Chapter 86: Filial Piety

Xiancha Town.
Huang Shu has been weak and ill since he was seriously injured by bandits fourteen years ago. This incident had a profound impact on him, and he rarely left his house.

As for the concubines of the Huang family, those with connections have left. Over the past decade, the Huang family has not fared as well as when Huang Shu was in control, and it has suffered even more.

Nowadays, Huang Shu is not taken seriously among breeders. However, it seems that he still has some value.

He is Xi Yin’s husband and Huang Rang’s father. The reason He Xijin and his wife spared his life is due to the consideration of these two identities.

Now, in the main hall of the Huang family, you can hear coughing from a distance.


Huang Shu sat in the main seat, and the furnishings in the room remained the same as they were years ago, with no signs of recent improvements.

“Chief, your visit to my humble abode truly surprises and honors me,” Huang Shu said with a forced smile. Although he shares the Huang surname, he is from a minor branch of the family and has distant blood ties with the main Huang family. Previously, he was somewhat respected by the entire Huang family for marrying Xi Yin. However, due to Master Xi’s determination to disown her from the Xi family, he didn’t gain any benefits from the Xi family. Furthermore, after Xi Yin entered the Huang family, he quickly reverted to his old ways, bringing a courtesan into his home and fathering a son.

The elders of the Huang family paid him no attention.

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At this moment, Xi Yin was still tending to the high-quality seeds in the ground. Qu Manying handed the letters to her, and she opened each one and read them all.


“Ah yin, how do you view this matter?” Qu Manying asked. “Huang Shu is very insistent, and if we ignore it, it might bring criticism upon our children in the future.”

Xi Yin slowly put the letters away and said, after a long pause, “The children don’t need to go back; I will return alone.”

“You?” Qu Manying hesitated, then said, “Ah yin, haven’t you realized it yet? Huang Shu is nothing but a heartless person, and the Huang family is like a den of wolves. In my opinion, you should pretend to be sick, stay at home, and not go out. I’ll spread the word that you’re seriously ill and can’t travel. I and Xijin can take the children back, see him once, and immediately return.”

Her plan was not without thought.

However, Xi Yin replied, “He won’t spare the children.” After saying this, she raised her head and smiled at Qu Manying. “And how can I bear to let Jun see him again? To put on a fake smile and show filial piety to him?”

Qu Manying sighed deeply. This was the most difficult aspect of the situation for her.

As for Huang Jun, Qu Manying had not yet brought up the topic with her.

In the evening, Xi Yin personally prepared a table full of dishes. He Xijin family naturally came over to join, and she appeared in good health with bright eyes. He Xijin, observing this, felt relieved.

Seeing the abundance of dishes on the table, Qu Manying couldn’t help but say, “I never would have thought, little sister Ah Yin, that you have such culinary skills.”

Xi Yin smiled lightly and said, “For all these years, my family has relied on your family’s support. I’ve always been uneasy about it.”

Saying this, He Xijin waved her hand and said, “No…no..no need to be so..so..so formal!”

Xi Yin continued, “My brother-in-law is right. Come, let’s have dinner.”


Qu Manying commented, “It’s a shame Huang Rang didn’t return; she must have received the letter. I’m afraid she’ll have to ask for leave from the chief of the Celestial Court.”

Xi Yin, however, didn’t seem too concerned and said, “It’s okay, as long as she’s doing well. Whether she comes back or not, it’s all the same.”

Her words sounded somewhat resigned. Seeing Qu Manying looking at her, Xi Yin smiled and added, “This child has always been a troublemaker. I used to have a bad temper and mistreat the sisters. When I lost my temper in the past, Jun would always endure it. She’s sharp and never lets anyone take advantage of her.”

She was talking about their childhood, which wasn’t filled with much happiness for the two children.

With just a few words, the conversation came to an end, but Qu Manying felt comforted.

Could this mean that her old friend had finally come to terms with things?

Qu Manying said, “Children need this kind of spirit. In the future, Jun should not let others push her around. So she won’t be bullied.”

Xi Yin served Huang Jun a spoonful of food and said, “Jun has been good with her sister. She practices swordsmanship every day, and she’s become more cheerful.”

Huang Jun ate silently and didn’t say much.

For parents, their children’s childhood memories are often joyful, but for her, it was too cruel.

He Cui and He Dan, the two brothers, have been practicing swordsmanship with Huang Jun for years, and now they have become very close. Eating at the same table felt no different from being with their own siblings.

This meal was indeed harmonious.


However, the next day, Qu Manying was still discussing how to deal with Huang Shu’s matter with He Xijin when, early in the morning, Huang Jun suddenly came and said, “My mother is missing.”

Qu Manying frowned and asked, “Could she have gone to the field?” She began searching all around.

Xiancha Town.

Huang Shu sat in the hall. It was midsummer, but he was still dressed in thick clothing. Since his injury, he has been very sensitive to the cold. Currently, he held a cup of wine, sipping it slowly.

He had been drinking heavily for years now, but alcohol could never match the taste of spirit grass. There were always moments of sobriety.

He felt depressed, and he let out a heavy “Hmm.”

Suddenly, someone from outside said, “Master, the lady has returned!”

“Lady?” Huang Shu recalled who this title represented, and his eyes darkened. “That wretched woman…” he muttered. “Has Huang Rang returned?”

The servant replied, “No, sir. The lady has returned alone, without the two young ladies.”

“Let her come in!” Huang Shu sneered.

Shortly after, there was a play of light and shadow outside, and Xi Yin approached with light steps.

It had been fourteen years, and she no longer looked like the person in his memory.


Huang Shu was taken aback. The current Xi Yin has filled out a bit. She was no longer emaciated, and her once lively and delicate features had returned.

After years of recuperation, she was no longer as mentally unstable as before. Her eyes had regained their brightness, and she had truly become a beautiful woman.

Seeing this version of Xi Yin, for some reason, anger surged within Huang Shu.

“Bitch!” he said with resentment in every word. “You’ve been living quite well in some other man’s house these years, haven’t you?”

He walked over with large strides, intending to grab Xi Yin’s hair. In this moment, his heart was consumed by hatred, and he didn’t care whether Huang Rang had returned or not. He just wanted to rip the woman’s clothes, dishevel her hair, and expose her false façade.

Xi Yin knew he would come.

Looking at the man before her, she couldn’t explain why she had been swayed by him in the past. The current Huang Shu, with his sallow face and a ferocious look in his eyes, resembled a monkey baring its teeth and brandishing its claws.

In terms of combat strength, he was not much different from an ordinary adult man.

Xi Yin was, after all, of the Earth Spirit lineage, the offspring of the Xi clan. She tightly gripped a dagger in her right hand. If she could just dig out this man’s heart, Ah Jun and Ah Rang would be safe from then on.

As for herself, she had never truly fulfilled her maternal duties in all these years. At this moment, she knew that Huang Shu had sinister intentions. Should she still worry about herself and watch her two children fall into the fire pit?

Huang Shu lunged forward, about to deliver a slap.

At this moment, a cold glint flashed in Xi Yin’s hand. But quickly, her wrist was seized by someone. This Huang family servant was actually an imposter!

“You bitch, do you dare try and kill me?” Huang Shu saw the dagger taken from Xi Yin and erupted in fury. He hit Xi Yin repeatedly, delivering over a dozen slaps. Xi Yin’s face turned red and swollen, blood flowing from the corners of her mouth.

Fortunately, Huang Shu’s stamina was limited, and he paused to catch his breath. Someone nearby said, “Enough! Don’t forget the purpose of this trip! First, trick Huang Rang back!”

Xi Yin raised her head, hardly believing her ears. “You actually colluded with outsiders to harm Rang! Huang Shu, she is your biological daughter!”

“Hahaha!” Huang Shu laughed uproariously. “Wretched woman, at this moment, do you remember she’s my daughter? Back when I was injured, you took these two little bastards and ran faster than anyone else! At that time, why didn’t you think she was my own daughter?”

Xi Yin felt a chill throughout her body. “Huang Shu, you’re truly shameless.”

“Am I shameless? Bitch, you live in the Ruyi Sword Sect, serving the same husband as Qu Manying. Aren’t you shameless? As for He Xijin, he falsely claims to be a righteous gentleman, but he’s nothing more than…” Huang Shu had a smug look on his face, as if he had seen through the truth.

Xi Yin couldn’t bear it any longer. “Shut up, Huang Shu, just shut up!”

However, it seemed that Huang Shu wanted to witness her breakdown and madness. The more Xi Yin suffered, the more satisfaction he derived from it.

At that very moment, someone outside chuckled and said, “Oh, quite a commotion in the Huang residence, isn’t it?”

A person entered uninvited.

He was dressed in a purple official robe with a golden belt, and he wore a goldfish pouch at his waist. He had on black official boots and exuded a youthful and charming aura. Behind him, Li Lu and Bao Wu followed; Li Lu had a refined and handsome appearance, while Bao Wu carried a golden knife diagonally on his right side, representing both civil and military strengths.

Huang Shu raised his head to look at the newcomer, his brows furrowed. “Who are you?”

The newcomer brushed the mud off his boots on the threshold and said, “I am Di Yiqiu of the Celestial Court, and I have the honor to meet Mr. Huang.”

As soon as he introduced himself, everyone in the hall became tense.

Huang Shu couldn’t help but ask, “Are you an official from the Celestial Court? What brings you here?”

Di Yiqiu slowly entered the room. His eyes swept over Xi Yin, who was being held down on the floor. His expression remained unchanged, and he spoke with a smile, “It seems Mr. Huang is unaware. Your ancestors have earned merit by having a filial daughter. A few days ago, the Celestial Court’s Black Tortoise Bureau scholar, Huang Rang, heard that her father was critically ill. She was distressed day and night and came to plead with me to save your life.”

“What… what?” Huang Shu was utterly bewildered.

Di Yiqiu sighed lightly and said, “I have a soft spot for dutiful children. Therefore, I have no choice but to bring Mr. Huang to the capital to seek medical treatment and extend his life.”

Huang Shu finally understood and paled in horror. “You… you’re going to take me away?!”

“How can you say it’s ‘taking you away’?” The chief raised his hand and made a gesture of taking someone along. “I, as a public official, have been moved by the filial piety of your precious daughter and have specially brought Mr. Huang to the capital for medical treatment and to extend his life.”

The Chief repeated it solemnly.

“You… how dare you!” Huang Shu retreated repeatedly, but Bao Wu had already stepped forward. Bao Wu had a martial background, a tall stature, and a robust physique. He saw a few servants still firmly restraining Xi Yin and couldn’t help but get furious.

Bao Wu was particularly sensitive to the mistreatment of the weak. He kicked one of the servants, sending him rolling more than ten feet away, where he spat out blood on the spot.

The other servants, seeing this, didn’t dare to step forward and began to evade.

Xi Yin was finally free. Her cheeks were swollen and bloodied from Huang Shu’s blows, but she didn’t cry. After all these years, she had run out of tears.

She was just about to struggle to her feet when suddenly, a hand reached out beside her.

Xi Yin looked up to see a young man, about fourteen or fifteen years old.

Though he was dressed imposingly, his face still carried a hint of youthfulness.

With fair skin and delicate features, he had a clean and comforting appearance.

She hesitated for a moment, but the young man had already helped her up, supporting her to stand.

Di Yiqiu saw her swollen and bleeding cheeks and took out ointment from his pocket, saying, “I arrived a step too late. I’m sorry.”

He’s apologizing?

Xi Yin looked up at him, and he said, “Ah Rang has been very worried about you since she came to the capital.”

Even after enduring such a beating and humiliation, Xi Yin hadn’t shed a tear. But upon hearing this, tears suddenly streamed down her face.

The Chief protected her and smiled as he faced Huang Shu. In a sarcastic tone, he said, “Mr. Huang, please, don’t let your daughter’s deep filial piety go to waste.”

Huang Shu, trembling and unsteady, cried out, “Clan Chief, help, help me…”

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