The Villain Snake Got Eaten By The Hero Wolf

Chapter 8 Part 1: Renatus, the result, and a Knight’s oath.

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The results of the final exam were posted in the hall of the magic department.

Renatus had originally memorized the scope of the exam.

In addition, in order to fulfill his promise to Bradley to be the top students together, he checked the answers for each subject three times after answering the questions to make sure there were no careless mistakes. In addition to a perfect score, he received extra points for the theory of magic test. He came first in the class with more than a perfect score.

“I wonder if things went well on Bradley’s side…”


I turned to look at the knight department building. I’m sure the results have been posted there by now.

“Renatus-sama, you are amazing. Even though the questions in the theory of magic test were vicious this time.”

“Thank you, Mark. You did a great job, too.”

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Renatus often talks to Mark.


I approached him with the intention of gathering information to successfully overcome the hurdle of the joint exercise.

But unexpectedly he became attached to me.

Perhaps it was because I was the only one in the class who could keep up with Mark’s magical theories.

Because of how close we had become, I wanted to change his fate of death if I could.


Lunch break. I’m meeting Bradley in the Rose Garden again today.

Since the first time we had tea in the Rose Garden, we have had lunch together there every school day.

No one comes, so it’s just the two of us.

At first, I thought about telling the Knight Department that the Rose Garden is a public place so they should stop discouraging people from going there.

But after the incident in the library, I thought it would be nice if Bradley, who tends to get tangled up in things, had a place where he could eat in peace.

I excused myself, saying that I had never created a place where the two of us could be alone with a guilty conscience.

We both took our usual seats under the white gazebo and opened our lunch boxes.


Bradley was in a good mood.

“I was top of the class.”

“Congratulations, Bradley.”

I heard that he was top of his class by a wide margin.

The knight department scores are based on basic classroom studies and practical skills. Bradley’s basic classroom studies were the very best in the knight department, and 10th overall, including the magic department.

His practical skills were overwhelming from the start. For he was the man who would be the hero of the country if things went according to the original story.

“It’s a flawless result.”

“It is thanks to Renatus. The looks of frustration on those guys’ faces were a sight to behold.”

“Haha. I see. You did it.”

Bradley snorted. He had a look of triumph on his face.

Apparently, those who had been harassing him had experienced a significant drop in their grades as a result of the suspension.

Although they deserved it, a drop in grades at this time of the year is painful. It would affect the grouping of the joint exercises.


The joint exercise is to defeat the monsters in the Demon Forest. Naturally, the first-year students will be assigned to the weakest section.

The students who came first to tenth in the final examination will be paired 1:1 between the magic department and the knight department. The further down the rank, the more people will be grouped in groups of three, four, five, and so on, with the lowest ranks being a group.

If it is a group activity, it will be difficult to get credit.

Suppose the result of the battle was one killer rabbit.

In terms of combat points, that’s one hundred points. If it’s shared between the two people, it’s fifty points. Divided between ten people, it would be ten points.

Of course, there was also a difference in the number of monsters that can be used as capital.

Those with excellent grades are strong, so they can defeat monsters efficiently. As a result, there is a large difference in the battle results between the pairing parties and the group parties.

As for the combat points, the total points while attending school will be recorded in the confidential report. If it is high, it is obviously more advantageous to get a job.

So everyone tried to improve their grades and get into a group for the joint exercise.

The punishment that Clarence has imposed on the harassers is now starting to take effect.

“The study session was fun.”




“Is the study session over…?”

Renatus’ eyes widened at Bradley’s words.

I was immediately captured by his fierce gaze. He appealed to me with his eyes, ‘Are we not going to spend any more time together after school?’

Renatus gasped.

Bradley treasured the time we spent together. As a fan of the original work, this made me so happy that I could die.

(I’m so happy… He valued that time as much as I did.)

Renatus held back the hot feelings that were about to overflow. And he answered lightly.

“What are you talking about, Bradley, we’re a pair, aren’t we? From now on, we have to meet a lot to prepare for the joint exercise. The study session won’t end.”

“I see…That’s right.”

Bradley smiled broadly.

Renatus puts the empty lunch box away and pours himself another cup of tea.

As soon as I have calmed down, my gaze is immediately drawn to the object that distracted me during the meal.

It’s Bradley’s long sword leaning against the table. It seemed to be well used and showed the effort he had put into it.

My fan heart tingles, wanting to touch it. 

“Can I hold it?”

“Ah, hey.”

Without waiting for an answer, Renatus grabbed the long sword.

It’s not impossible to hold, but it’s very heavy. It’s too heavy to swing with my untrained arms. It’s a weight I can’t swing around with my untrained, puny arms.

“It’s really heavy.”

“It’s dangerous to hold it with your arms, Renatus.”

Bradley frowned.

Renatus looks at his own palms and feels underestimated as a man.

My hands are pure white, without a single blister. My fingers are thin, as are my wrists. Even though I wanted to distance myself from the appearance of the villainous Prime Minister, I wonder if I overdid it.

The original Renatus had a great physique, comparable to Bradley’s, and was very muscular when he served as Prime Minister.

I should have the potential to compete for the top spot in the knight department. With practice, I should also be able to wield a sword.

Renatus activated his magic and cast “physical enhancement”. The sword, which was heavy before, was lifted easily.



“I’m a mage, but should I also train to move things physically?”

Renatus got carried away and took a practice swing with the sword. It feels like swinging a wooden sword.

Even though I was in the middle of swinging, I was easily grabbed by the arm. I did not even flinch when Bradley’s hand grabbed me.

The sword was taken away from me just like that. His demeanor was like that of an adult keeping a knife away from a child. As if to say, “This is dangerous.”

Bradley secured the retrieved scabbard to his waist and sheathed the sword.

As he does so, he stares at Renatus with half-closed eyes.

“What if you get hurt? There are only a few days left until the joint exercise.”

“The first one will be soon, but there will be more in the future, right? Hehe, it’s a long-term goal. My intention is for the two of us to remain the top students in our departments and be a pair until we graduate.”


Bradley took a deep breath. Then he patted Renatus on the head. Renatus’ lips twitched in frustration at Bradley’s behavior, treating him like a child.

Bradley ignored Renatus’ mood and continued speaking.

It was a sudden proposal, unexpected from the flow of the conversation.

“…May I swear the knight’s oath to you, Renatus?


“No matter what happens, I will definitely protect you. I will be the sword so that you don’t have to wield the sword, Renatus.”

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