Chapter 94: Falling Off the Horse

In fifteen years, Third Dream nurtured many excellent seeds. Although they were not rare or exotic, they were the staple food of the common people today.

The expenses over fifteen years, of course, were exorbitant.

Old Master Xi thought about it over and over. Now that Third Dream was so well-known, it seemed worth it to take on his name and the associated expenses. After all, the Xi family was a large and wealthy household that could rival a country.

He gritted his teeth and accepted the bill.

He originally thought that, in this way, taking on the identity of Third Dream should be without obstacles. However, Old Master Xi clearly underestimated the shamelessness of the chief.


As soon as the chief received the money from the Xi family, he immediately went to White Bone Cliff and started to sow discord.

“Do you know, Senior Miao, that Old Master Xi has already admitted that he is Third Dream, sir?” The chief sighed.

“Xi Huaiyi?!” Senior Miao wasn’t afraid of him and angrily said, “Good, since he wants to impersonate Third Dream, then I have many questions to ask him as well.”

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His pupils contracted, but he could only steel himself and say, “So it’s you, Yunzhi. What do you want to say?”


Miao Yunzhi walked briskly to him, and the surrounding crowd was already in shock. Miao Yunzhi looked around and said, “A few days ago, Third Dream personally breed a medicine called Bitter Lotus. Since you are Third Dream, I presume you are very familiar with the medicinal properties of Bitter Lotus. Would you be so kind as to explain thebreeding method for Bitter Lotus in public? What herbs did you use to crossbreed Bitter Lotus and enhance its medicinal properties to this extent?”

“Well…” Old Master Xi’s gaze lowered; his face remained composed, but he was already feeling nervous. He was indeed a renowned breeder, but Bitter Lotus was a medicinal plant. The properties and effects, as well as the compatibility and incompatibility of these herbs, were crucial and could not be left out.

Old Master Xi was not a physician, and in this dream, he hadn’t acquired Miao Yunzhi’s insights and concepts.

He stammered, but he couldn’t deceive a medical giant like Miao Yunzhi.

Seeing this, Miao Yunzhi sneered and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, he is not Third Dream after all. It’s not worth bowing to him.” After that, he glanced at Xi Huaiyi and taunted, “But Third Dream has always been low-key and indifferent to fame and wealth. I suppose he wouldn’t bother exposing you. If you really want to impersonate him, go ahead!”

With that, he turned and left.

The onlookers exchanged puzzled glances.

The Xi family had invested a substantial sum, but instead of obtaining the title of Third Dream, they were publicly humiliated by Miao Yunzhi.

Old Master Xi was absolutely furious.

At the Celestial Court, in the Black Tortoise Bureau’s study

Huang Rang was seated on a couch, and the chief was in a chair.

He distributed the silver he had squeezed from the Xi family to Huang Rang, who was overjoyed to the point where she couldn’t stop grinning.


Di Yiqiu couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you upset that someone is impersonating Mr. Third Dream?”

“Titles don’t bring real money!” Huang Rang spread out the silver notes on a couch, showing no concern. “I didn’t know, but if I knew he was willing to pay this much, I would have sold it to him a long time ago.”

“What?” The chief immediately sensed something amiss in that statement.

“Oh? Nothing,” Huang Rang continued to count the silver notes, casually making amends, “In any case, Mr. Third Dream is indifferent to fame and wealth; he won’t care about this.”

The chief nodded, maintaining a calm expression, but he still had some suspicions in his mind.

No one had seen the real Mr. Third Dream, and only Huang Rang could contact her. Judging by her hands, it was evident that she was a woman.

Di Yiqiu glanced at Huang Rang, who was sitting on the couch counting the silver notes, and still felt that something didn’t add up regarding their ages.

Mr. Third Dream appeared in the capital over a dozen years ago. How old was she at the time?


A sudden insight struck the chief- what year did this woman come to the capital?

As the chief of the Celestial Court, he was well aware of the renowned salted fish who became a student at the breeding institute. The year she entered the school was the same year he was born.

Fifteen years.


The chief walked out of the study, deep in thought.

As he passed by, White Tiger Bureau’s deputy chief official, Tan Qi, called out, “chief.”

The chief suddenly raised his head and said, “Find out when Mr. Third Dream’s first batch of quality seeds were cultivated in the capital.”

Tan Qi didn’t know why he was suddenly interested in this matter, but he wasn’t one to ask too many questions. When the chief assigned a task, you simply carried it out.

So, that night, all the information about Mr. Third Dream was once again piled on the chief’s desk.

The chief opened the files, and it clearly stated that Mr. Third Dream cultivated the first batch of quality seeds fifteen years ago.

Subsequently, the chief pulled up the academic records of the salted fish student at the Celestial Court.

He noticed that this salted fish was always indifferent to learning, and she never tended to her own study field. Well, it’s not entirely accurate to say she never tended to it; she did so only once. She planted some weeds there.

And who could know better than the chief what the purpose of those weeds was?

It was these simple and ordinary weeds that had kept the Celestial Court free from mosquitoes for fifteen years.

The chief remembered distinctly that when he was a child, this salted fish used to crouch on the wall and watch him when he was forging tools.

One year, Master Qiu Yanming had been so annoyed that he ordered people to install spikes on the wall to deter her.


The salted fish got her hand pricked by the spikes.

Three days later, the entire Forge Bureau was overrun by a peculiar vine. This vine was covered in thorns and was so tough that even an axe couldn’t cut it down.

The entire Forge Bureau had to stop work for several days because of this.

The more the chief thought about it, the more he felt that something was amiss.

And just as his face was darkening with suspicion, someone from outside said, “Chief, I heard that Miss Huang Ran was able to contact Mr. Third Dream during the last incident. I don’t know if I might be so fortunate to have a chance to meet Mr. Third Dream?”

The chief squinted as he looked in the direction of the voice. It was none other than Zong Zigui, the supervisor of the Black Tortoise Bureau’s Breeding Department.

“Sure,” the chief smiled and said softly, “I’ll inquire on behalf of the supervisor… just to ask.”

He emphasized the last three words, gritting his teeth as he spoke.

In the evening, Huang Rang came as usual with a food container.

The chief calmly had dinner with her.

“Do you know Supervisor Zong Zigui?” the chief asked.

Huang Rang took a bite of her food and replied, “Even though I don’t attend school much, I should at least recognize the supervisor, right?”

“So you do know you don’t attend school much,” the chief sneered. “He mentioned today that he wants to contact Mr. Third Dream through you and meet with him.”

“Meeting Mr. Third Dream again?” Huang Rang frowned. “No, thanks. He’s not exactly fond of meeting people.”

The chief casually said, “Is that so? Well, that’s a shame. Supervisor Zong is willing to offer fifty thousand taels of silver.”

Sure enough, when Huang Rang heard those words, her eyes lit up. She slowly swallowed the food in her mouth and said, “Alright! For the silver… I mean, for the sincerity of Supervisor Zong, I’ll help him set up a meeting!”

The chief had a smile at the corner of his mouth and said, “That’s very kind of you.”

“Not a problem, not a problem at all!” Huang Rang waved her hand. Just the thought of fifty thousand taels of silver made her feel elated.

—With this silver in hand, she definitely had to buy the dress from the Liuxian’s Pavilion!

That night, Huang Rang secretly left the Celestial Court.

—Since she said she would contact Mr. Third Dream, she had to at least make it look like she was doing something.

The chief followed her quietly, but when he saw that she had truly left the premises, he didn’t send anyone to tail her further.

—In the dense forest outside Kanyue City, he personally witnessed Mr. Third Dream kill an assassin.

If Huang Rang was indeed Mr. Third Dream, her swordsmanship must be exceptionally skilled.

At that time, Mr. Third Dream had even used the Heart Sword!

Although he couldn’t tail her, the chief had another way.

In the inner city of the capital, there were many Nine-Bend Spirit Eyes distributed.

He activated the nine-curve Spirit Eyes, but the images were not continuous. He occasionally caught glimpses of Huang Rang strolling casually on the streets.

From this perspective, there didn’t appear to be any flaws.

Sure enough, the next day, Huang Rang came over with great excitement.

“Mr. Third Dream has agreed to meet,” she said, extending her hand. “Give me the silver notes!”

The chief kept his word and handed over the fifty thousand taels of silver notes, a smile playing on his lips.

Huang Rang took the silver notes, counted them to ensure they were correct, and smiled so broadly that her lips almost touched her ears.

“I never expected Supervisor Zong to be so generous. Just let him know that the meeting will be in your fiefdom,” Huang Rang said casually, clutching the silver notes, and left happily.

The chief didn’t say a word.

That afternoon, in the same place where Miao Yunzhi had met Mr. Third Dream last time, Supervisor Zong finally had the chance to meet with Mr. Third Dream as he had hoped.

Zong Zigui, the supervisor of the Breeding Institute

As soon as he saw Mr. Third Dream, he knelt down on the ground, ignoring any attempts to stop him, and forcefully knocked his head three times. After the bows, he clasped his hands and bowed over his head, saying, “I implore Mr. Third Dream to accept me as your disciple!”

Meanwhile, at the Celestial Court

The chief, using the nine-curve Spirit Eyes, accurately observed the time when Huang Rang left the Celestial Court. Quietly, he arrived at her study area, directly obtained the key, and opened the door.

Then, inside a box, he found Mr. Third Dream’s seal, along with the records and insights on the breeding of all the superior strains, as well as some of the failed parent strains.

The chief closed the box with trembling hands, recalling the three loud knocks he had made on behalf of Miao Yunzhi.

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