Chapter 95: Sick

He has already knocked his head. He can’t get it back, even if he asks for it again.

The chief only pondered for a moment. Afterward, he crushed a transmission talisman and headed straight to the Ruyi Sword Sect.

At that moment, Mr. and Mrs. He Xijin were sparring with their swordsmanship.

The chief was now a “distinguished guest” of the Ruyi Sword Sect, so naturally, no one kept him waiting. He hurried inside with a serious expression and said, “Master He, Lady He, Mr. Third Dream has appeared!”

Upon hearing this, both Mr. and Mrs. He Xijin were taken aback. He Xijin quickly asked, “Where is he?”


Qu Manying also inquired eagerly, “May we see him?”

The chief earnestly replied, “I know where she is. If you truly wish to meet, please follow me.”

Without waiting for He Xijin to speak, Qu Manying rushed to say, “Of course! Let’s go!”

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Usually, when you see him in the courtyard, he appears very dignified and imposing!


She couldn’t help but find it amusing, and she was just about to respond to him. However, not far away, a very familiar voice called out, “Miss… Miss Third Dream!”

Huang Rang immediately went rigid; her whole body tensed up, and even her skin felt tight.

In the distance, He Xijin and Qu Manying hurried over, and following them was… Di Yiqiu.

Huang Rang wore a perplexed expression.

But before she could dwell on it further, Mr. and Mrs. He Xijin had already approached.

At this moment, Huang Rang was still wearing a black robe that covered her entirely, with a black veil and hood covering her head. Only her delicate hands were exposed, and it was these hands that made it clear she was a woman, causing everyone to act with caution.

Mr. and Mrs. He Xijin came up to her and saw Zong Zigui kneeling in front of her, while Third Dream accepted it calmly.

Clearly, Third Dream’s seniority was quite high.

Both of them immediately paid their respects, saying, “Greetings, Miss Third Dream.”


Huang Rang barely maintained a dignified demeanor, gesturing with her trembling hand to discourage them from excessive courtesy.

Qu Manying showed deep respect and said, “After the recent drought and the outbreak of a severe epidemic, it’s thanks to Miss Third Dream’s grain and medicinal herbs. Miss Third Dream, with your extraordinary talents, you deserve our admiration. Please accept my bow, Qu Manying!”


Upon finishing her words, Qu Manying kneeled and bowed deeply to “Third Dream.”

I’m afraid my time is running out!!

Huang Rang tried her best to stand upright, making sure her legs didn’t shake!

The chief stood at a distance and didn’t approach.

After Qu Manying paid her respects to Third Dream, she then faced Zong Zigui’s fervent pleading. He said, “”The palace is filled with talent, and with the guidance of the master, they can certainly bring blessings to the people. If we could receive guidance from Miss Third Dream, it would surely bring blessings to all living beings.”

The key is that I dare not!

Huang Rang extended her hand, still refusing with a gesture.

Qu Manying added, “If Miss Third Dream insists on declining, there must be a reason for it. The supervisor should not force the issue.”

She bent over and helped Zong Zigui to his feet.

Zong Zigui wore a disappointed expression and said, “I must be lacking in talent and virtue, unable to gain Miss Third Dream’s approval. But the Breeding Institute also has some promising individuals. I am inept, and I hope that when Miss Third Dream has the time, she can provide guidance to them. In the current world, although there are many breeders, the noble families have strict regulations. The one truly working for the country and the people is none other than Miss Third Dream.”

He made a respectful salute and continued, “My lifelong wish is to free superior breeds from the control of noble families. However, in recent years, the talent in the Breeding Institute has dwindled, and there has been little progress. But now, after meeting Miss, my hope has been rekindled…”

His sincerity impressed Huang Rang, and she felt a degree of respect for this old man. The noble breeding families were like a fortress, unified in their actions.


Once upon a time, she was one of those noble families, adhering to their rules for the benefit of the entire breeding family.

As for the poor and the commoners, who cared about them? After all, life and death were determined by the heavens; what did it have to do with her?

But later, she encountered more and more people. These people toiled their entire lives, as if carrying the rise and fall of the world on their shoulders.

Huang Rang went from mockery to doubt and then to belief. So, later, she became one of them as well.

She picked up a dry branch, thought for a moment, and wrote, “I understand what you’ve said.”

After saying this, she dared not say more; she simply gave a slight nod to Mr. and Mrs. He Xijin promptly left.

Mr. and Mrs. He Xijin were people of courtesy, so they wouldn’t stalk or pester her.

Huang Rang initially walked away calmly, but as soon as she was out of sight of the others, she began to jog. She then crushed a transmission talisman ruthlessly and vanished.

She found a hidden place to change out of her disguise and quickly returned to the Celestial Court.

The Celestial Court was bustling with activity, and everything appeared normal. It seemed like no one had noticed her absence.

Huang Rang heaved a sigh of relief, hurried back to her study, and opened the door. Without saying a word, she picked up the teapot on the table and poured herself a cup of tea. After quenching her thirst, she noticed something on the table.

Huang Rang’s gaze shifted slightly, and she saw a sealed label on the table.


It was the seal of Third Dream’s superior breeds.

Huang Rang picked up the seal, held it in front of her eyes, and even her pupils widened—someone had tampered with her belongings?! She turned around to run, but a dark figure was already blocking the doorway.

The chief was like a looming storm cloud.

“You…” Huang Rang swallowed hard, slowly retreating. The chief continued to advance, step by step. The study was small, and eventually, Huang Rang’s legs hit the edge of the bed. She stumbled and ended up sitting on the bed.

The chief bent over slowly, pinching a sealed label between his fingers. “Don’t you plan to explain, Miss Third Dream?”

Huang Rang felt as if a thunderbolt had struck her head, and she wished she could just die.

“Y-you… you listen to my explanation,” she stammered, attempting to sound defiant. “I was assisting Miss Third Dream with some tasks, so it’s not strange for me to have her sealed labels!”

“Is that so?” The chief’s voice was calm and gentle. He firmly held Huang Rang’s hand and began searching through her storage artifacts.

Damn it! Huang Rang suddenly realized that the artifact items he made were not good at all! Whenever he wanted to search, he could do it without any privacy concerns.

She could only struggle with all her might. “What are you doing? Don’t you know it’s impolite to search through someone’s storage artifact items?”

The chief placed his hand on her and quickly pulled out a black veil from her golden bracelet on her right hand.

Huang Rang glanced at the veil and fell silent, deciding not to resist any longer.

The chief pressed her onto the bed and said with a smile, “Come on, continue talking.”

Huang Rang tightly sealed her lips and didn’t say a word.

From this distance, she could even hear the chief grinding his teeth together.

“You adopted the alias Third Dream… hmm?” The chief gnashed his white teeth. “And you even made me kowtow three times… hmm?”

Huang Rang blushed, her face turning crimson. She had to speak softly in self-defense, “Well, it’s not entirely my fault. I tried to stop you, but you insisted on kowtowing…”

“Are you still going to argue?” The chief was visibly furious.

Huang Rang was pinned down by him, and she hurriedly said, “And don’t be too upset. Just a moment ago, the supervisor kowtowed more than ten or twenty times…”

As she thought about this, Huang Rang felt like dying.

Even my aunt… dear God…

“Maybe you should just beat me to death,” she said with a pained expression. “After all, I don’t want to live anymore.”

“Beat you to death?” The chief sneered. After a while, he pulled Huang Rang up and said, “Give it back to me.”

“Give it back?” Huang Rang was puzzled. “Give what back?”

The chief snapped, “Kowtow to me, quickly!”

“You… are you being too childish?” Could it be that he just wanted to play around, be affectionate, and cuddle with her? Huang Rang felt a secret joy and, therefore, rolled around and playfully tangled with him, hugging and cuddling.

The chief paid no attention to this. He firmly grabbed Huang Rang and pinned her down. “Quickly, kowtow to me! You bastard, you drank my Full Moon Wine and still dare to make me kowtow…”

The more he spoke, the angrier he became. He turned Huang Rang around and insisted she kneel down and kowtow to him.

He looked deadly serious, and Huang Rang was genuinely furious; sparks practically shot from her eyes!

“Di Yiqiu, in this world, there are countless men who roll around on a bed with a beautiful woman. But the man who wants a beautiful woman to kowtow to him three times, that would be none other than you.” Huang Rang spat out each word in anger.

The chief sneered, “What’s wrong with that? What do you want?”

This dog was truly bewildering.

“You… You’re seriously sick!” Huang Rang laughed coldly. “Alright, I’ll kowtow. I’ll kowtow right now! After I do, you better get the hell out!”

She didn’t hold back either, jumping under the bed, kneeling on both knees, and kowtowing to the chief three times.

Seeing the anger on her face, the chief backed down a bit and said, “I… I didn’t force you!”

Huang Rang shouted, “Get lost!”

The chief crawled and rolled away, quickly leaving the study.

Huang Rang sat on the bed, becoming increasingly furious.

Damn it. Although Xie Hongchen wasn’t a good person, at least he had some charm. Was this guy a complete blockhead?

Really, it was better for women to think twice before leaving or returning. Otherwise, none of them would measure up!

She sat on the edge of the bed, filled with frustration.

As the chief walked out of the study, he also pondered for a while.

If not for those three kowtows, then why else?


He passed by the school and happened to run into Zong Zigui’s younger brother, Zong Zifu.

Zong Zifu was now one of the scholars at the Celestial Court. Seeing the chief looking rather peculiar and coming from the direction of the study, he couldn’t help but ask, “Did you go to the study?”

The chief grunted and then suddenly said, “A good friend of mine was deceived by someone and kowtowed three times.”

Zong Zifu raised an eyebrow and asked, “So?”

The chief replied, “So he went to demand an apology from this person, and they argued and struggled for a long time. In the end, the person did kowtow, but then she called him’sick.’ Why?”

Zong Zifu furrowed his brow and thought for a while. Just then, Deputy Chief Li passed by and overheard the conversation. He chuckled and asked, “Is this good friend of yours deceived by a woman?”

The chief nodded gravely.

Li suggested, “Is this woman very beautiful?”

The chief nodded again. Zong Zifu’s expression began to change.

Li further hinted, “How did they struggle and argue?”

The chief said, “They rolled around on the bed, struggling with each other. In the end, the woman realized she was wrong, knelt down, and kowtowed.”

Zong Zifu shook his head and said, “Your friend is seriously troubled… Very much so.”

With that, Zong Zifu walked away, and the chief continued to contemplate the situation.

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