looking at me and Teal with a gleeful face.

“Screw you! Yaren, why don’t you get back behind Gui Shang’s ass! Don’t mess around here!” Teal gives Yaren a cold glare.

“Yes, that’s a good idea too!” Yaren laughs instead of getting angry.

Teal can’t really do anything about Yaren, so he just ‘tsked’ and ignored him. Teal’s round eyes turn to look at me as he suddenly grabs my wrist. Before I can even react, he is already pulling me to the circular battlefield.

“Little lamb, hurry up! We have to stop them from fighting!” Teal’s pace is fast and anxious, and I stumble a little as I am pulled along.

“Wait, Teal…”

“What are you waiting for! If their fight really starts, it will be too late then, and I don’t want to be scolded by Xue Luoyi! You hurry up and go tell your Gu Yan to smolder down his flaring spirit, and also tell him that our family’s Li is not sensible!” After saying this, Teal lets go of me and pushes me into Gu Yan’s direction, and he himself steps forward to stop Li, who is about to senselessly rush towards Gu Yan.

I stagger on my feet a few times and look a little embarrassed. When I finally stand still and raise my head, I realize that Gu Yan is staring at me. The amused smile on his thin lips is obviously because of my clumsy movements.


Blood rushes to my face all at once.

I force myself to be calm, walk steadily towards Gu Yan, clench my fists tightly, and try my best to keep my body from quivering because of the intense gaze of those green eyes.

“Gu Yan…” I stand in front of Gu Yan and force myself to raise an imposing aura. “Don’t make trouble.”

I sternly stand eye to eye at him, although I am not sure how much effect it can have on Gu Yan?

Gu Yan’s pool of lake-like green eyes pokes like a needle on my face, not wavering in the slightest. Suddenly, he cups my face, and the warm temperature of his palm makes me feel panicked.

“He actually hurted your face. I should really teach that guy Li a good lesson…” Gu Yan issues a distressed sigh. His piercingly-cold green eyes covered by his red-orange hair seems to be narrowing into a terrifying stare. And a few more chills are added as his line of sight shoots towards Li.

“It’s just a slight injury, don’t over exaggerate, didn’t I tell you not to make trouble!” I open my hands and try to block Gu Yan from any thoughts of fighting Li.

Gu Yan, who is about to go to Li, halts because of my actions. He stares at my face for a long while before his beautiful eyebrows wrinkles slightly. “You smell of milk all over.”

“Ah?” I do not expect that the reason why he looks so disgusted is because of this. It takes me a while to fully comprehend the situation, but a little while later I lose my patience and indignantly say, “I’ll go back to the dormitory to clean it later.”

Gu Yan stares at me without saying a single word.

I let out a light sigh. Just as I am about to turn my head to call for Teal, Gu Yan tugs me back to his side.

“What?” I try to pull my hand back, but his hands are grasping me firmly. And regardless of my wishes, he just drags me out and sneaks away, and I have to adjust my disordered steps to keep up with his pace.


I do not know where Gu Yan is going to take me, nor do I know what Li is roaring behind us. I only know that I, who have been in a state of being pulled around many times today, are very upset.

Gu Yan takes me back to his cell on the ninth floor. There is an attached bathroom next to his cell, which is exclusively used by the king. Unlike the cells below the ninth floor, which are shared bathrooms, a private bathroom is one of the privileges of a king, and the cell could be directly connected to the bathroom.

Gu Yan drags me into the bathroom. I notice that the bathroom interior is separated from the wet and dry area, which can be distinguished by the pathway. On the right is the shower room blocked by frosted glass, and on the left is the sink with a white porcelain countertop. Looking almost like the equipment in a five-star hotel. The bathrooms in my hometown are not as luxurious as here.

The entire mirror wall above the sink is reflecting me and Gu Yan. Compared to Gu Yan, who just fought a battle and is only a little sweaty, his appearance is not even enough to describe my pathetic state.

Because of the milk incident, the cold and wet uniform attached to my shoulders, coupled with the temperature in the Hall that has been dropping in recent days, makes my skin feel uncomfortably chilly. And the cold air also makes my chest ache faintly.

Gu Yan opens the frosted glass sliding door, and pushes me in as he himself follows suit. The one-person shower room seems a little cramped for the two big men.

In fact, this is not the first time I have entered Gu Yan’s shower room. Every time after being violated by Gu Yan, he would force me to wash here before letting me go back.

Suddenly, a pair of arms wrap around my waist from behind me, and the slight increase of weight behind my shoulder makes me feel tense. This scene is not strange to me, and can even be said to be familiar.

A couple of times… While I was cleaning myself, Gu Yan broke in, hugged me from behind, forced me to bend over, and did cruel things to me, which had just happened not too long ago.

I begin to feel flustered, my eyes looking straight at the floor, completely unable to move like I am bound by invisible chains, and even my spine up to my nape is stiff.

My body starts to shake when Gu Yan’s snow-white fingers untie the buttons on the side of my neck.

“Stop, Gu Yan, you clearly said that you wouldn’t do such a thing today.” I clench my fist.

“Hmm? I didn’t say such a thing. The I wouldn’t force you ‘now’ that I said earlier does not prevent me from touching you in this ‘now’.” Gu Yan’s lips press against my ear, and the places where his breath sprays makes me feel extremely cold.

I want to say no, I want to reject him, but I just stand there silently, because I know that resistance is useless. This is the pathetic response I am trained out after Gu Yan’s repeated cruelty to me.

“Take off your clothes and shoes first, your body is as cold as ice. You need hot water to wash away the smell of milk on your body.” Gu Yan’s strength around my waist loosens.

But my body doesn’t budge, and for a moment, my mind actually wants to resist. I don’t want to listen to Gu Yan’s words, but I understand what would happen if I disobey. I understand that Gu Yan’s command seems to be testing my backbone, and even me, I am also measuring how much back bone I still have left. 1The backbone here is not literal, it is a slang that means strength, will power, courage, balls or guts, and so on.

I remain still and silent for a long time. However, when Gu Yan lets out an impatient sigh and makes rustling movements behind me, only do I raise my hand and unbutton my uniform.

I can’t help but feel funny as I watch the buttons on my body being undone one by one, but my eyes are overflowing with heat.

──Turns out that there is no such thing as backbone left in my body.

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