Chapter 85: Forever

As Liang Mi’s excellent seeds matured day by day, the world of breeding experts grew quieter.

The silence wasn’t due to compromise but rather to fear.

On this day, the Xi family convened.

Old Master Xi sat at the head, his gaze cold and grim.

On either side, some well-known figures from the world of breeding sat.


Today, the earth spirit clan holds the highest status, with the Xi Clan’s descendants at the forefront.

All the other branches couldn’t help but defer to Old Master Xi.

“This thing—I’m sure you’ve all seen it.” Old Master Xi pointed to the excellent Liang Mi seeds on the table. The others merely nodded and didn’t speak. Liang Mi’s mother seeds were not available to everyone, but these mature seeds had been studied by each of them.

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After pondering for a while, Old Master Huang from the Huang clan finally spoke: “It is said that this batch of Liang Mi seeds was cultivated within Di Yiqiu’s fief. Moreover, it was taken care of by Huang Rang.”


“Huang Rang?” The name sounded very unfamiliar, and no one had any clues.

The Huang clan elder nodded and said, “I won’t hide it from all of you. This Huang Rang is the daughter of Huang Shu.”

He mentioned “Huang Rang,” and most of the people present didn’t know who that was. However, when he mentioned “Huang Shu,” many of them had heard of it.

Back in the day, Old Master Xi’s youngest daughter, Xi Yin, defied her family’s objections and insisted on marrying a young man from the Huang family. While the Earth Spirits regarded the Xi family highly, the Xi family had many collateral branches. Beyond that were the Huang family, the Tu family, the Sha family, and so on. If it were the main bloodline of the Huang family, Old Master Xi might have reluctantly accepted it.

However, this young man, Huang Shu, hailed from Xiancha Town, a distant branch of the Huang family that was far from the main line. Old Master Xi was furious, and everyone assumed that this marriage could never happen. Surprisingly, the Xi family eventually expelled Xi Yin from their home. The family tree of the earth spirit did not discriminate between men and women; everyone’s names were recorded in it. But after Xi Yin married Huang Shu, the Xi family removed her from the family tree, and they never recognized her again.

Many years had passed since this incident, but it had caused quite a stir at the time, and people still remembered it. Now, everyone looked at Old Master Xi, whose face was as calm as still water. So, the senior member of the Huang family continued, “Over a decade ago, robbers broke into Huang Shu’s home, not only plundering gold and silver but also…”

He glanced at Old Master Xi, carefully choosing his words, “castrating him.”

Everyone shuddered and simultaneously turned their gaze toward Old Master Xi. This incident was indeed bizarre, and it was natural for people to suspect that he might have been behind it.

Without displaying any emotion on his face, Old Master Xi said, “Go on.”

The Huang family elder continued, “Later, He Xijin and his wife took Huang Jun and Huang Rang, along with their mother, to the Ruyi Sword Sect. Since then, the Huang sisters have lived under the care of He Xijin and his wife. A few years ago, Huang Rang decided to study at the Breeding Institute of the Celestial Court.”

“The Breeding Institute?” When this place was mentioned, everyone’s faces showed disdain.

The Breeding Institute of the Celestial Court—could it be a reputable place?


As expected, Old Master Xi coldly stated, “Shameful!”

“Indeed,” the Huang family elder hurriedly added, “she has been attending the institute for many years, but it’s said that she is lazy and doesn’t focus on her studies, achieving little. He Xijin and his wife allow her to do as she pleases and don’t intervene much.”

Xi Feng, Old Master Xi’s eldest son, couldn’t hold back and asked, “Why did she cultivate Liang Mi for Third Dream?”

The Huang Clan elder said, “Last time, we demanded that all farmers should not rent out their land. Third Dream originally did not have land for cultivation. However, Di Yiqiu brought her to his fief. After thorough inquiry, we found out that this woman was taking care of these excellent seeds for Di Yiqiu.”

Old Master Xi’s expression grew dark as he said, “It’s not surprising that she, being a student of the Celestial Court, is employed by the court. However, this Third Dream hides and manipulates things behind the scenes, using a little Huang girl for the work. It’s truly laughable.”

“Indeed, who wouldn’t agree? This person is just a self-serving individual seeking fame and reputation,” everyone echoed in agreement.

However, Xi Feng, nearby, said, “Father and respected clan leaders and elders, if we go after this Huang Rang, even if the Celestial Court gets hold of the mother seeds, it will be challenging to conduct further trial cultivation.”

The eyes of everyone lit up, all looking towards Old Master Xi. Someone hesitated and said, “It’s just that Huang Rang is, after all, Old Master Xi’s granddaughter. We need to be considerate and should seek approval from the Xi family first.”

Old Master Xi snorted and said, “Back then, I said I had no daughters. So where did this granddaughter come from?”

“If that’s the case, then it’s easier to handle,” someone whispered. “Currently, Huang Shu is yearning for his wife and daughter so much…”

People exchanged smiles, but in Old Master Xi’s hand, the bead kept turning, concealing his emotions.

Ruyi Sword Sect.


He Xijin received an urgent letter, and as he unfolded it, he was momentarily stunned.

Beside him, Qu Manying saw and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Huang….Huang…..Huang Shu!” The Sect Master said these words, then promptly passed the urgent letter to his wife.

Qu Manying glanced at it, and her voice raised in surprise: “Huang Shu is critically ill and wants Ah Yin to bring their daughters to visit?!”

The couple exchanged a glance, and He Xijin said, “I’m Afraid… afraid, we can only… only do this.”

Qu Manying was anxious and said angrily, “Back then, you should have just cut off his neck!”

Sect Master He said, “Yes…yes, it was my..my fault.”

He admitted his mistake quickly, and Qu Manying could only say, “It’s not entirely your fault. If this beast had just died back then, wouldn’t it have been in his favor? It’s better that he’s been ill for so many years; it’s satisfying to see him suffer.”

The Sect Master said, “The sisters… the sisters must go back. Otherwise, people will criticize and call them unfilial!”

Qu Manying couldn’t help but understand this reasoning.

She said, “Then we must accompany the mother and daughter for a trip back to Xiancha Town.”

“Ye…yes,” Sect Master He nodded in agreement.


So, Qu Manying wrote a letter and sent it to Huang Rang, who was far away in the capital.

Meanwhile, at the Celestial Court.

Huang Rang had just prepared dinner, packed it in a food box, and carried it to the study room of Di Yiqiu.

Upon seeing her, Di Yiqiu immediately got up and began helping to unpack the food box and set the table. There were two sets of bowls and chopsticks, as they were already accustomed to eating together.

When Li Lu entered, the chief was busy pulling out a chair for Huang Rang.

Uh, it was a bit awkward.

Deputy Chief Li quickly said, “Miss Rang, Master, and Madam He sent an urgent letter just now, asking you to return to the Ruyi Sword Sect.”

“Return to the Ruyi Sword Sect?” Huang Rang was slightly taken aback.

Li Lu took out the letter and presented it with both hands. He didn’t need to be so respectful to others, but… well, times had changed.

Huang Rang accepted the letter, and the more she read, the more serious her expression became.

Di Yiqiu asked, “What’s the matter?”

Huang Rang said, “My uncle and aunt sent a letter saying that my father is critically ill. They want me to return to the sect and accompany them back to Xiancha Town to visit him.”

“Your father is critically ill?” Di Yiqiu didn’t know much about Huang Shu’s character, so he said, “If it’s true, you should indeed go home to visit.”

Huang Rang contemplated for a moment, and Di Yiqiu asked, “Are you worried about your father?”

“Worried about my father?” Huang Rang chuckled coldly. “I’d applaud and cheer no matter how he dies.”

Li Lu immediately broke into a sweat on his forehead, and Di Yiqiu frowned, asking, “Why?”

Huang Rang glanced at Li Lu, who understood and said, “I’ll take my leave first.”

Not only did Deputy Chief Li tactfully depart, but he also closed the door behind him.

Huang Rang fixed her gaze on Di Yiqiu for a long time. Suddenly, she set down her chopsticks and began recounting Huang Shu’s wrongdoings.

She detailed one misdeed after another, leaving nothing hidden and without exaggeration.

Di Yiqiu listened attentively, and as Huang Rang recounted the harm her sister Huang Jun had suffered, he gripped the cup in his hand, causing it to shatter into several porcelain shards with a loud snap.

Huang Rang continued to describe how He Xijin and his wife had rescued her. After finishing, she paused and locked eyes with Di Yiqiu.

She shouldn’t have said these words. Wise women should never bring up such matters. While her father’s actions might seem like his fault, it was her sister who suffered the loss of her innocence. Those who would be ridiculed, misunderstood, and despised by the world would be the daughters who endured his cruelty.

The ways of the world were often absurd.

“In the past, I didn’t dare to say these things.” Huang Rang’s voice suddenly grew softer.

She wanted to continue, but Di Yiqiu buried his head and continued eating.

Huang Rang watched his reaction and couldn’t quite grasp what was on his mind. After all, he was still quite young, and perhaps he couldn’t fully understand her words.

However, after a few bites, Di Yiqiu stood up and said, “You stay at the Celestial Court. I’ll go to Xiancha Town.”

“You’re going to Xiancha Town?” Huang Rang stared at him, and he replied, “He Xijin is too kind. When I go, I’ll choose a fitting end for that old bastard.”

As he spoke, he was about to leave, but Huang Rang chuckled and said, “Wait a moment.”

Di Yiqiu turned back, and Huang Rang asked, “Have you considered leaving me behind?”

She asked this question very seriously.

Di Yiqiu furrowed his brow and was about to ask, “What do you mea—”

Before he could finish the last word, Huang Rang suddenly approached him, lightly pressing her red lips against his cheek. 

The chief felt as if he had been struck by lightning, with electricity coursing through his body. He became completely flustered, his entire being feeling both electrified and frozen.

Huang Rang’s lips brushed against his ear, tracing the contour of his left ear as she whispered softly, “Have you considered leaving me behind? From now on, no one can take me away for any reason. I’ll be by your side forever and ever.”

At that moment, the chief felt his earlobe tingle, and his whole body felt weak.

“Wh-why would I want to keep a salted fish like you by my side?!” He abruptly turned his head to avoid Huang Rang, pushed open the door, and fled as if escaping.

He kept running until he reached the entrance of the Black Tortoise Bureau, only to realize that his heart was pounding like a drum.

“Forever… stay by my side?”

Behind him, Huang Rang let out a soft laugh.

He’s really clueless, not even catching on to the teasing. Just eat well and grow stronger. One of these days, I’ll give you a “real challenge”. With your current physique, I’m afraid you couldn’t handle it…

Huang Rang lowered her head to clean up the bowls and chopsticks, but after a while, she remembered her “critically ill” father in Xiancha Town.

This time, who manipulated you, seeking death with all your heart?

My dear father…..

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