Chapter 93: Shameless

The severe drought predicted by the celestial court finally arrived unnoticed.

The land began to crack, and wells ran dry.

Thousands of miles of land turned barren.

The prominent breeding families secretly paid attention to the Liangmi, praying that this thing would wither in the drought as well.

The curses from the people to Third Dream gradually diminished.


After other crops in the fields withered one after another, only the Liangmi remained proudly standing.

The harsh weather seemed like a test for it. The sun grew hotter, scorching the earth.

And the Liangmi grew shorter, its leaves thick and fleshy like a cactus, firmly locking in every drop of water.

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So the two of them often went about their business, not saying a word.


The people were even more desperate for water. Dehydrated livestock could be seen everywhere.

To make matters worse, some people, due to the heat and toxins, developed severe ulcers.

The ulcers worsened day by day, spreading and becoming a plague.

The plague gradually spread, and some heat-clearing and detoxifying medicinal herbs began to run out. Due to the severe drought, common medicinal herbs could not be grown at all.

Miao Yunzhi, who had not been seen for a long time, began to travel among the breeding families, hoping that everyone could start cultivating drought-resistant medicinal herbs.

The breeding families, having stumbled earlier with the Liangmi, were eager to turn the tide in their favor now.

Being constantly berated was not a pleasant experience.

But just at this moment, that darned Third Dream came back.

Who is Huang Rang?

How could these people take advantage of her?

Although she had long lost interest in seeking fame and reputation, it was still useful in some cases.

So, at this moment, Huang Rang stepped forward and, through Third Dream, provided a good strain of bitter lotus.


Even though the other breeding families had the same intention, who could act as swiftly as she did?

This bitter lotus is an improved medicinal herb. As soon as she harvested the seeds from the Liangmi, she started planting them.

Thus, instead of Mr. Third Dream, the Celestial Court distributed this batch of bitter lotus to the medical facilities and White Bone Cliff, where both locations jointly prepared the medicine to suppress the epidemic.

The bitter lotus was very bitter, but its effectiveness increased significantly.

It was especially effective in treating ulcers.

As a result, the reputation of “Third Dream” gradually spread throughout the common people. Countless people began to offer prayers and sacrifices to his longevity tablet.

Imagining the furious expression of Old Master Xi, Huang Rang couldn’t help but smile even in her dreams.

And just at this moment, Miao Yunzhi paid a visit!

This old man didn’t beat around the bush and directly said, “I heard that you know Mr. Third Dream.” He presented a formal letter of request: “Could you kindly pass a message to him for me? Tell him that I greatly admire his breeding skills and wish to have a face-to-face conversation with him.”

Miao Yunzhi’s status needed no introduction; his seniority is equal to Xie Lingbi.

When he mentioned his “admiration,” Huang Rang couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat. She said, “Well…”

Miao Yunzhi rolled his eyes and scolded, “I’m asking you to ask Mr. Third Dream, are you trying to avoid it?”


“I dare not, I dare not,” Huang Rang quickly replied—she might have to act like an expert again.

Two days later, “Third Dream” arranged to meet Miao Yunzhi at Di Yiqiu’s fief.

Upon hearing this, Di Yiqiu made a special trip back, hoping to meet “Mr. Third Dream” again.

So, that evening, the golden-red sunset ignited the sky with its colors.

Third Dream was still dressed in a wide black robe, wearing a long black veil and hat. Di Yiqiu was clad in purple official attire, while Miao Yunzhi had the appearance of a learned scholar.

The three of them found a level spot to sit down.

Third Dream held a dry twig and wrote, “Why have you come to see me?”

Miao Yunzhi, who was usually arrogant and hot-tempered, seemed to suddenly restrain all of his temper upon seeing the Third Dream. He looked at the slender, delicate hand that held the twig, which clearly belonged to a woman.

Third Dream was actually a woman.

Miao Yunzhi was shaken, and after a moment, he even clasped his hands and said, “I have long admired the name of Mr. Third Dream. Not having received your bitter lotus beforehand was a great shock to me. I’ve been studying bitter lotus for many years and have always wanted to enhance its medicinal properties. What you’ve cultivated, Mr. Third Dream, is exactly what I’ve been dreaming of. Therefore, I’ve come here specially to thank you.”

There was really no need for it!

Huang Rang tried to maintain an air of mystery, but inside, she was trembling with anxiety.


In front of her sat none other than Miao Yunzhi! Even if He Xijin had seen him, he would still have to show proper respect.

If her aunt and uncle found out that she let Miao Yunzhi call her “Mr.” all the time, they would undoubtedly beat her.

Huang Rang kept her composure, slowed down her movements, and wrote, “It’s nothing to dwell on what’s expected of me.”

Faced with such a composed and mysterious expert, Miao Yunzhi showed even more respect—seeing him remain so composed, it was evident that he was a transcendent figure.

Could he be one of the elders from the Yuhu immortal sect who had been in seclusion for many years?

No, that couldn’t be it either.

Those people couldn’t possibly match Mr. Third Dream’s breadth of knowledge and talent.

The colder Huang Rang appeared, the more devout Miao Yunzhi became. He asked, “I would like to know how Mr. Third Dream managed to cultivate such bitter lotus.”

Of course, it’s because… you once sought breeding experts to cultivate bitter lotus outside the dream world and shared your research findings with us.

Huang Rang hesitated slightly and then directly wrote on the ground, plagiarizing the medicinal analysis that Miao Yunzhi had given her years ago. She wrote it word for word, displaying the dignified manner of a senior expert.

Miao Yunzhi was deeply moved as he watched her, saying, “This… this coincides with what I had in mind. I’ve been practicing medicine for many years and only came up with this idea in my old age. The fact that you, esteemed senior, have this insight as well, could it be that you are a distinguished medical expert from somewhere?”

“No, no, no! Don’t doubt it; this is your own work!” Huang Rang’s mind was in turmoil, but her hand remained steady—after all, she had been the madam of the Yuhu immortal sect for many years, and it wasn’t easy to make her nervous.

She wrote word by word, saying, “I just conducted some research upon seeing the drought situation.”

Miao Yunzhi was almost about to kneel before her, saying, “Senior, your exceptional abilities deserve my respect with a bow!”

No, no, no!

Huang Rang quickly extended her hand and made a slight gesture to indicate that there was no need.

She dared not accept this bow; her aunt would definitely beat her.

But even in this situation, she remained calm and composed.

Beside them, the chief said, “Miao Yunzhi is already of advanced age, and Mr. Third Dream does not wish to accept such a grand gesture from him. Allow me, as his junior, to express our gratitude for saving lives.”

With that, the chief lifted his robe and knelt down, without a word, to kowtow to “Third Dream” three times.

Mr. Third Dream remained seated, unmoved. But underneath the veil, Huang Rang’s expression was indescribable.

God, please let me not fall from grace in my entire life…


In front of them, Miao Yunzhi asked about the improvement of several medicinal herbs. Huang Rang used a dry twig as a proxy to answer slowly but fluently.

How could she not be fluent?

Miao Yunzhi had already visited the Huang family several times outside the dream world to seek their help in breeding these medicinal herbs. Every time she didn’t understand something, he scolded her, and after the scolding, his spittle was all over her.

Oh, how she wished to use this opportunity to spit his own spittle back at him.

But it was better to let it go.

—In case I fall from grace in the future, won’t my aunt beat me to a pulp?

Huang Rang’s thoughts were in disarray, but her expression remained unchanged, as if she were as immovable as a mountain.

The more Miao Yunzhi interacted with her, the more he regretted not meeting her sooner. In the end, it was Huang Rang who signaled to conclude the meeting, and Di Yiqiu almost forcibly pulled him away.

Ah, it’s not easy being an expert.

Especially when you’re footing the bill yourself.

Huang Rang couldn’t help but feel distressed when she thought about the expenses incurred in cultivating the bitter lotus mother seed.

When this drought finally ended and the epidemic of ulcers was brought under control, it was time for “Third Dream” to “ascend to godhood.”

Miao Yunzhi’s admiration for him led all the people to believe that he was undoubtedly a wise and extraordinary figure who cared about the world.

Meanwhile, Old Master Xi, seeing his original plan fail, came up with an even more despicable plan.

One day, a rumor began to circulate in the public, suggesting that “Third Dream” was, in fact, none other than Old Master Xi from the Xi family.

This rumor gained more credibility as it spread.

And at this very moment, Old Master Xi “accidentally” leaked the mother seed of the Liangmi.

—He was already the unparalleled breeding master of today, and he had rich breeding experience. For something as trivial as the Liangmi, if he encountered a good strain, could he not cultivate a mother seed?

After some analysis, people found this scenario entirely plausible.

For one, the residence of Mr. Third Dream was in the same city as Old Master Xi’s residence. The Xi family was also located in the same city.

Second, the good strains cultivated by Mr. Third Dream had never failed. Without years of breeding experience, how could everything proceed so smoothly?

With this, everyone’s attention was refocused on the Xi family.

Old Master Xi was not unprepared for such a situation. He neither admitted nor denied the rumors.

After all, whether or not Mr. Third Dream appeared again, what difference did it make to who he was?

One day, Old Master Xi’s eldest son, Xi Feng, swaggered to Mr. Third Dream’s old residence in the city.

He didn’t say a word when he arrived; he just went straight into the inner room to inspect the good strains. Then, without saying a word, he left.

By the time Di Yiqiu and Huang Rang rushed to the scene, he was long gone.

On the bustling streets, it seemed that the rumor about Mr. Third Dream being Old Master Xi had been confirmed. People who were unaware of the truth began to express their gratitude to Old Master Xi.

“What a clever move! Substituting one thing for another and making a falsehood appear real,” Huang Rang muttered. “I have never seen such a shameless person.”

The chief, who had kowtowed three times to Mr. Third Dream, stood at the entrance of the old residence, and after a while, he finally smiled.

“What a stroke of luck,” the chief said, turning to look at Huang Rang, who found his gaze somewhat puzzling. “What’s going on?”

Di Yiqiu said, “Now that Mr. Third Dream has been confirmed as Old Master Xi, it’s likely that we can collect the land rent owed to us by Mr. Third Dream.”

It took Huang Rang a while to grasp what he meant. “I was wrong; you’re even more shameless than Old Master Xi…”

The chief reminded her, “Hasn’t Mr. Third Dream incurred any significant expenses over all these years?”

“That’s true!” Huang Rang’s eyes lit up with an unusual gleam, and she clapped her hands with joy. “I’ll take care of this for Mr. Third Dream!”

That afternoon, the chief meticulously compiled all the expenses and costs incurred by Mr. Third Dream over the years and went straight to the Xi family.

At the same time, the Celestial Court made an announcement to the public. They claimed that because Mr. Third Dream had refused to reveal his true identity all these years, the expenses had been borne by the court.

“Now that Mr. Third Dream has been confirmed as Old Master Xi,” the chief stood at the Xi family’s gate, speaking loudly for the gathered crowd to hear. He had a smile as bright as the moon and as gentle as a spring breeze.

He said, “Mr. Third Dream has a heart for the people, and Old Master Xi is highly respected. I truly admire both of them. As a result, I’ve decided to grant a discount of 20% on this bill. Please review it, Old Master Xi.”

After he finished speaking, the chief bowed deeply, waiting for the Xi family to take the bill.

Old Master Xi received the bill and nearly fainted from anger.

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