The Villain Snake Got Eaten By The Hero Wolf

Chapter 8 Part 2: Renatus, the result, and a Knight’s oath.

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Translator: Michiko

The Knight’s Oath.

Since I did not learn anything special about knights in this world, I have only a vague impression of them.

In the original “The Heroic Legend of the Wolf King,” Bradley became a knight after graduating from the academy and swore allegiance to the princess, who later became the queen.

If it’s something you swear to royalty and country, you shouldn’t do it casually in a place like this.


“No, you can’t. You take the knight’s oath to the country after you become a knight, right?”

“That’s the oath at a knighthood investiture ceremony.”

Bradley replied immediately.

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R’zz es xu clpv dsv vs clnsxl y hkzzykd, cwv R nyd’v cl pwal vbyv R osd’v cl plld yp twkzvu sq psxlvbkdt R eked’v es yde qzyttle, yp R oyp obld R xlv Jayezlu.

Rq R nyd byhl y pvsrrla ytykdpv elyvb qzytp, vbyv xktbv cl y tsse vbkdt.

The abacus in Renatus’ head finished counting the merits and demerits with a click.


“Yeah… if that’s the case.”

Bradley’s face brightened at Renatus’ answer.

Bradley assumed a ceremonial posture before Renatus had changed his mind. It was as if he wanted to take the knight’s oath here and now.

Renatus grew tense as well.

Bradley gracefully knelt before me. He knelt on one knee, a knightly posture of loyalty

Because of the roses surrounding the area, the place was like a scene from a fairy tale.

Bradley’s dignified face as he looks up at him makes Renatus’ heart beat uncontrollably.

“I, Bradley Wolf, pledge to you, Renatus Ashfield, my knight’s spirit and my sword to defend you for a lifetime.

I will be a bold sword for you, a steel shield for you to ward off tens of thousands of misfortunes. All of me is for you, Renatus.”

Words of oath, eloquently spoken.

Bradley took Renatus’ hand in a fluid gesture. Then he placed his lips on the back of his hand.

Although Renatus had only been touched, his body shook with a start


(A lifetime…what do you mean a lifetime? Not like this is a marriage.)

Renatus fainted under the heavy weight of the oath.

I thought it was something along the lines of, ‘I’ll do my best to fulfill my role as a sword in the joint exercise.”

And he even kissed the back of my hand.

Blood rushed to his head as he remembered the feel of Bradley’s lips. Renatus shook his head to get rid of the thought.

The kiss on the back of the hand is a common part of the knight’s oath scene. I have seen illustrations of it in various works and it is something of a ritual.

Don’t attach strange meanings to it – The office worker inside Renatus put his swirling thoughts in the “pretend you didn’t see it box” and put the lid on it.

“Thank you… But I want  you to take care of yourself, Bradley.”

Renatus lowered the ends of his eyebrows to convey his feelings

I then held out my right hand to Bradley to encourage him to stand up. He took my hand and stood up. When I looked up, I saw the face of a man with a strong will.

“…The oath will not be broken.”

Bradley spoke of his resolve in a deep, resonant voice.


It was that moment.

As if on purpose, a strong wind blew. Flower petals danced past my long, fluttering hair, and the thick scent of roses wafted into my nose. It was like a stage effect to heighten the drama.

It’s as if a predetermined scene is being re-enacted.

Renatus is a villainous prime minister, so of course there is no scene in the original novel where the hero swears allegiance to him like that.

(But I have a feeling of déjà vu…)

Renatus tilted his head in discomfort.

But I quickly forgot about this doubt, thinking it must be my imagination.

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